The castle in Stobnica… a housing estate!? Will it be possible to live there?

photo: Archsz

Live in a castle like a prince? It seemed that this type of architecture was a thing of the past, and suburban and forest villas, or high-situated apartments in the glass skyscrapers of city centers, became synonymous with luxury. Interestingly, the ancient “castle feel”, proximity to nature and the ability to observe the surroundings from above combine… Castle in Stobnica. The controversial investment in Greater Poland is expected to offer more than 40 residential premises. So, with enough money in your wallet, will you be able to feel like a prince or princess?

The view from the highest chamber in the highest tower of Stobnica must be wonderful. To enjoy it every day – instead of defeating the dragon or seducing the princess living there (or both) – you will probably only need appropriate amount of cash. A mysterious investment in the picturesque Greater Poland reveals more and more secrets.

From the article of “Głos Wielkopolski” from 2020, we learn, for example, that the Castle in Stobnica has as many as 15 floors. The skeleton of the apparently medieval building was divided – apart from the utility rooms, corridors, halls, etc. – on 46 residential premises. These premises will have different shapes and sizes. The entire castle will be able to accommodate approx. 97 inhabitants, and the huge complex will be staffed by only 10 people.

Photo Sh Archi
The castle in Stobnica in winter scenery | photo: SZ Archi

Castle in Stobnica. Will it be possible to buy an apartment there in the future?

There has been a lot of speculation around Stobnica. Initially it was claimed that this would be the case luxury hotel, but it can also be assumed that it is – in a sense – exclusive residential estate. Or maybe both? It is almost certain that one day we will visit this medieval manor house in a modern version from the inside. Whether it will be possible to live there, even for a while, remains to be seen.

In 2023, a toll road was launched around the Stobnica Castle Forest Educational Path, thanks to which you can admire the external façade of the building. In days May 11 and 12, 2024 is to be held there first “The Siege of Stobnica” – a medieval event.

At the moment, however – as we read on the Forest Educational Trail website – it is not possible to visit the castle inside. And what is hidden is what interests us the most.

Castle in Stobnica it still arouses controversy to this day, including: due to construction in the area Nature 2000. The beautiful surroundings of the building force a certain price to be paid to the natural environment. Until today The battle is ongoing in Polish courts in connection with the question of whether the castle should be built there at all. In the meantime, construction is in full swing.

Castle in Stobnica from a distance | photo: Archsz