How to start your adventure with chess?

How to start your adventure with chess(1)

Chess is a unique sport. Moving pieces on the chessboard would seem to be an easy task, but the rules and possible combinations make the games fascinating. Sometimes they last for hours. How to start your adventure with chess? Magnus Carlsen started playing his first games at the age of 5, but it’s never too late to learn. However, you can start your adventure with this intellectual and challenging entertainment at any age. Once the game is addictive, it will accompany you every day. Small chessboards will travel in suitcases. Large, elegant, they will take an important place in the living room.

How to start your adventure with chess?

In many smaller and larger cities, there are chess clubs where you can start learning chess under the supervision of professional trainers. Groups are often divided by age, but it also happens that enthusiasts are divided by their level of advancement. It often happens that a clever 7-year-old outplays an adult. Chess clubs are a good example of how passion integrates and stimulates meetings.

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Local chess clubs are places where young and old, children and retirees, rich and poor, managers and shopkeepers meet. At the chessboard, everyone is equal, and what matters most is experience and intellect. Chess clubs create an interesting mixture of people united by their passion for playing the game.

How to start playing chess – preferably by contacting the chess community to meet this group of intellectuals and enthusiasts.

Brain war – a short history of chess

How to start playing chess if not by delving into the history of this game. It is a game similar to a war strategy. The predecessor of chess was chaturanga, a strategic game for commanders. The figures symbolized armies, and each type had its own characteristic way of moving on the board. In Persia, the game evolved into a form resembling today’s chess.

The history of chess reaches deep into the past and goes back centuries, constantly evolving and changing over time. Over the years, chess has evolved and migrated through different cultures, moving from India to Persia and from there to Europe and other parts of the world.

As chess spread, so did its rules and mechanics. This led to the modern version of the royal game as we know it today. An important moment in the history of chess was the transition from chess to the game of chess around the 15th century. Italian chess master, Ruy Lopez de Segura, played a key role in promoting and developing the game in Spain and Europe. Over time, the game became synonymous with intellectual development and prestige, and the rules were taught – obligatorily – to the heirs to the throne. This was to develop their intellect and leadership skills.

Chess as prestige

Chess has become not only a popular pastime, but also a symbol of prestige and intelligence. Chess was played in many royal courts, and many rulers, including kings, princes and emperors, considered the game their favorite pastime. Their passion for chess contributed to building the prestige associated with this game, giving it the name “royal game”.

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Thanks to its deep history, diverse playing styles, and constant intellectual challenge, chess has endured through the centuries and remains a popular game to this day. Their impact on culture, art and society is immeasurably profound, making chess one of the most iconic and valued elements of human heritage.

Chess brings people together

Today, the passion for chess unites many people around the world. Lichess and platforms connect players from all over the world. However, the most satisfying game is still direct play, when two people sit down opposite each other and play a game of the “royal game” face-to-face. That’s why chessboards are still so popular. How to start your adventure with chess? One of your first steps should definitely be to buy a chessboard.

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Chess, one of the oldest strategy games, has attracted players for hundreds of years with its depth and complexity. But apart from the game itself, the world of chess also contains a wealth of various chessboards and pieces that add another dimension to this passion. What sets are in fashion now? And what are universal?

Classic chess: traditional pieces on a wooden chessboard

  • Classic Wooden Chess Sets: Chess sets made of wood are a classic choice for many players. Wooden chessboards offer elegance and a traditional look that highlights the game’s extraordinary history.

  • Stauntonian design: The most popular design of chess pieces, designed by Nathaniel Cook in 1849, still remains the basic pattern for most chessboards around the world.

Modern chess: innovative materials and styles

  • Magnetic chess: Perfect for traveling players, magnetic chess allows you to play even in difficult conditions by keeping the pieces in place thanks to magnets.

  • Metal Chess Sets: Chess sets made of metal, such as brass or aluminum, offer sturdiness and elegance that stand out on the gaming table.
  • Glass figures or made of epoxy resin

Artistic chess: pieces inspired by history and art

  • Themed chess: Historically themed chess, such as thematic chess related to wars or historical eras, attract players interested in history.

  • Carved pieces: Handmade chess pieces are a true work of art that add prestige and elegance to the game. Sometimes they are cast in resin and hand-painted, which adds exclusivity to the figures

New shapes and concepts: triple and unconventional chess

  • Triple Chess: An innovative way to play, Triple Chess offers three board levels that add new challenges and strategic opportunities. There are also chess boards for four players.
  • Spherical chess: A chessboard in a spherical form, where the pieces move in three-dimensional space, bringing a completely new experience while playing.

A house full of chess – where to put the chessboard?

A chessboard is not only a game board, but also a decorative element that can add prestige and elegance to the interior of your home. Figure sets can be truly stunning. Beautiful wooden horses or towers, ingenious pawns they please the eye. Modern metal sets of figures placed on the board look original. They then give the space a modernist style.

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Choosing the right place to place a chessboard depends on many factors, such as personal preferences, interior design style and functionality of the rooms. It is worth emphasizing, however, that if the whole family is fascinated by the royal game, it is worth investing in several chessboards and placing them in several places in the house.

Living room

Living room it is often the central meeting place at home, where you can create an elegant space for playing chess. A large, exclusive wooden chessboard can be a unique element of the living room arrangement, adding classic charm and prestige to it. You may also want to consider having a smaller chess board for children so that the whole family can enjoy playing chess. The unfolded figures, ready to play, present in the recreation area look great and encourage playing. Classically made, they fit perfectly with stylish furniture.


Office is an ideal place for people who value moments of peace and concentration. A chessboard in the office of a fan of intellectual entertainment can be a perfect accent, emphasizing the intellectual character of the room. An elegant wooden chessboard can be both an aesthetic addition and an encouraging element to play in your free time. Chess intellectually stimulates and forces you to think, often in a non-standard way. Therefore, placing them in the workplace can significantly improve efficiency.

Children’s room

You can place a smaller, colorful chessboard in a children’s room to encourage children to learn how to play chess. Chess not only develops logical thinking and strategy skills, but also develops patience and concentration. Additionally, a chessboard can be an interesting decorative element that matches the colors and style of the interior of a child’s room. In the case of a set dedicated to children, it is worth choosing economical sets and, of course, spare sets of figures.

Dining room

A chessboard can be an unusual decoration in the dining room, adding elegance and a unique character to it. During family meetings or parties, chess can be not only a form of entertainment, but also a topic of conversation and integration.

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Since chess is most often played by whole families, and the passion is passed from parents to children, placing a chessboard in a room as unusual as the dining room can work well. So chess on table. Casual games with your morning coffee can be a lot of fun and an interesting way to wake up.

Library or relaxation room

In rooms designed for relaxation and rest, such as a library or a relaxation room, a chessboard can be a pleasant element. The quiet atmosphere of these rooms promotes concentration and concentration, which is conducive to playing chess. In such rooms, it is good to create a space dedicated to playing the royal game.

How can you start your adventure with chess other than by introducing the royal game into your everyday life? A chessboard can be a great decorative element and a functional addition to various rooms in your home. Regardless of where it is placed, it gives the space elegance, prestige and intellectual character. Exclusive, wooden chess can be not only an excuse to play, but also an element that gives the interior a unique charm and personality.

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The world of chess is not just a game, it is a fascinating game that combines tradition, innovation, history and art. The variety of chessboards and figures offers players the opportunity to express themselves and explore different aspects of this beautiful passion. Whether you play on a traditional wooden chessboard or experiment with new shapes and concepts, the world of chess is full of endless possibilities and inspiration.