Luxury apartments for rent in southern Poland. See where you can relax like a VIP

Relaxing in luxurious conditions does not have to mean long escapades or huge expenses. Apartments for rent located in the south of our country will allow you to recharge your batteries and feel truly special. Let’s check how to find them and where you can count on such an offer.

Luxury apartments for rent: what do they have to offer?

The apartments for rent market is developing rapidly. And in many places: from the largest metropolises that are bustling with life 24 hours a day, to remote villages that allow us to enjoy peace and quiet.

Luxury apartments for rent are an important segment. As the name suggests, they allow guests to feel like a VIP. But what do they really have to offer? Here are their most important features:

  1. High-class finishesand: luxurious apartments are distinguished by a high standard of finishing, modern design and elegant decor. The materials used for decoration and furniture are usually of a higher quality, which provides a sense of comfort and, of course, looks great.
  2. Roominess: properties of this type are usually more spacious than standard holiday apartments or hotel rooms. They often offer independent bedrooms, spacious living rooms, large bathrooms and terraces.
  3. Modern technologies: luxury apartments for rent are usually equipped with the latest technologies, including intelligent systems for managing lighting, temperature, security, as well as advanced entertainment systems, such as large Smart TVs and audio systems.
  4. Additional amenities: The best apartment rentals may also offer access to exclusive amenities such as a private jacuzzi, sauna, fully equipped gym or swimming pool.
  5. Prestigious location: in every city you can find locations chosen by wealthy tenants. Luxury apartments for rent are usually located there. They guarantee easy access to attractions, the best restaurants, shops and entertainment centers.

How to find an apartment for rent?

Contrary to appearances, you do not have to be a member of closed elite groups to experience luxury. All you need to do is use search engine for apartments for rent on

This is a platform that will allow you to find apartments and houses perfectly tailored to your expectations. They also include prestigious locations that guarantee access to the best recreation. Let’s check where you can find luxury apartments for rent in the southern part of Poland!


The winter capital of the country attracts tourists all year round. Also those who are looking for the most prestigious and luxurious places to spend their holidays. You can easily find both apartments and houses here (in the highlander style, of course!) offering access to the most sophisticated additional services.


If you want a city break filled with, for example, visiting luxurious restaurants and galleries, Krakow will be the perfect destination. Of course, there is no shortage of luxury apartments, thanks to which all the most interesting points on the map of the former capital of Poland will be at your fingertips.

Katowice and surroundings

Upper Silesia is not only about industry. It is also a very rich offer for people who are looking for sublime entertainment. Luxury apartments are waiting in Katowice, but also in neighboring cities. All of them have in common comfort, high standard of finishing and access to interesting attractions.

Szczyrk and Wisła

The Beskid Śląski and Żywiecki Mountains have a lot to offer to lovers of active (but also much more lazy) recreation. Both in Wisła and Szczyrk you will find a lot of houses and apartments for rent, which will ensure your holiday spent at a really high standard.