A bucket of alcohol for the price of a good car

alcohol bucket

Is it worth buying? alcohol bucket for PLN 50? Is it possible to produce a luxury product at a low cost?…

Have you noticed the flood of very similar goods, things manufactured mainly in Asia? ”Pasted” without restraint, ubiquitous, plastering most online stores? If so, it means that you are sensitive to formulaic patterns that will soon consume us!

Alcohol bucket – flawless questions with no answers

I’m really not interested in topics like:

Which bottle fits which size bucket?

Excuse me, can I freeze a bottle of good wine in a silver bucket?

Guests are coming tomorrow, which cooler will fit my table?

Translating it into the language of fashion – I have a meeting with a girl, a single or double-breasted jacket… it’s weak…. I love luxury, so I write about it – straight, uncensored!

A luxury alcohol bucket must have impact, specific weight and quality of raw material.A product for PLN 45 gross made of stainless steel will, at most, freeze your partner’s eyes, not a good drink. I don’t know how thick the steel is, but it’s definitely pressed to the thickness of 2 razor blades…

Better put the bottle in the fridge and put your bucket in the storage room, it’s a waste of time my friend. The fridge will cool your favorite drink just as well!

Alcohol bucket – pewter for the first time

What is the material called pewter. I’m already reaching for Google – Pewter, tinnut – a low-melting alloy of three metals: tin (90-98%), antimony (0.5-8%) and copper (0.25-2.5%). It is highly malleable, malleable and hard.

So there is hope, or even a guarantee, that a product made of pewter will keep the temperature well, right? In the boutique Luxury Products we have the Cosi Tabellini – Art of Pewter factory.

High quality means?

A good and true luxury brand whose quality we are very confident about. Most importantly, he creates original and interesting projects. Their products are a combination of Art Noveau style with classic, good workmanship.

Certainly not everyone is a fan of Art Nouveau trends, but today glamor is fashionable. Therefore, let’s combine and mix styles wisely.

Today I deliberately skipped copper, so let’s focus on other raw materials.

champagne bucket
pewter buckets for alcohol
bucket with lid for alcohol

Alcohol bucket – a classic in silver dimensions

This is a tough joke cooler. For the uninitiated, you can choose between 925 and 800 fineness, in short it’s about the silver content. In the first case, less admixture, in the second more – the whole secret.

An alcohol bucket made of silver is very popular among experts on the subject. It’s mainly about high quality of temperature retention, of course, aesthetic values ​​also come into play….

An important factor for me and our clients is the fact that we can match the entire collection of table equipment to the selected bucket model. From cutlery to a large silver vase! Because if you don’t want a beautiful and shiny silver cooler to stand out like a Christmas tree on the table, we will match the rest to it.

bucket of alcohol
silver bucket for alcohol
bucket for various types of alcohol
alcohol bucket
Alcohol bucket – silver-plated designer works of art

The next category is silver-plated products. Zanetto designs them brilliantly and efficiently. Just look at it and you know that these are not mass-carved buckets made of sheet metal. If you win a gold medal at the International Craft Fair in Florence, it means you are the best!

I love their products for their non-standard approach to design and workmanship using the highest quality materials. It’s absolute luxury design.

If you want to break the boredom, grayness and banality in your apartment, Zanetto will guarantee you this. I will guarantee it to you too!

bucket for alcohol
a bucket for alcohol can be very designer
bucket for alcohol
bucket for alcohol
silver-plated alcohol bucket

A bucket for alcohol included in the price of the car???

Yes, we have one such anti-monitor. Less than 5 kg of 925 silver costs approximately PLN 100,000 gross. The bucket was made by the Italian Schavion, with whom we have been working well for several years.

A beautifully and intricately decorated product, complete with a Cristal Louis Roederer from 2002 and a set of luxurious champagne glasses!

silver bucket for alcohol
buckets for luxury champagne
buckets and champagne glasses

Hmmm, a really unique thing… just look for yourself. As my friend Roman says, ‘Luxury or nothing – it’s that simple!