Luxury through the eyes of Generation Z. The 10 most popular brands on Instagram

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Future trends will be determined – if not already determined – by young people, and one of the determinants of Generation Z’s approval or disapproval of anything is the amount of interaction on social media. This way, we can easily check which brands are most popular among young people. Here are the 10 most popular brands in terms of number of followers on Instagram.

Instagram has become one of the leading social media platforms – alongside Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok. This is the medium probably most associated with the so-called influencers, i.e. people who attract crowds of other users with their work. Influencers can not only earn so much on Instagram that they can remain self-sufficient and forget about regular work, but they can even make a fortune by collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for one photo. Attention is the currency with the highest exchange rate nowadays.

Which luxury brands are the most popular among the young generation?

For the marketing departments of individual brands, this has been obvious for a very long time. Thus, competing companies compete not only on the market, but also on the Internet, fighting for consumers’ attention. This is also how they are able to reach the youngest generations, because young people are the most active on social media. By looking at the statistics of followers of the profiles of famous luxury brands, we can easily check which ones are the most popular among Generation Z. Here is the ranking:

#1 Chanel (59.4 million followers)

Chanel is in first place for a reason. The company’s marketing department was able to create the impression of a physical boutique on its Instagram profile, where users of the platform can feel almost like shopping – and that’s exactly the point.

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#2 Louis Vuitton (55 million followers)

Louis Vuitton doesn’t follow trends, Louis Vuitton sets them! So he tries his hand at contacting the young generation on social media and apparently he does it well. LV’s Insta profile is followed by 55 million users. Like other brands, Louis Vuitton also cooperates with influencers who further increase the crazy reach of the luxury industry giant’s profile.

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#3 Gucci (52.7 million followers)

No surprise. Over the past few years, Gucci has been an undisputed phenomenon among generations entering adulthood. Gucci bags and belts have been and still are synonymous with prestige, at least among generation Z. The extraordinary popularity of the brand in social media only confirms its position. It’s strange that Gucci was only in third place.

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#4 Dior (45.5 million followers)

Dior’s Instagram profile is not only about marketing and promotion, but also… education. The brand presents high-quality photos, mixing visual experiences with storytelling and the stimulating influence of influencers and celebrities. But it is not everything. Dior is also not shy about showing how trends are created behind the scenes, offering behind-the-scenes looks at the design process and intricate craftsmanship.

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#5 Prada (33.3 million followers)

“The Devil Wears Prada” and Generation Z – in this context – would not hesitate to sign a contract. The monumental 33 million followers prove that Prada will be a fashion giant for a long time.

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The remaining places were:

#6 Dolce & Gabbana (30.8 million followers)

#7 Versace (30 million)

#8 Fendi (21.2 million followers)

#9 Emporio Armani (20.2 million followers)

#10 Burberry (20.1 million followers)