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Today I would like to share with you the very original property that it is exclusive apartment in Wrocław. As we know, the current market is very saturated, especially with apartment buildings, but this offer has the style and taste of the investor himself, whom I have met personally.
In the abundance of diversity and mediocrity, you need to put a strong emphasis on the design and location of the property, and Mrs. Karolina coped with this brilliantly.
Finding the right district with all the amenities is not an easy task, ok, but this is only the beginning of the journey…

Exclusive apartment in Wrocław – the magic of Kępa Mieszczańska

Wrocław of the 21st century is a city known throughout Europe. A modern metropolis that achieves success after success. Included in the gamma city category, it gained even more importance.
From the post-war ashes, it grew into the leader of Lower Silesia and shines more and more brightly on the map of all of Europe. As evidenced by the large influx of people and hands to work.
An exclusive apartment in Wrocław in Kępa Mieszczańska is an amazing combination of history and innovative technological thought. A mixture of the island’s atmosphere, old military buildings and what the past and war took away.The city authorities wondered for a long time what to put in such a beautiful place, but building it for the residents was the best solution.
Already in the Middle Ages Kępa Mieszczańska was known for its mills, transshipment depots, warehouses and everything related to river trade.
Later, military barracks were located here, and the buildings and even a 120-meter stable remain to this day. Which, as I found out, could be an architectural attraction rebuilt into a restaurant or market hall.
During the siege of Wrocław, Kępa was significantly destroyed and few residential buildings have survived.Today, this island is gaining importance again and this bodes very well for everyone willing to live here.

Exclusive apartment in Wrocław – what the developer has planned

Three apartment buildings have been built here, including flats and apartments. The contractor has planned attractions for future residents, such as a fitness club with a recreational terrace, club and billiard rooms, and an observation deck.
Of course, the entire area is monitored and protected. This is essential and necessary today. The view of the old town and the river from the observation deck is unique. This is, of course, a great advantage of these three buildings. But the developer emphasizes how important the location and proximity to the city center and the old town are.
The shapes of the buildings themselves are modern, but at the same time they do not overwhelm like many minimalist designs. Up close you can feel great comfort and quality of finish.

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Exclusive apartment in Wrocław – Modern Classic

Investor Mrs. Karolina Zielińska is the owner of the brandPremium Housing.His portfolio includes several properties for sale, all of them exceptionally wonderful. But together we decided to present this 82-meter apartment.
Mrs. Karolina, living in Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Canberra, was inspired by prestigious architecture. And so he tries to transfer at least part of it to his bold projects.
This exclusive apartment in Wrocław was created in the Modern Classic style. You’re probably wondering what this canon represents?
Modern Classic is a return to the past, a unique tour of castles, palaces and living spaces of bygone eras. A romance between tradition and modernity, with a distinct note of prestigious quality materials.In this respect, Premium Housing focuses on a high standard of finishing. Therefore, mainly natural materials were used, such as wood and stone.
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Exclusive apartment in Wrocław – room layout and design

Let’s start with the living room connected to the kitchenette. It is an ideal place created for everyday relaxation and the joy of living in such a beautiful place.The first impression is the most important, that’s why I like the large glazing with access to the over 10-meter terrace. Exclusive apartment in Wrocław is located on the second floor with a beautiful and subtle view of the greenery and the Odra River.The dominant colors of gray, pink and beige define a luxurious comfort zone. This is an extremely modern combination with a classic touch.
My attention is also drawn to the large island, which is a multifunctional piece of furniture. A bar table, kitchen cabinets and a cooking area – an ingenious combination!
The entire living room is designed with great taste and g mouth, as evidenced by the visualizations.In front of the bedroom there is a room perfect for a personal office with a place to rest. This long room is a functional combination of your own office and a place to relax.The bedroom, however, is still a clever continuation of the entire project. Gray, blue and gold elements combine majestically with the glass panels on the wall.
Fingers lickin’ good, in addition, the next room has large ceiling moldings, which at the same time give a very light impression…
There’s still greenery outside the window, which is cool strong synergy with the living room.
Okay, let’s go to the bathroom. Here, the clear accent is minimalism, with the dominant stone. Lots of white, marble suddenly pierced by a wood panel. A properly selected mirror completes the holistic whole!
In order for the apartment to fulfill all its functions, there is also a toilet. Adapted to today’s trends in white tiles. Truly, this seemingly unimportant room makes a very big impression.
Pristine, white and at the same time intensely exclusive – this is how Premium Housing does it.
I don’t have to mention all the amenities such as household appliances, washing machine, dryer, pantry, because all this is included in the price.
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Exclusive apartment in Wrocław – project completion stage
The owner of Premium Housing treats this property exceptionally, taking care of all the smallest details. The photos presented are visualizations, and the exclusive apartment in Wrocław will be turnkey in December.
At this stage, you can still make minor architectural changes, according to your individual needs. The investor is open to any ideas in this matter.
As I have already mentioned, the final stage of implementation is planned for December, but you can make an appointment with Mrs. Karolina today to see this wonderful property.
All information can be found on the Premium Housing website, just follow this link: Exclusive apartment in Wrocław
Please feel free to contact Mrs. Karolina Zielińska personally, telephone number: 691 502 588 and by e-mail: [email protected]
Michał Cylwik
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