Leather notebook as a gift for her

Leather Notebook as a Gift for Her

We love good quality leather products, which we usually import for our clients from European factories. And it is here on the old continent that there are brands that create these works of applied art, such as: leather notebook on gift for her. Because when it comes to the fair sex, we know that women love to surround themselves with branded products. So we make their dreams come true by introducing companies from the premium and super premium segments to the domestic market.

Today, when most of us use a smartphone, everyday products take on a completely new meaning. Because they remind us what everyday functioning should really look like, without the multitude of news and the digitized world.

Luxury is, in a sense, opportunistic towards new technologies, because many premium market goods are still made by hand. Respecting old craft methods, based on long-standing family traditions. We do not hide the fact that Italian brands are leading in this and they do really beautiful things.

Leather notebook as a gift for her – Made in Italy!

Our extensive offer includes many brands with a long history. Because, in our opinion, this is the strength of the company. Especially when it comes to higher priced products, because manual work requires learning and experience. So, if we are looking for a product such as a leather notebook as a gift for her, we should direct our steps to proven companies.

For us, it is a manufacturer with which we have been cooperating for a long time Koine Legatoria, founded in 1985 in Chianciano Terme, Siena – Italy. In fact, this brand presents simplicity and incredible elegance. Their products are made in a classic style, with a touch of tradition and craftsmanship!

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Each of the products we make has its own personal history and they need to be approached accordingly.They were not created by machines, but only by the work of human hands. It should be noted that each product is made of vegetable-tanned leather, supplied by proven manufacturers.

The Legatoria Koine workshop is a typical place with soul, with the specific smell of natural leather. And this is where the magic happens and elegant products are created. In addition to notebooks, the factory also produces calligraphy sets and leather photo albums. That’s why their offer is truly impressive! Well, see for yourself.

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Color for a woman?

It is a common belief that women’s colors are pink, blue, white or ecru, but this is not entirely true! Of course, there is a certain pattern and I think there is something to it that women love fresher colors. A leather notebook as a gift for her can be available in many colors. We recommend shades of green, brown, pink or red. Just look at them and you’ll know they’re spot on.

The second manufacturer that we offer to the fair sex is also from Italy and also makes exceptionally elegant products. Here we recommend it a notebook or organizer made of natural cowhide, crocodile-like. It is impressive and bears a striking resemblance to a real alligator. The color tones are bottle green or light brown.

Natural leather means chic and elegance!

It is an impressive product, created for women who love style, prestige and good quality. Of course, not every woman is convinced of natural leather, for many reasons. That’s why we respect absolutely every approach to creating products based on natural raw materials. We don’t advise you to do so, but if you have such a prospect, we recommend notebooks made of artificial leather.

They can often be distinguished only by their smell natural leather smells beautiful! Therefore, every woman, having her own right to choose, chooses the material that she considers appropriate. And we respect it, taking care of every suggestion of our clients.

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Initials, maxims – laser engraving!

Women often want to mark the purchased product in some way, and these are usually initials. We mainly make them in the lower right corner on the front, by burning them with a laser. This is a good way to have your dream and individual notebook! It is good for a man to know that there are products such as a leather notebook as a gift for her, because it is one of the ideas on how to give a gift to a loved one.

If necessary, we will pack it beautifully in Italian paper, so that your woman will feel truly luxurious. We know that no one will like you with cheap products, so it is worth choosing only solidly made products. We love natural leather because it is somehow synonymous with prestige, style, uniqueness and also femininity.

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Women themselves love this material, purchasing shoes, clothing and handbags from the most famous brands in the world. And it is this raw material that is very associated and associated with the premium segment! Made in Italy is not just an empty slogan, which is why we persistently introduce Italian manufactures to our domestic market, while taking care of the European heritage of craftsmanship.

You must be aware that Europe has always been a home of high-quality manufactures. It was on the old continent that the most famous global premium and super premium brands were created. That’s why we should learn to respect good and proven craftsmanship even more!