Pen of the year 2016 by Graf von Faber-Castell

Pen of the year 2016

Yesterday we received fresh and fragrant catalogs – ” pen of the year 2016 Graf von Faber-Castell ” brand. If you want to find out what product is made of flamed maple, gold and onyx – this article is for you!

It all started with an exciting inspiration….. The pen of the year 2016 refers to the history of the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa. It was she who brought tiles from oriental China to her Schönbrunn palace. The luxurious panels were made in the imperial factory in Beijing.

the best pen of 2016
Pen of the year 2016 in the platinum version

Black lacquer tiles were set in maple wood paneling and decorated with gilded frames. Hence the direct finish of this extraordinary pen!

Who created the pen of 2016? – a few words about the artists and their project

When designing the Pen of the Year 2016 collection, Graf von Faber-Castell invited Vieux-Laque peace conservator Silvi Miklin and Japanese artist Tomizo Saratani, specializing in the Maki-e technique.

Limited collection 2016
Gold-plated ball version

What they created together exceeded our wildest expectations. They divided the design of the special motif into three parts, and each of them was covered with black varnish and then subjected to the varnishing and firing process.

This complicated process ended with the motif being covered with gold and varnish.

The pen of the year 2016 is very attractive due to the materials used in its production. The body is covered with panels made of black onyx and flamed maple.It’s all framed in platinum. The cap of the pen is topped with hand-polished, diamond-cut black onyx.

pens of the year 2016 in a limited edition
Rollerball pen of the year 2016 Graf von Faber-Castell platinum version

For me personally, these are the greatest advantages of this exclusive pen!

Each of these unique writing instruments is packed in a varnished wooden box. The pen also has an individual number.

To ensure there is no doubt as to the raw materials used, there is a certificate signed by the master of precious stones from the Herbert Stephan factory in Idar Oberstein confirming the authenticity of the onyx used. Artist Tomizo Saratani supervised the 24-karat gold paintings himself.

pioro limited collections
The most valuable from the collection!

Collection limit

As usual, such pens are limited. The most valuable ones in the gold-plated version are 120 pieces of fountain pens and 50 pieces of ballpoint pens. In the platinum version, 500 pieces of fountain pens and 150 pieces of ballpoint pens!

A ballpoint pen in the platinum version in the store costs PLN 13,760, while a fountain pen costs about PLN 2,000 more.

limited edition pen
This is how you pack exclusive products!
elite feather
Wood and varnish give a sense of taste and beauty

For the gold-plated edition we will pay PLN 30,960 and PLN 32,250, respectively.

Perhaps for many these amounts will prove to be a prohibitive barrier. However, I personally recommend investing and diversifying your money in such an elite and limited product. A large part of the collection is aimed at private recipients. The second segment is companies and their valuable contractors.

This is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind pen, so it will certainly find many recipients in Poland, which I strongly encourage. Save