A Ferrari book packed in a luxurious mock-up of a V12 250 engine


Today, I don’t know a man who hasn’t heard of the Ferrari brand. Maybe it’s a guy who isn’t interested in cars… but I think it’s impossible. Because even most women know what this Italian company is. Today I present to you a kind of nod to the history of sports cars, which is it Ferrari book. A story about the incredible power, or rather tangible culture, that this factory has built over the years. It’s even more than a trend or fashion, I think we can talk about the cult of the car. I’m sure Ferrari badge lovers agree with me!

Ferrari book – global publishing house Taschen

You probably want to know who the hell came up with such a brilliant idea to release a prestigious album with a cult brand? I’m already telling you, this is a prestigious Taschen publishing house. Which is the leading and most recognizable publisher of great books about fashion, design, pop culture, tourism, art and, finally, about the people who created it all! Some time ago, while staying at the Krasicki hotel, I found myself in the reading room of this beautiful place. I immediately got my hands on Taschen albums and collector’s books. It was love at first sight.

Book Ferrari is one of many books about symbols of a bygone era that played a huge role. Taschen’s mission and goal is an incredible commitment to culture and innovation. The desire to share a piece of history about ourselves, about the most interesting events in the world.

Founded in the 20th century, by Benedikt Taschen in 1980 as a tiny comic bookstore in Cologne, today sells its books all over the world. In addition to its global distribution network, the privately held publishing house operates an e-commerce website and 14 branded stores, from Beverly Hills, New York and Miami to London, Brussels, Paris and Milan. The brand is headquartered in Cologne and Los Angeles, with regional offices in Berlin, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Milan, New York and Paris.

Therefore, a large dose of cosmopolitanism gives it incredible strength to produce outstanding and spectacular works, such as Ferrari’s book. This experience provides the basis for designing such noble and successful works. And Taschen, you can’t deny that.

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Ferrari book and its authors

Australian-born Marc Newson studied jewelry design and sculpture in Sydney. After College of the Arts, he moved to Tokyo. Then he worked, created and mixed in Paris and London. This greatly influenced his personal development, which is why, among other things, he became one of the most influential and recognized designers in the world.

Pino Allievi is an Italian writer and famous journalist. He has been commenting and publishing articles about sports cars for many years. Italians know him as a commentator Formula 1, for Rai. He also writes for the popular La Gazzetta dello Sport. Working with Enzo Ferrari, he wrote a book about the history of cars and their heroes, whom he often knew personally. Ferrari’s book was therefore a natural path for his work.

I will add that Allievi was the winner of a journalistic award given by the creator Dino Ferrari himself. So this is a man who has great insight to write a book about the Ferrari brand.

Ferrari book – I have never seen such a setting

I touched on many luxury products, especially their packaging. They impressed me, but what Taschen did completely destroyed my perception of premium packaging. This is an extremely unique and well-designed packaging for an already very luxurious product. Ferrari’s book itself is a work unlike any other, so the task was even more of a challenge. However, Marc Newson handled it brilliantly, making a real work of art!

For me this is pure madness. The Ferrari book is enclosed in a case designed by Marc Newson inspired by the engine of this car. Made of cast aluminum, the chrome has been powder-blasted to preserve the natural character of the metal, and the upper part of the housing is finished with Ferrari red paint, the same as that used on their engines.

This is a huge tribute to all fans of this company. Symbol, synonym and recognizable sign. I guess no one else than Marc could have come up with such a specific idea. And this is real luxury, the frame itself, and actually the engine, introduces us to the amazing history of Ferrari.

The Ferrari book itself is bound in leather and hand-sewn. This is what the most luxurious limited edition collector’s books require. So all standards have been met here.

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Ferrari’s book contains a piece of beautiful history

You probably want to know what we can find in this fascinating adventure? Well, 514 pages are really used to the maximum. There is no fakery or poor quality photos here. These are simple forms of communication, for me they remind me a bit of books from the 1980s. I love works published this way! Well, this huge volume was created in close cooperation with the Ferrari brand. So there are certainly a lot of photos that cannot be found in available materials today.

The Ferrari book is a unique collector’s piece that shows why this brand is known to virtually every man today. The work includes exclusive content from Ferrari archives and private collections around the world. Hundreds of never-before-seen photos and documents. Publicly shown today to discover together a unique piece of the incredible history of victories and its heroes.

I think that most Ferrari car owners are true enthusiasts who love this brand. Therefore, this unique album can be a great addition to their love. And although the price is over PLN 21,000, there are many people interested in this book. Luxury, especially limited editions of prestigious publications, do not have a price. That’s why enthusiasts from all over the world should have a piece of history in their home.

Collector’s Edition (No. 251–1 947), each signed by Piero Ferrari. Also available in an Art Edition (#1-250) signed by Piero Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne and John Elkann. This makes the Ferrari book a real collector’s piece, bound in natural leather. In a fascinating and beautiful package that can arouse many emotions.

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Ferrari book – for who?

If I say that for every Ferrari lover or car owner, I would be lying. This Ferrari book is not for everyone. It seems to me that this edition is addressed to a conscious person who simply loves this brand! This is a choice for purely personal reasons and I treat it in these categories. Taschen does not attempt to print thousands of these copies because limited editions are intended to have a certain quantity.

In my opinion, it is also a very original idea for a luxurious gift and a gift for a very close person. The setting, the book itself and the atmosphere you feel when you have this work in front of you bear witness to an extraordinary history. No film can convey this, because the book and the photos it contains last as long as we look at them. I think that these looks stay with us, like the frames of photos in this amazing book.

I recommend it to everyone who is head over heels in love with the Ferrai brand, but also to lovers of automotive history and what it has witnessed. The Italian brand is a symbol of something that happened in a bygone era. I think that anyone who holds a book about Ferrari in their hands will become a mute spectator of the past century and what really happened during that period.

Ferrari luxury album it will take us to the abyss of the best years in sports motoring and will arouse many emotions. I am deeply convinced of the correctness of the path chosen by the Taschen publishing house and its excellent works. That’s why we decided to offer them to all conscious lovers of high-quality books and albums. They are undoubtedly a sign of the times, which are constantly passing by in the multitude of things.

But I know and I strongly believe that Ferrari’s book will arouse in you a parade of strong and very positive emotions. That’s what I sincerely wish you.