“Les Gastons Vuitton Gourmette”

Les Gastons Vuitton Gourmette
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“Les Gastons Vuitton Gourmette” – it’s not just a name, it’s an invitation to an exclusive journey through the history and style of the Louis Vuitton brand. This unique line of jewelry, created by the incomparable Francesca Amfitheatrof, is a tribute to the legacy of Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the third generation heir to whom the brand owes its uniqueness. The last part of the name, loosely translated, can mean both small jewelry and a subtle attitude or elegant lifestyle. This Louis Vuitton men’s line combines both definitions in a perfect dance of elegance, setting new standards of elegance for the modern man.

In pursuit of inspiration

The author of the new line of men’s jewelry is Francesca Amfitheatrof, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director for watches and jewelry. She is also a renowned jewelry designer, known for her extraordinary talent and unique sense of style. Her works are a symbol of innovation and elegance, gaining recognition on the global fashion market. As the artistic director of Amfitheatrof, he continues his passion, creating unique collections that enrich the world of fashion with new determinants of style and beauty. When she started looking for inspiration for her debut men’s jewelry collection, she didn’t look to popular artists, celebrities or influencers.

Louis Vuitton Turns Toward Men's Jewelry
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Instead, her attention focused on the roots of the Louis Vuitton brand, where she found inspiration in the history and heritage of the Vuitton family. Her exploration led to the lone third-generation heir who eventually took control of the brand: Gaston-Louis Vuitton. And it was his story that became the starting point for creation. Amfitheatrof, inspired by the brand’s roots, incorporated a subtle dose of the past into it, creating modern masterpieces that adorn classy men.

A forgotten member of the Vuitton family

He was born in 1883, as the great-grandson of the founder of the brand i played a key role in the company’s development in the 20th century. He was responsible for numerous innovations in the field of luggage and travel. It was his efforts that led to the spread of distinctive patterns and production techniques, such as the LV monogram. In addition, Gaston expanded the brand, introducing new product lines and expanding into international markets.

There is little information about his life, but the company often emphasizes that he brought his unique, funny style to the production of leather products. Although he had no offspring, the photo of him as an elderly man with a mustache, nodding at the camera with both hands, suggests a playful approach to life. “His father and grandfather were serious businessmen, but Gaston was a creative character, full of humor and irony.” – said Francesca Amfitheatrof in an interview. “I think this aspect is very attractive to young consumers today. After all, There’s a little Gaston in each of us.” The pendants in his latest jewelry collection, called Les Gastons Vuitton, continue this legacy, providing a modern reference to his eccentric ideas

“Les Gastons Vuitton Gourmette” – The first real approach to men’s jewelry

Apart from a few genderless high jewelry designs, the 18 new pieces in the collection mark the brand’s first official foray into men’s jewelry. Amfitheatrof emphasized that although the projects are aimed at men, they can be for everyone. “I wanted to create something as universal and casual as jeans” – she explained, referring to four elements made of blue titanium and yellow gold: a necklace in the form of a pendant, a ring with a puzzle motif and a pendant with a cartoonist’s pencil decorated with an engraved LV monogram.

New Les Gastons Vuitton Gourmette Men's Jewelry Line
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The monogram motif was incorporated into the pin and a single piece of the suitcase, which inspired the diamond settings used in the earrings, pendant and chain bracelet. Product prices will range from EUR 1,900 for a single earring to EUR 145,000 for a Gourmette necklace. The last one it is made of white gold, decorated with 13-carat pavé diamonds and laser cut. The “Les Gastons Vuitton Gourmette” collection will be available in the men’s and luxury jewelry departments of the brand’s stores.