Elegant plates – hand-painted Italian gems

elegant plates

When preparing a party, we want to shine. Boredom, stagnation and uniqueness do not interest us today… so let’s pay attention to elegant plates.

A product that perfectly highlights the prestige of the table and the interior in which we are hosting guests. And as usual, depending on the effect we want to achieve, each luxury product will give us the expected results.

elegant plates on the table
Elegant plates with gold – Cre Art

Elegant plates straight from Italy

Southern producers specialized in beautiful functional works of art. These are usually products made of ceramics and porcelain. Most of them are made in white colors.

Both entire sets and individual pieces are painted in various patterns. Some of them are floral and floral motifs. Which are associated with delicacy and are very feminine.

elegant plates
Elegant plates straight from Italy

Italians love to design luxurious plates, so we have a really huge selection on the market… So everything and nothing. If you are tired of repeating patterns and motifs. If you value bold and exclusive style, I recommend the Italian brand Cre Art!

Elegant plates with 24-carat gold?

Yes, it is possible and very sexy! The manufacturer hand-decorates its glass and crystal products with gold. This 24-carat raw material looks extremely tasteful on a shiny plate.

stylish and elegant table plates
Precision of workmanship and high quality materials – Cre Art

Cre Art uses original patterns to make the whole look great prestigiously. Because apart from lovers of beautiful glass design, these products are dedicated to special occasions.

Banquets in embassies, diplomatic missions and other unique venues are the destination for these exciting models of Italian design.

Hand-made elegant plates

plates for an elegant dining room
Prestigious plates for an elegant dining room

Luxury is a relative concept, but not in this case. Apart from high quality materials it’s the execution that counts.

The factory produces entire sets for stylish dining rooms and living rooms. Many of them are gold-plated, so you can freely choose the right, original set for your tables. So that the invited guests have no doubts about the importance of the ceremony they are attending…. Save