Provençal style office – my personal inspiration

What furniture for a Provençal office? If I don't know, read
What should a Provençal-style office look like? If you don't know, be sure to read it.

Today a little about interior design, or rather our rooms where we work. Everyone designs in a modern and innovative way, forgetting about the charming tradition of furniture making. Provençal style office This is a large piece of work by Interiors Italia. But from the beginning….

Once upon a time, people lived very simply, modestly and traditionally. There were no interior finishing materials like today. And the craft was extremely real and fascinating in its simplicity.

Ascetic and extremely expressive raw materials were used. Which cannot be said about today’s mass production. Unaffected by the design template, factories operated based on the strength of craftsmen.

Ultimately, they were responsible for the entire thought and bringing the goods to the final stage, not the machinery. And for this Luxury Products loves today’s family factories that have not resisted the temptation of mass production.

Provençal-style office – who does it?

I have seen Provencal furniture made in a factory, typically on an assembly line from ready-made elements. And to be honest, I don’t really like it with premium products. Ok, it looks quite good, the prices are also affordable, but a Provençal-style office without elegance, simplicity and quite raw materials is like a scout without a fin…

Imagine a small town in Italy, Citta di Castello. Located in Renaissance Umbria, it plays an important role in the history of this amazing country. This is where Pope Celestine II and Monica Belluci come from.

It is here that, in an old, traditional and Renaissance atmosphere, the Interiors Italia brand creates beautiful furniture from scratch. A Provençal-style office is one of their wide range of products.

Since 1964, this Italian manufacture has strictly followed ancient craftsmanship recipes to reproduce Provençal furniture. What more could you want when you want to achieve an effect similar to ancient times?

Provencal-style office – what finishes does the manufacturer offer?

The Interiors Italia brand, in addition to old furniture waxing techniques, offers several final stage standards.

Antiqua – shaded finish essence, aged or not, in cherry, walnut or chestnut colors.

Arles – single color lacquered finish with cherry based oak

Provence – tinted paint based on plaster, aged with a brush

Decorata – colored with a brush, based on plaster with handmade decorations, antiqued

Technique Old simplicity – colored with a brush on a plaster base, aged in various shades

So, as you can see, it is not strength, but technique that will make you a player. This manual final finishing is all about mysticism and painstaking effort, which ultimately gives what you see in the photos.

Factory-ready products, unfortunately, cannot be subjected to such processing, which is why manufactories are so different from conveyor belts and the so-called ” ready-made ”….which also affects the price of this luxurious furniture.

Not to mention the fact that such a Provençal-style office needs much more time to be created than mass production. So anyone who wants to have a piece of Provence at home must be patient. The manufacturer is also extremely conscious, which is why he uses wood as the main raw material. It is mainly an old fir tree. Because old trees consume less carbon dioxide, they are replaced with young trees.

Production on request is possible. The offer is fully customizable in terms of colors, dimensions, materials and patinas.

Provencal style office – what furniture to choose?

Manufaktura Interiors Italia offers a wide selection of furniture. Luxurious Provencal wardrobes, elegant sideboards, raw cabinets, stained glass windows, wonderful beds for bedrooms and tables for unique dining rooms.

But today we are mainly interested in a Provençal-style office, so I will tell you about it. The focal point of every office is a desk with an armchair. The brand offers two solutions here.

Stylish desk model PR620 with 6 drawers, from the Maison De Provence collection (length 150 cm). And also the second desk from the Atelier Des Meubles collection – model PR621 with 3 drawers (width 160 cm).

They differ significantly from each other, but both maintain and they determine the Provence style in your office.The chairs or armchairs are traditional, on four legs, clearly matched to the desks.

Is there room for a Provençal bookcase?

Ok, our Provençal-style office already has desks, it’s time for a bookcase. Well, I must say that the producer did a great job here, you can judge for yourself. The first of the libraries, the PR318 model is a 2.5 meter tall amazing Provençal work.

Six large lockers, 4 drawers and lots of shelves are a good investment for our trinkets and books! Width 260 cm and depth 45 cm. For me, it is the brightest and most Provençal piece of furniture in this office!

The next library has the same height, 250 cm, but is slightly smaller – 213 cm long and 213 cm deep. 43 cm. The furniture has a ladder, thanks to which we can freely choose books from the upper shelves without much effort.

This Provençal library has 4 lockable cabinets and plenty of open shelves – model PR314. Personally, I liked the previous one better:)

If any of you have less space, I suggest a free-standing bookcase measuring 225 cm high x 120 cm wide and 45 cm deep. This is a good choice when you have a smaller room. The PR301 model has 2 lockable cabinets and 4 open shelves for your books!

The second free-standing bookcase is a bit unusual, because it has 3 neat drawers between the lower and upper shelves. Its dimensions are height 200 cm x width 140 cm and depth 43 cm. This is the model – PR317.

And this is my list. Of course, the manufactory has many other pieces of furniture that we can equip the office with – such as sideboards, stained glass windows, mirrors and chests of drawers – but why? I assume that it was supposed to be Provence, simplicity and space.

That’s why I don’t clutter your space in my idea, the Provençal style must have something to breathe and you should stick to it.

desk in Provençal style shop
office in Provence style
Italian Provençal library
library in Provençal style
Provencal desks shop
Provençal cabinet, how to arrange a shop
Provencal office furniture
Provencal furniture - how to arrange an office
Provençal study, how to arrange it

Provencal style office – accessories and trinkets

In all the magic of a Provençal cabinet, details are important. Aged wooden floors, heavy stone tiles or raw old boards – this is where the design should start.

If you want to create a piece of Provence on panels, leave it alone. At the special request of our customers, we search for old tiles from the past centuries to faithfully recreate that atmosphere.

And believe me, everything can be arranged. From France, our partners can get any piece of equipment, even very old ones. And it’s important to feel the good old Provence with your nose and soul…

You don’t have books for the library, no problem. We have over a dozen global brands that make imitations of leather books. You don’t want imitations, we will make old books for you. No problem!

Many of our customers order leather folders in the shape of an old book because it is comfortable and incredibly functional.

Trinkets cannot be factory-made either, but typically crafted from materials such as tin, wood or iron. And here too, we will equip your Provençal-style office with such wonders without any problem.

I will not write about them today, because this is a separate chapter for the next article about office equipment.

Provençal-style office – what do you need to know?

You just need to know what you want and desire. When you are faced with a choice between a template and a real premium product, be aware. I hope I made you at least a little bit aware of what you should pay attention to.

This is important because today many producers pretend and identify themselves with super premium goods. And in the end it turns out to be poor junk and an imitation of what you wanted to have. Provencal furniture needs warmth and affection, which is why not everyone can create it.

The principles of processing and waxing have been unchanged for years, and Interiors Italia strives to continue them – and this is the essence of a high-quality product.