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Today I would like to show you exclusive safes for the office of the English brand The Original Book Works. In many films you can see how cleverly people hide their valuable things in original book-shaped compartments.

Here, too, the manufacturer specializes in producing amazing works of cabinet art, modeled on old prints and modern books. Very fashionable lately and coming back in a big way.

luxury safe
Exclusive safes – The Original Books Works

Exclusive safes don’t have to be boring!

Every person sensitive to beauty likes to surround themselves with uniqueness. And the products of the British The Original Books Works guarantee just that.

Real safes are encased in a special resin formula. This gives the unique effect of a good old book. Such a well-made product is difficult to distinguish from the original!

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More modern, exclusive safes

Luxurious reproductions are made following the example of old prints from the first half of the 20th century. Of course, newer models are also available books for modern interiors…

Exclusive safes for the office are a prestigious product

It is worth noting that the company’s clients include such distinguished institutions as the British Museum, the British Library, and finally the Natural History Museum.

What is extremely important to me is the fact that it is handmade. Most of The Original Books Works’ productions are thorough and precise human work. When it comes to luxury goods, this is key!

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A typical safe for a study bookcase

The English skillfully paint and gild their products to give them the most natural shapes possible.

Exclusive office safes and purpose

These are not large products, and most of them are between 20 and 30 cm. Therefore, they are mainly dedicated to smaller items, such as cash, credit cards, jewelry or documents.

Besides, we do not keep weapons or very large items in the office…..These exclusive safes are an addition to a luxurious office or study.Often placed on the back wall behind the desk. So that they cannot be seen in the bookcase. The company also specializes in the production of stylized books and binders.

exclusive safe
Book safe – luxuryproducts.pl store

So customers can order entire sets for their private office. Upon request, the English brand makes very individual designs.Save