Spring trends: pastel colors and floral patterns

Spring Trends Pastel Colors Floral Patterns

Spring is the time when nature begins to come to life after a long winter. However, with it, fashion is also reborn, offering us fresh trends and inspirations. Subtle colors reign supreme this season pastel colors and floral patterns, which are already starting to appear on catwalks and boutiques around the world. Are you wondering how to wear them and combine them with other elements of your wardrobe? Read on to discover our tips and tricks!

The most fashionable pastel shades in the upcoming season

Pastel colors is one of the hottest trends on spring-summer 2023 season that present fashion shows. But how to wear them with everyday and elegant outfits? Here are the shades that dominate this season and their styling inspirations:

pastel pink — a shade that never goes out of fashion. Perfect in combination with white or light denim. Powder pink suits will be fashionable this season, perfect for special occasions;
light violet — it’s a very romantic and delicate color that will be perfect for a spring wardrobe. Purple T-shirts, tops or dresses can be easily combined with other pastel shades. You can also choose contrasts and combine it with darker shades of navy blue or brown.
without — a perfect color for spring that goes well with many other colors and fabrics. This season, cargo pants in shades of beige are particularly fashionable, with which you can create both casual and more elegant styles;
blue — in spring, it is worth choosing total denim looks that have a timeless character and suit various occasions. Instead of dark jeans, choose light denim, which is very fashionable this season. A long baby blue dress combined with beige flat shoes is the perfect choice for spring styling.

Fashion trends for spring – what to combine floral patterns with?

Floral patterns it’s a must-have for spring. Combining them with other clothing items allows you to create many different styles, both casual and elegant. However, how can we wear floral patterns to look trendy and stylish? Here are some tips on how to combine floral patterns with other elements of your wardrobe.

Boho style

Combining boho style with floral patterns is a great way to achieve an original look. Dresses with floral patterns can be perfectly combined with cowboy boots and decorative necklaces made of shells or pearls. This outfit will give us a subtle, airy and elegant look that fits perfectly into spring trends. Moreover, this style is an excellent choice for people who value comfort and freedom of movement.


Floral blouses and shirts go great with denim. In this way, we create a casual look that is perfect for spring walks or weekend outings. We can choose distressed denim trousers or a denim jacket to give the outfit a more rock character.

Floral accents

If you don’t want to completely immerse yourself in floral patterns, you can add floral accents to your outfit. Handbags, shoes, scarves or headbands with floral patterns will be a good choice to give your outfit a spring character. By adding small accents in intense colors, you can easily change your style.


Jumpsuits with floral patterns are the perfect choice for spring. We can combine them with elegant shoes or high-heeled sandals and create an elegant and unique look. They are also very comfortable and practical, and the floral motif will add a fashionable finish to the whole. This way, we will create a spring styling that will be perfect for various occasions, from a meeting with friends to a date with a loved one.

Military look

Fashion houses propose a combination of floral patterns with elements of military style. This contrast creates an unexpected and interesting effect that attracts attention. Floral patterns are usually subdued and refer to military colors, which adds a certain severity and masculine character to the styling. You can e.g. connect floral Tommy Hilfiger shirt with a military-style jacket, wide cargo pants and lace-up ankle boots. This style is not only fashionable, but also practical and comfortable for everyday use.

Spring-summer 2023 trends – where to find the most fashionable clothes?

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