Gold-plated cutlery tastes the best, yum yum!

gold-plated cutlery

What do they have in them? gold-plated cutlery and how are they better than the traditional, ubiquitous stainless steel? If you don’t know, but you love the real flavors of food – this article is for you! In this case, excess or whim is simply jealous slander and I will prove that these products are a real delicacy!

And by the way, gold-plated does not mean color. Only gold applied to a specific type of material. Perhaps this is a detail, but it is so important in my considerations….

Gold cutlery – first impression

When we write posts, I often observe that many people are out of touch with reality. I know, we sell luxury and quite expensive goods….but if you don’t like it don’t criticize. The Internet is a democracy, so you can leave content that is inconvenient for you at any time.

Very often I come across comments such as: ”how expensive – products for thieves”, ”the village dances, the village sings”, ”and I will gild the toilet” etc…..

Ok, I understand to some extent – we have a defensive reflex when in contact with a reality we don’t know. But why insult people and a brand that does something completely different than the usual template?

And believe me – the people who buy it are very educated people who know it very well luxury market.

Gold-plated cutlery and aesthetic impressions

Most of us put aesthetics and class first. We love what is beautiful and impresses our guests. Of course, there are a lot of brands and products and sometimes it is difficult for us to distinguish high-quality goods from ordinary mediocrity….

What if they really are better than that? silver cutlery?

The gold-plated cutlery we offer is Clive Cristian Arthur Price of England. This renowned international manufacturer designs and creates truly unique works of dining art. I don’t know if this name exists, but from today it will be this luxury dining room art….

We do not introduce things into our Luxury Products boutique that do not delight us and raise our heart rate. That’s why we chose this brand! As soon as you see products straight from Clive Cristian, you will definitely not pass them by indifferently.

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Gold-plated cutlery – what makes it better?

Well, you probably think and write a lot, but finally tell me what’s going on with all this cutlery. Ok, I’m telling you now…..

Most cutlery is made of metals that react with food. This is a very broad topic, but one thing is certain. Metals leach into food, which few of us realize!

Does gold-plated cutlery heal?

They certainly do not cure, but they have health-promoting properties. Hardly anyone today pays attention to what they eat and what materials their table accessories are made of. Most often, these are raw materials that have a negative impact.

This causes allergies and a number of problems, mixing food with metals. Gold-plated cutlery and gold is the least toxic and therefore safe metal. Even when its microscopic particles get into the food.

Now you know why people with a wealth of money choose gold-plated, silver and silver-plated cutlery. This is not a prank, whim or waste of money – just well-thought-out purchases.

gold plated fork
Gold-plated cutlery has something more apart from design…
gold-plated spoon
gold-plated knife
Gold-plated cutlery – taste tests in the mouth

Dr. Zoe Laughlin from the Institute of the University of London, tested spoons made of seven materials: gold, silver, stainless steel, zinc, copper, tin and chrome.

Each of 50 volunteers was asked to suck on a spoon and rate its taste. The test was then repeated with different foods to see how these metals combined with sweet, salty and sour flavors.

And guess what? The gold was the tastiest! Because it is the most inert metal and has no effect on the food we eat. Tests clearly show that when eating with gold-plated cutlery, you do not feel any taste except the taste of food. Seems obvious, but not always….

Gold-plated cutlery and conservation

These are not products that you can throw into the dishwasher and lie down on the couch waiting for the end of the washing program. As I mentioned, these are pieces of dining room art, so take good care of them!

Generally, do not use polishing pastes, rough cloths or harsh chemicals, they do not like it. If you choose gold-plated cutlery, you must know that maintaining it is not the easiest.

But the second thing is that we will use them, mainly for special occasions. A relatively inexpensive method is polishing, as in the case of gold. All you need is a regular gold cloth and lemon juice.

The price is worth the product

Now you know that gold-plated cutlery is worth the price, not only because of its aesthetic value. This is the highest quality material that our body likes and food that is so important to us.

Beauty combined with high-quality raw materials constitutes luxury. It is safe to say that Clive Cristian Arthur Price of England produces luxury products worth the price.Save