Annex no. 1

  1. Newsletter service shall be toll-free and available online to each and every User and Guest.
  2. User/Guest can order the provision of the Newsletter service by filling in a proper Form. Order shall be placed in the following way:
    1. specification of e-mail address to which Newsletters shall be sent,
    2. agreeing for vital provisions by ticking specific boxes within the scope of the Website,
    3. sending the utilized e-mail address and consents expressed to the Website Owner by ticking a proper box.
  3. After sending the properly filled in registration Form, the User/Guest shall receive a confirmation in a digital form to the prior provided e-mail address. After confirming his or her willingness to receive Newsletter, the User/Guest shall be added to the database and the provision of the service shall be commenced. It shall be based on sending newest issues of Newsletter to the provided e-mail address regularly. Confirming the order of the Newsletter service shall be equivalent to concluding the Newsletter Service Provision Agreement.
  4. Website Owner shall utilize the e-mail address provided by the User/Guest to provide the Newsletter Service only.
  5. Newsletter Service shall be based on sending digital pieces of information on new, interesting, and popular Blog post to the provided e-mail address.
  6. Proper provision of the Newsletter Service shall be dependent on the configuration of the e-mail account of the User/Guest, as well as on the configuration of his or her computer that shall have a Windows operating system installed and be connected to the Internet.
  7. Website Owner shall send correspondence and notifications connected to the Newsletter Service to the provided e-mail address. Each and every Newsletter shall incorporate data on sender, topic, content, and information on the way the service can be terminated or modified.
  8. Terminating User’s/Guest’s consent for his or her personal data to be processed shall enable the Website Owner to stop providing the Newsletter Service to such an entity immediately.
  9. User/Guest shall have the right to resign from the provision of the Newsletter Service at any time. The User/Guest can do so by clicking a link included in the footer of each and every Newsletter or by resorting to the available contact from. Resignation from the service shall be equivalent to the cessation of its provision.
  10. If the User/Guest has lost the right to utilize the provided e-mail address to the extent allowing the Website Owner to provide him or her with the Newsletter Service or if the User/Guest has changed his or her e-mail address, such an entity shall be obliged to inform the Website Owner about the said fact. Said procedure can be done in a way discussed in point 8. In the case of changing the e-mail address, the User/Guest may sign in for the Newsletter again by performing actions specified in point 2 above.
  11. Website Owner shall have the right to temporally withhold providing the Newsletter Service, especially if it is caused by technical issues (repair, maintenance, modification).
  12. Website Owner shall have the right to withhold providing the Newsletter Service at any time. The User/Guest shall be informed about that via e-mail message sent to the address provided while ordering the aforementioned service.
  13. Website Owner shall have the right to choose and change type, form, time, and mode of providing the Newsletter Service, about which the User/Guest shall be informed in a proper manner.
  14. Website Owner shall be required to delete the e-mail address of the User/Guest from its database in accordance with art. 19 of the Act of 18th July 2002 on Digital Service Rendering.