Futuristic living room tables by artist Albino Miranda

Futuristic tables for living rooms
Where to buy space and futuristic furniture?

Today, everyone associates luxury with high-quality materials, splendor, glitz and dripping gold. However, premium products can be out of this world, these are a great example futuristic tables for the living room. This is an obvious sign that a conscious consumer with a large budget is looking for something more than a high standard. And these are searches for a new shape, unique design, but above all, exciting experiences. They are such a unique and strong stimulus for me furniture by Portuguese artist Albino Miranda.

Futuristic tables for the living room – who is Albino Miranda

A Portuguese who started his adventure with creating bold designs with sculpture. From 1989, he dealt exclusively with sculpture, and later put all his energy and experience into furniture and futuristic tables for the living room.

He established two brands: Karpa and Gansk. Karp’s line is an obvious realization of his fantasy about art and sculpture. There is a clear resemblance to avant-garde design and the influence of Albino’s entire history of creation. Very bold shapes constitute the strength of this company. But you can also see the fascination with nature – especially the structure of trees. Many of the products have their shape and prototype in natural monuments.

Albino Miranda is an electrifying artist who combined all her passion with functional form. He did a solid job of making a correlation between art, design and luxury furniture. We owe the freshness of these projects to his original approach and magic. This is pure surrealism that Miranda transferred from his amazing world.

futuristic tables for living rooms
Futuristic living room tables by Albino Miranda
futuristic tables for living rooms
root-shaped tables
futuristic table for the living room
futuristic living room tables

Futuristic living room tables – materials and techniques

Albino Miranda uses various raw materials to create these beautiful works of applied art. However, most often it is a specific resin reinforced with glass fiber. It is the most twisted and crazy forms. It is the perfect material to create amazing sculptures. Which will be used for the base or top of the furniture. Most futuristic living room tables are designed and made of this type of resin.

This is an excellent material and building material, which is durable and varnished, it looks absolutely amazing. It seems to me that if UFO people came to our planet, wanting to live there. Karpa furniture would constitute most of the furnishings in their interiors.

In addition to the above-mentioned resin, of course, a tempered glass top, marble, walnut wood and varnished steel are used. Depending on the model, futuristic living room tables have appropriate materials. The question of using other raw materials according to your preferences is an open matter and in fact anything is possible!

furistic tables shop
furistic table for the living room store
space tables
furious living rooms, interior tables

Futuristic tables for the living room – tailor-made

Dealing with furnishing exclusive interiors, I know that many customers want individual dimensions or workmanship. In this matter, the manufacturer caters to customers and basically makes the craziest ideas come true. Designers and conscious consumers of luxury expect tables and furniture according to their most dream expectations.

So many factories are prepared for it. With this in mind, Albino Miranda devotes a lot of time to sketches, just as the client wishes. We can sit down with a draftsman and create your coolest futuristic design table. No problem, just give us an idea and we will take care of the rest!

In times of enormous competition, manufacturers are open to this type of original and selective design. The futuristic living room tables shown in our offer are only a small part of what can be individually designed. The key is to have fun while doing it, but above all, for this piece of furniture to correspond with the interior.

But that’s what our designers are for, so don’t worry about it. There are certainly living rooms where these futuristic tables will not fit, so this product is not for everyone. High originality means that there must be some connection between the table and the rest of the equipment. Otherwise it’s crap. The table will look like a flower on the lapel of a sheepskin coat…

The ideal solution is to create an entire room from one very significant piece of furniture. But it’s not always possible, because sometimes you just want to change just the table. See for yourself how skillfully you can combine such unique furniture with an interesting interior.

futuristic living room tables by karpa
futuristic furniture store
a very futuristic table
a phenomenal table for the living room
gold table top
space tables

Futuristic tables for the living room, love at first design

Finally, I will say that I immediately fell in love with this brand. Because today, when the market is open and everyone can design furniture and accessories. There are many similar projects. I deal with many companies and I often notice certain recurring trends. There is no bullshit here and pure finesse, and I love that.

First of all, stand out, secondly, stand out and thirdly, stand out! when you place such a cool space table in the central place of the living room, the rest will not matter. This is the perfect solution to draw attention to the center of the room. It’s an exciting experience and a transfer to a completely different dimension.

A dimension that will make your interior never be the same as your friends’. And I wish you all such originality!

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