“Calvins or Nothing” – athletes in the main role

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The luxury brand Calvin Klein is known for selling high-quality sports clothing. For this reason, it invites famous athletes to many of its advertising campaigns. It does this to promote its products in the context of physical activity, a healthy lifestyle and sports spirit. These campaigns therefore aim to combine the brand image with the values ​​and aspirations related to sport. “Calvins or Nothing” this is another attempt at this concept. The campaign focuses on the promotion of a line of underwear featuring renowned names in the field of sports. It aims to emphasize both the aesthetics and functionality of the underwear, while conveying an image of self-confidence, energy and an active lifestyle.

Calvins Or Nothing Athletes Starring
“Calvins or Nothing” – athletes in the main role
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Look and feel good

The brand knows perfectly well how to build a positive image on the market. He wants to do this associating its products with physical activity, success and determination that athletes represent. This type of cooperation helps to create a strong bond between the brand and consumers who identify with the values ​​represented by people strongly associated with physical work. As we mentioned, this is not the first campaign that wants to popularize these values. Calvin Klein masterfully demonstrates beautiful, muscular bodies dressed in hers subtle and figure-flattering underwear.

Calvin Klein is known for its iconic “My Calvins” campaign from 2019, in which celebrities, including athletes, pose in the brand’s underwear. This campaign featured, among others: tennis players, basketball players, soccer players and surfers, such as Nick Young, Odell Beckham Jr., Matthew Terry and others. The brand was also the official sportswear partner for Major League Soccer (MLS), the American soccer league. As part of this cooperation, she created campaigns with footballers such as David Villa or Graham Zusi.

“Calvins or Nothing” – what can we expect?

The latest collection is advertised by faces Alex Morgan, Chloe Kelly, Kenza Dali, Mana Iwabuchi and Mary Fowler. What the women mentioned above have in common is that they are all professional football players. All five players are successful in the world of women’s soccer and represents their countries on the international arena. Although they come from different countries (Morgan from the USA, Kelly from England, Dali from Algeria, Iwabuchi from Japan, Fowler from Australia), they share a passion for football and are known for their skills, talent and commitment to the development of women’s football.

Calvins Or Nothing Campaign
Calvins or Nothing Campaign
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The campaign itself, immortalized by Brianna Capozzi, takes us into the intimate sphere of each woman, showing their unwavering self-confidence and sensuality. By using expressive close-ups and full frames, Capozzi also emphasizes the diversity and multidimensionality of each individual. It celebrates both their strength and vulnerability, which are important elements of this campaign.

The campaign immortalized the Calvin Klein cast in modern cotton underwear. All this combined with simple, high denim trousers that they refer to classic, simple and wide styles from the 90s.Additionally, there is no shortage of cropped and classic trucker jackets that add character to the entire styling. Characteristic T-shirts with the brand’s logo were also highlighted, which are an indispensable element of each released collection. ” Calvins or Nothing” will soon appear on Calvin Klein social media channels, as well as in attractive locations around the world.