Taschen Publishing House – original books and albums

Taschen Publishing House Original Books and Albums

The greatest musicians, painters, architects, visionaries, the history of film, photography and lifestyle in Taschen’s iconic, exclusive settings are pearls on home bookshelves. Truly cult items for lovers of art with a capital S and for those hungry for knowledge and beauty. It all started over 4 decades ago, when Benedikt Taschen decided to sell his huge comic book collection! Today Taschen Publishing House – original books and albums is a brand that everyone knows from Beverly Hills to Milan and from Hong Kong to Paris.

Soul. Rb. Taschen Illustrated Album For Music Fans

Do you like evenings with absorbing books? The rustle of turning pages and unique items on the shelf? Be sure to check out Taschen’s offer.

From sensing a market gap to an international summit

Luxury has many faces. Because certainly, if you asked the richest people in the world what it is, it would be something different for everyone. Each of us perceives luxury differently. For some they are VIP accounts, for others exclusive apartment. However, one thing is certain: the rich, and not only them, love art, appreciate artistic souls and visionaries who create new lifestyles. Taschen Publishing House presents great works and less known but appreciated works in a unique style. It’s luxury at your fingertips.

Taschen’s beginnings date back to the 1980s. Exactly in 1980, Benedikt Taschen opens a small publishing house, where he sells his large comic book collection. Later, the publishing house published its own comics, but the real hit was the investment in Magritte’s books. He paid one dollar for each and sold it for 10 marks. He borrowed money for this investment from his aunt. This investment brought with it an important conclusion: there are no books on art on the market that are well published and at a reasonable price! Taschen probably took advantage of this gap as best as he could.

From painting to design and lifestyle – a broken record for the most expensive book of the 20th century

In 1985, Taschen published a monograph on Salvador Dalí. Today, this mini series includes 200 titles and has been translated into 30 languages. The following years of the Taschen Publishing House also meant going beyond art. Books on architecture, film, lifestyle and interior design began to appear.

In the following decade, Taschen expanded in terms of sales, establishing new branches in, among others, Madrid, New York and Tokyo. It also entered the premium book class. This is thanks to the German-Australian photographer Helmut Newton and the SUMO series.

Sumo Taschen Publishing House

As niche perfumes are produced in small quantities, the same was the case with SUMO. The book was published in 10,000 copies. copies and sold like hot cakes. At one of the charity auctions SUMO has beaten the price of the most expensive book of the 20th century. It was the first copy to contain autographs of 100 famous people.

Issey Miyake Taschen
Marilyn Monroe Taschen

Today, the Taschen publishing house – original books and albums is one of the world’s leading publishing houses illustrated books. Since 2014, Taschen has also been involved in the trade of works of art.

Prestigious Taschen Publishing House – original books and albums ready for gifts

Barbra Streisand's book

Taschen offers books starting from about PLN 100 and some for PLN 10,000. zloty. Each of them has characteristics the highest quality of workmanship, original accessories, attention to every detail and comprehensive approach to the topic presented in the book. Items from Taschen are like clothes from Versace. When they surround you, they show your love for luxurious, beautiful and original things.

Esther Scroll Taschen book

Books from Taschen Publishing House are a very good gift idea. For collectors, for lovers of art, cinema, architecture, travel, for everyone who appreciates top-shelf products. Taschen’s books delight with their perspective on various topics, the beauty of illustrations, and their unique (because original) binding. This is why they are a perfect addition to a shelf in a home library, but also in the office. They add prestige to the space.

Items from Taschen Publishing House – original books and albums are a selection from thousands of titles, translated into several dozen languages. Each book is a unique adventure of contact with outstanding people and their works.