Gianni Versace – how was the brand created?

Gianni Versace How the Brand Was Created

One of the most visionary designers in the history of fashion. His bold cuts, playing with the history and tradition of clothing, and his open conflict with Armani created a true myth of a unique artist. Gianni Versace, how the brand was created, which still ignites emotions and sparks discussions to this day? Myth or craftsmanship?

The tragic death of Andrew Cunan by bullets further strengthened the myth of a rebellious artist who expressed himself through fashion and art. Gianni Versace is today an icon associated with freedom, eclecticism and baroque style.

Gianni Versace, how the brand was created, or the story of a prodigy and a visionary

The designer was considered a child prodigy. Legend has it that since childhood, he spent time in the sewing room with his mother. Hours among scraps of materials stimulated the young genius’s ingenuity and creativity. He passionately designed dresses and clothes from what he found. While creating very original and inventive models.

He transferred his ingenuity, passion and courage from his mother’s sewing room directly to his bold projects. They showed courage, modern art straight from Andy Warhol and ancient inspirations. These two strong energies combined in one project made the Italian’s original works emanate with uniqueness. Gianni Versace, how the brand was created – it is an extraordinary story of passion, sensitivity and determination.

El Periodico Com1

Gianni Versace studied architecture. Exploring thoughts about structure, lines and composition in the field of buildings, in turn, resulted in an architectural approach to the perception of clothing designs.

Bold, sexy, rich, colorful – from the very beginning Gianni Versace set his own style, which stood out in an extraordinary way on the fashion market. Since 1972 – the opening of the first boutique in Milan – the Versace name has become synonymous with freedom, splendor, wealth and colors. The characteristic signs are the ubiquitous spots and animal motifs, as well as the head of the mythological Medusa. Gianni Versace, how a brand was created that stimulates imagination and arouses controversy, even after the death of its main creator.

Gianni Versace – visionary style

The Versace fashion house, created by Gianni and Donatella, who was his muse, inspiration and harshest critic, shocked from the very beginning of its existence. There was a well-known conflict, or rather opposition, between Versace and Armani. Gianni used to say that Armani dresses staid wives, while Versace dresses hot, passionate lovers. And there is something to it. The designer focused on sex appeal in his bold concepts. This opposition allowed Versace to build the image of a liberated brand, independent, addressed to women who are not afraid of their predatory nature, eroticism and sexuality. The message was clear – in our clothes you have the strength to reach for what you want.

It was the style, philosophy and designs of the Versace house in the 1980s and 1990s that led to the creation of the cult of models and the emancipation of eroticism. A dress fastened with jewelry safety pins or JLo’s famous green outfit are almost the brand’s showcases, as are the perfectly designed, luxurious accessories. Emphasizing sexiness and the body in a liberated way, combined with elements of true art and undeniable baroque exclusivity. The story of Gianni Versace, how a fashion brand was created that survived the crisis and sets trends, is also thanks to Gianni’s sister. Donatella, who was several years younger than Gianni, was his first model and inspiration. It is said that she was his female alter ego and a path to understanding women. Gianni was extremely sensitive, she was his strength.

Versace and pop culture

Gianni Versace’s ’90s style was known for its bold use of bold patterns and colors. His designs often featured complex patterns inspired by ancient Greek art, as well as vibrant colors that always stood out against the background. The designer also favored luxurious fabrics and materials such as silk, velvet and leather. Gianni Versace, how the brand was created, is a story about courage.


He was a pioneer in using new and unconventional materials in his designs. One of his most famous innovations was the use of metal mesh (Oroton), which he incorporated into dresses, tops and accessories. He also experimented with the combination of leather and lace, creating a striking contrast between hard and soft textures.

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His fall 1991 collection featured a revolutionary combination of leather, lace and metal mesh that set the tone for his future designs. The spring 1992 collection featured bold patterns and vibrant colors, further cementing his reputation as a bold designer.

In 1989, Gianni Versace founded Atelier Versace, a department of his brand dedicated to creating highly fashionable, tailored clothes. This move cemented his status as a tailor and elevated the brand to new levels of luxury.

He was known for his close relationships with supermodels such as Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista. He also dressed numerous celebrities such as Madonna, Elton John and Prince, which further increased his visibility and influence. brands.

Gianni Versace’s designs often appeared in music videos and album covers, showing his connection to the music industry. His iconic green dress, worn by Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards, became a landmark moment in fashion history.

Tragic, accidental death

Gianni Versace, how it was created mark that survived the greatest possible crisis – the death of the creator? The designer died tragically on the steps of his Miami Beach home, shot by serial killer Andrew Cunnan. The motive for the crime remains unclear to this day – it is not known whether Cunnan was obsessed with Versace or was commissioned by the mafia.

Versace dressed not only Princess Diana, but also such icons as Liz Taylor, Joan Collins, Elton John and Sylvester Stallone. His designs were also admired by supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. His sister Donatella was not only his muse, but also his colleague and friend. Their unbreakable bond was the key to the success of the Versace brand.

Gianni’s death marked the end of one of the fashion world’s brightest stars, but his legacy lives on in the world of haute couture, inspiring subsequent generations designers and style lovers.

Versace fashion house – then and now

After the tragic death of Gianni, the House of Versace had to significantly rebuild its foundations. Gianni died tragically, shot by a random criminal. The incident took place during a mundane morning walk to buy newspapers and shocked not only the fashion world.

The drama had long-lasting consequences both for the brand and personally for Gianni’s siblings. The fashion house was taken over by Donatella, who had long been made the face of the fashion house by her older brother. For many years, she was also in charge of the business, while Gianni was the total artist.

Donatella Versace Marie Claire

After death designer and creative director, it was the youngest sister who became the face of Businesswomen and designer in one. However, the death of her older brother severely damaged her self-confidence. Without the main artist it was also difficult to find a way. Follow the established trend or try something new?

Donatella struggled not only with artistic problems, but also had to put the debt-ridden company back together.

It was a real challenge in the shadow of enormous personal tragedy and painful mourning. How did she deal with it? Just look at Versace today.

Versace 2024

In 2024, the Versace Fashion House is still open and delights with new collections and designs. Donatella boldly develops the style set by Gianni. Versace follows its path of bold, sexy designs, but it also has a love affair with modernity. What does Versace’s 2024 collection look like?

White collar and punk? Why not? Playing with conventions and using contrasts, the energy created by the clash of two extreme styles or traditions, is a common technique used by Gianni. Donatella also uses it perfectly.

IN 2024 year, Versace shows his slightly more subdued, but still sexy and self-confident face.

Although the latest collections are sometimes described by critics and experts as inconsistent and chaotic, it is difficult to blame Versace for this. The shows are exquisitely designed, from the most subdued silhouettes to shoulder-shaped, crazy, bold and sumptuous in Gienni’s style. From black through red to stunning gold.

Versace Spring 2024 Claudia Shiffer Kendam

The models from the summer 2024 collection look completely different. The architectural structures represented by boxy jackets remain. The details, however, are as light and airy as summer. Intense colors of black, gold and red replaced pastels. Delicate colors and the characteristic check pattern of Versace, present in almost every collection, play with wealth and splendor. Pastel green and gold? Mini length.

The silhouettes, inspired by the 1960s, are not devoid of Versace’s characteristic style and features.

The story of Versace

“American Crime Story: The Assassination of Versace” has aroused a lot of emotion and controversy since its premiere. The story of Gianni Versace and how the brand was created is also pop culture and an inspiration for filmmakers.

Despite the undisputed acting talent of the cast and the careful reconstruction of events, the film adaptation was met with mixed opinions. There was much discussion about the way the designer and Donatella were portrayed. However, the creation of films about the designer’s history clearly proves the creator’s still very strong position in the consciousness of popular culture.