Moncler Genius x Rick Owens, Jay-Z and Mercedes-Benz?

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The Italian luxury brand Moncler is starting 2023 with a bang. On February 20, during London Fashion Week, she will present herself in a show titled “The art of Genius”. He invites three partners from the music industry to his original project – Roc Nation, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Pharrell Williams, as well as real giants in their industries: Adidas Originals, Palm Angels and Mercedes-Benz. The entire fashion world is waiting for this event. There is no doubt that names of such great stature will contribute to taking the brand to creative heights. But where did the idea for the Moncler Genius project come from and how do the mentioned co-creators fit into this whole puzzle?

Moncler Genius, or how the brand is ahead of its time

Moncler Genius is a project with tradition. It started in 2018 when CEO Remo Ruffini invited influential designers and thinkers to cooperate. This resulted in monthly collections full of unusual projects. And although at first the brand’s new path was considered too ambitious, this method of production still works well today. Moncler Genius collections certainly do not lose their freshness. Interestingly, Moncler Genius currently accounts for 5 to 10 percent of the brand’s total sales.

We can say that Ruffini Thanks to his creativity and openness to industries, he created the first collective space for cooperation in the field of fashion. And this machine does not seem to be stopping: “In 2023, we will enter a new phase for Moncler Genius” – these are the words from the director and president of the brand. And so we have another event celebrating this beautiful idea. The show will take place in less than 2 weeks in a huge space for organizing mass events – “The Olympia London”.


This year’s star selection

It cannot be denied that this year the brand will be accompanied by great figures representing very different industries. Some of them had already had contact with Moncler’s work. Williams was one of the brand’s first and collaborators, while Alicia Keys managed the 2021 digital presentation of Moncler Genius. Mercedes-Benz has an interesting place in all this. Although this company has a long tradition of sponsoring fashion weeks, it has never appeared on their schedules before.

This does not mean, however, that fashion has been pushed into the background. Returning industry partners are Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Frgmt and Palm Angels, a Parisian streetwear brand founded by former Moncler artistic director Francesco Ragazzi. During London Fashion Week Other brands will also present their concepts alongside Moncler. Among them, Adidas Originals and Salehe Bembury, as well as the extraordinary designer Rick Owens. His installation appeared at the Moncler show in February 2020.

Although the brand does not reveal what we can expect from the collection with such a colorful cast, the media is trying to reveal a few cards. For now, Moncler said each of the contributors will “present immersive experiences and performances that represent their creative visions.” However, there is no official information whether Jay-Z, Keys or Williams – or other musical artists will perform live during the event.


On the one hand, we can expect extraordinary fashion experiences, on the other hand, the brand’s designs have long gone beyond the boundaries of fashion itself. This emphasis on co-creation itself seems to imply that new products, whether in audio, transport or other categories, will be produced by all parties involved, not just the brand itself. Moncler creates clothes in line with his own ideas. They also believe that their current form of work will allow them to create something that each brand could not achieve on its own.