Is the game of golf difficult?

Although golf is today associated with something elite, available to the richest and the few, the origins of this game are less exclusive. The first mentions of golf come from the Middle Ages, in Scotland. Interestingly, it was played by fishermen and peasants. From a simple primitive pastime, golf evolved to become the official sport of Scotland. In 1744, the first rules of the game were written down, which are still in force today in a modified form. Is playing golf difficult and complicated? Where does its exclusive status come from?

Is playing golf difficult – regulations, rules and requirements

The medieval prototype of the game of golf was extremely simple. Hitting an object with makeshift sticks that was supposed to roll towards the target was not difficult even for new players. The game’s popularity grew and the rules and regulations became clearer. In 1744, golf was no longer a simple act of pushing an “object” towards the target with a stick.

The game of golf in a nutshell

  • Game goal: The game involves completing a golf course consisting of 9 or 18 holes, using as few strokes as possible.
  • Holes: The hole is the area between the starting point (tee) and the hole in the ground (green) that is the goal of every experience.
  • Par: Each hole has a specific par, which is the number of strokes in which a player should complete it. Par can be 3, 4 or 5.
  • Stroke Play: In the stroke play format, the winner is the player who completes the course with the fewest strokes.
  • Match Play: In match play, players compete to win individual holes, not the total number of strokes.
  • Label: Golf etiquette defines the rules of conduct on the course, including silence during other players’ shots, punctuality and honesty.
  • Dress code: There are specific dress codes on the golf course, requiring comfortable and functional clothing that is neither too loose nor too tight. Inappropriate clothing, such as jeans, is not welcome.
  • Footwear: Special golf shoes are recommended because they provide stability during shots thanks to special spikes in the sole.
  • Game rules: There are numerous rules regarding how to set up, how to hit the ball, penalties for not following the rules, and much more set by the International Golf Federation (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA).
  • Scorecard: Players usually write down their scores on special scorecards to track their progress and compare their scores with other players.

Golf – the game of clubs

Compliance with these rules and regulations is crucial to maintaining order and respect on the golf course and to maintaining a fair and pleasant playing atmosphere. So is golf difficult?

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Nowadays it definitely requires many training sessions, financial and time expenditure to achieve success. However, this is the case in every sport. The situation with recreational golf is slightly different. Access to professional fields can be limited and difficult. Often, game enthusiasts are members of prestigious golf associations and clubs. The rules and restrictions on approaches to holes, the complexity of the course and the scoring also mean that to play golf well, you need to practice a lot.

The history of the game of golf

The history of golf is a fascinating journey back in time dating back several centuries. The origins of this unique game date back to the 13th century in Scotland, where, under the name “gowf”, farmers and fishermen enjoyed hitting a ball with wooden sticks towards a target on unmarked fields. The playing was raw and spontaneous, reflecting the freedom of the times.
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In the 15th century, Scottish authorities began to restrict golf, considering it a public nuisance. However, in the 17th century, golf became an official sport Scotland. Already in 1744, the first rules of the game were written down by the Golf Club in St. Andrews. It is one of the oldest golf clubs in the world.

The 19th century saw a golf boom, especially in Great Britain, and the spread of railways contributed to the spread of the sport to other continents. With this development, golf gained in prestige.

Nowadays, golf is not only a sport, but also an expression of culture and prestige. Some of the most famous golf clubs in the world, such as The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and The Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, are symbols of tradition and the elite golfing community. It is also worth mentioning clubs such as The Royal Blackheath Golf Club in England or The Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in the United States, which are not only historic, but also extremely prestigious.

The fashion continues to this day. Is playing golf difficult or does it just require a lot of money or being a member of a specific community?

Why golf is considered a game for the elite

Of course, you do not have to be a member of prestigious golf clubs to play golf. Is playing golf difficult or demanding? It certainly puts the amateur in the position of having to pay for club membership, use of the golf course and equipment. However, the same types of costs must be borne by fans of, for example, skiing.

Golf is often perceived as a luxurious and elite sport. However, this opinion does not fully reflect the truth about this discipline. Though golf may be associated with certain costs, such as club membership fees or the purchase of equipment, it is a sport accessible to many. Of course, it requires investment – in appropriate clothes that meet club requirements and, above all, good quality equipment. The initial set of clubs and balls, as well as accessories, can be developed. It is important to adapt the clubs to the golfer’s preferences and playing style.

Moreover, golf is a sport open to all ages and genders. Often, however, golf is not just a sport. Since golf clubs bring together representatives of the business and media world, playing golf gives an opportunity for new relationships. Sometimes gameplay becomes an opportunity to talk and get to know each other. A common passion also connects us in the business world. However, it is most popular in the USA.


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Additionally, golf is a sport with many health benefits, both physical and mental. Participation in playing golf helps improve physical condition, coordination and concentration, and also reduces stress and supports relaxation. Therefore, anyone who is interested and willing to learn can successfully start their golf adventure and enjoy this beautiful sport. Is playing golf difficult? If you see it as a passion and enjoy it, then no.

The most important golf competitions – when and where

Passion for golf it’s not just about training and playing on your own. Golf is an Olympic sport and golf tournaments are played regularly. Grand Slam tournaments in the world of golf are undoubtedly the most prestigious and anticipated events in the golf calendar. They consist of four major tournaments that are considered milestones in every golfer’s career. These are: Masters Tournament, U.S. The Open, The Open Championship (also known as the British Open) and the PGA Championship.

Masters Tournament

Held in April at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, it is not only one of the oldest tournaments. It is also considered the most prestigious.

Its rich history, legendary golf courses and excellent organization attract the best golfers and enthusiasts from all over the world. It is also known for its traditions, such as the ceremony of presenting the green jacket to the winner.

U.S. Open

Typically played in June, it is another of the major tournaments that takes place at various golf courses across the United States. These are the competitions that seem to test golfers’ skills the most, due to the harsh conditions in which the competitions are held. It is characterized by a long tradition and strict rules, which makes winning in the U.S. Open is particularly appreciated.

The Open Championship

Also called the British Open, it is the oldest of the four Grand Slam tournaments. Its history dates back to 1860, and since then it has been performed on various golf courses in Great Britain. This is the tournament that is often the most unpredictable due to changing weather conditions that can have a key impact on the results.

PGA Championship

The last of the grand slams, it is usually held in August and is the only one of the four tournaments that is not restricted to professional players. It takes place at various golf courses across the United States and is known for its strong starting field that includes both qualified golfers and invited players. Is playing golf difficult – at the competitive level yes, it requires both physical strength and endurance as well as planning and strategy. It’s not easy to beat the best.

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Grand Slam tournaments not only attract the best talent in the world of golf, but also provide excitement, passion and drama for millions of fans around the world. They are not only a test of players’ skills, but also a reflection rich the history and tradition of this beautiful sport.

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Is the game of golf difficult or does it just seem complicated and inaccessible? The sport itself requires a lot of patience, practice and exercises, the ability to properly aim, hit and, above all, strategy. It takes a lot of skill to complete the golf course from the first to the last hole. However, it is certainly worth trying to play golf in a real club, on a real course. For amateurs of this sport, golf competitions are not only an opportunity for pleasant and demanding physical activity. It is also a way to meet many people and make friends who are also important in business.