How to Wear Messenger Bags

How to wear messenger bags, to both look stylish and enjoy their functionality? These iconic bags are constantly conquering the fashion world. Although they were originally known as a symbol of style in the street world, today they have become an indispensable element of everyday use for many people. From city activities to weekend trips, messenger bags are versatile and always ready for any challenge.

It is worth remembering that style does not have to mean compromising on comfort, and messenger bags prove this perfectly. More and more people discover that by wearing it, they can combine a stylish look with practicality. So how to wear messenger bags to both exude style and enjoy their functionality? In our practical guide you will discover all the secrets of wearing these unique accessories!

The history of messenger bags, or the evolution of good taste

The origins of postal carriers go back far back, and their history is as interesting as… brand history clothing. Before they became street fashion icons, they played an important role in transporting document correspondence. The first bags slung over the shoulder or shoulder appeared in ancient Egypt, where they served as a practical tool for officials and dignitaries. In medieval Europe, when the post office became more organized, they quickly became an integral part of the attire of postal officials. These were often leather bags that helped carry letters and documents from one place to another.

In the 19th century, with the development of postal systems, postal bags became more popular. During this period, the first models similar to those we know today appeared. Shoulder or cross-body bags were essential for postmen who traveled long distances delivering letters and messages. It was then that messenger bags began to be perceived not only as a work tool, but also as an element of style. They soon became real luxury through the eyes of a generation.


In the 1960s and 1970s, they gained popularity among young people and people associated with the hippie movement. They have become a symbol of freedom and comfort, worn loosely on the shoulder as opposed to stiff handbags. This fashion later spread to the general public, and messenger bags began to be treated as style icons. Today they are still popular, both in the fashion world and in everyday life. Their history, rich in various applications and evolutions, makes them not only a practical addition, but also a fascinating element. culture.

Convenience at every step

Before we get into this, how to wear messenger bags, let’s think about why it’s worth having this accessory in your wardrobe. First of all, the main advantage of messenger bags is their unrivaled comfort, which makes them the perfect companion in everyday life. Starting from simple activities, such as shopping or a short walk, to long journeys or intense meetings, the postman never disappoints. Its adjustable strap is a key element that allows it to be adapted to various silhouettes, which guarantees comfortable wearing for many hours. Regardless of whether you are a person who lives on the run or goes for a longer walk, the messenger bag will stay by your side without restricting your movements or putting excessive strain on your arm.

Additionally, the interior of the messenger bags is a real center of organization. When you open the lock or latch, you will discover a world of functionality that may surprise even an experienced user. A variety of pockets, skillfully placed, are perfect for storing and easy access to all the necessary small items. Here’s where to hide your keys that often get lost in the back handbags, your wallet can also be stored here, always safe and within reach. Not to mention a place for your phone, which will always be at hand, ready for quick access. All this means that even in the fast pace of modern life, postman helps keep order and organization, which is extremely valuable for anyone who values ​​time and efficiency.

How to wear messenger bags – crossbody or on the shoulder?

When deciding to wear a messenger bag, we have a choice between two popular ways: on the shoulder like a handbag, or cross-shaped on a diagonal strap. Both options have their advantages, so it is worth considering which style best suits our needs and circumstances.


Wearing on the shoulder – elegance and style

If we care about elegance and refined style, wearing a messenger bag on the shoulder is a perfect choice. This option is perfect for more formal occasions such as business meetings, dinners or trips to the theater. A messenger bag on the shoulder will add elegance and class to our styling, emphasizing our professionalism and attention to detail. What’s more, it will work great in styling spring trends. Carrying it on the shoulder allows us to have quick and elegant access to the contents of the bag. Just move it slightly to the side to reach your keys, wallet or phone. This is a practical solution that makes organization easier and means we don’t waste valuable time looking for the necessary items.

Carrying a cross – freedom and everyday comfort

However, wearing a crossbody bag on a diagonal strap is an option for those who value freedom of movement and everyday comfort. This is an ideal solution for everyday use when you need to have your hands free and at the same time want to carry all the necessary things with you. A crossbody bag distributes the weight evenly on the shoulders, which is extremely beneficial during longer walks or trips. This way of carrying also allows us to quickly reach inside the bag without having to remove it from the shoulder. This is an ideal solution for active people who value functionality and comfort without sacrificing a fashionable appearance.

Ultimately, the choice between wearing a messenger bag on the shoulder or crossbody depends on our lifestyle and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. When we want elegance and a professional look, we should choose wearing it on the shoulder. However, in everyday situations where we value freedom and comfort, we should use cross-body carrying. Also remember that the postwoman, regardless of how much is it is also a fashionable accessory that we can match to our style. Let the way you wear it be an expression of your individuality and needs – because that’s where its magic lies!

How to wear messenger bags to always look stylish?

Messenger bags are not only practical handbags, but also stylish accessories that can be freely combined with various elements of your wardrobe. Their universality makes them suitable for many styles, but it is often not known how to fit them to your own taste. So if you want to create a casual yet elegant style, combine it with, for example, boyfriend jeans and a white T-shirt or a loose blouse. Add a pair of elegant flats and delicate jewelry. The messenger bag in this combination will add lightness and elegance, making the whole look fashionable and casual.

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If, on the other hand, your everyday styling is inspired by the spirit of the city and the street, combine it with, for example, a denim jacket or a leather biker jacket, a printed T-shirt and a pair of suit trousers. Add sneakers or low-heeled ankle boots. A messenger bag in this style will give you freedom of movement and at the same time emphasize the urban character of the look. With her by your side you don’t have to wonder anymore what handbags are fashionable!

However, when it comes time for a business meeting or an important conference, a postwoman can also be your best partner. Combine it with a classic, fitted suit or an elegant pencil dress. Add subdued jewelry and high heels. A messenger bag in a neutral color, such as black or brown, will be the perfect complement to this type of styling, adding professionalism and elegance. And for an evening out, it’s worth choosing a more elegant messenger bag. It will look great with a little black dress, feminine high heels and spectacular jewelry. A messenger bag in this context can be a distinctive element. You can bet here on luxury brands and a model in an intense color or with an eye-catching pattern.