“Who is Sabato De Sarno?” – Gucci documentary

Gucci Documentary Film
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Over the decades, Gucci has become a symbol of prestige, originality and refined style. But what really lies behind the scenes of this legendary fashion house from Italy? ” Who is Sabato de Sarno? “- the genius behind his creativity and vision? Now we get answers to these questions thanks to a short documentary that has just been released to the world.

To accurately present Gucci’s creative director, the brand produced a short documentary. Titled “Who is Sabato De Sarno? The Gucci Story”, the 20-minute film was made by a famous pair of New York filmmakers, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost. They are the authors of the groundbreaking documentary film “Catfish”, as well as two sequels “Paranormal Activity”. This fascinating story is accompanied by the narration of the Irish actor and ambassador of the Gucci brand, Paul Mescal. Thanks to his words, we delve into the fascinating world of talent and vision that govern the Gucci brand.

Life behind the scenes

In the film “Who is Sabato de Sarno”, which will move you both to laughter and to tears, we observe the intense work that the director and his team put into every aspect of preparations for the debut runway show. The shots capture a hectic five days as each piece of the collection is carefully crafted and creative energy is in the air. There are also many personal moments when De Sarno shares his reflections and memories with his close colleagues.

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Viewers have the opportunity to learn not only his vision of fashion, but also the man behind it. Music producer Mark Ronson and stylist Alastair McKimm reveal their perspective on working with De Sarno, emphasizing his extraordinary creativity and sensitivity to detail. However, the real strength of the film are the family moments when the designer shares his dreams and fears with his loved ones. Among them are the designer’s parents, his husband Daniele Calisti and his faithful companion, his dog Luce. This is an intimate look at life behind the scenes of one of the most significant designers of contemporary fashion.

All these elements lead to the climax of the film – De Sarno’s debut runway show, dubbed by the narrator himself, Paul Mescal, “18 minutes that changed Sabato’s life.” It is not only a presentation of a new collection, but also a symbolic journey through the life and work of one of the most influential designers of our time.

The beginning of the film “Who is Sabato de Sarno?”

The documentary debuted in front of a demanding audience, namely a group of fashion students, during a special show in Shanghai. Now it is getting ready for its official premiere on the Mubi platform this Friday. “The film was originally supposed to be five minutes long, but it ended up being twenty minutes,” confess creators Schulman and Joost with a smile. “We captured so much fantastic footage that we couldn’t help ourselves.” Thanking De Sarno for the trust he showed in him, they add: “We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to tell his story.”.

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The film will become a key element of Gucci’s Ancora campaign, launched this week as a series of events around the globe. Interestingly, in cooperation with Air France, it will also be available on all flights in April. Screenings of the film in major cities around the world aim to provide guests with a deeper understanding of De Sarno’s vision in the context of Gucci. This is not only another film premiere, but also an important event in the world of fashion that combines art, history and the future of the brand.