Ferrari gifts for children – fun with a capital F

ferrari gifts for children

We know that Italians can make exciting products. But does everything have to be for adults only? Watch Top 10 products titled – Ferrari gifts for children. I chose the most beautiful toys from this famous luxury brand.

1. Ferrai Meccano self-assembly car.

It is very reminiscent of the hit of the 80s, for a small constructor. Consisting of metal parts with characteristic screws. The manufacturer guarantees great fun while learning. In the model, we can open the doors, the engine cover and play with the steering system. Cost 69 Euro is not a very big expense, especially when we love Ferrari and our children!

Ferrari gift for a child

2. Are Ferrari gifts for children only automotive?

Mainly yes, but the brand hasn’t forgotten about cuddly gadgets. A teddy bear dressed as Santa Claus makes a wonderful impression and tugs at your heartstrings. Height 34 cm, price 58 euros. A toy dedicated as a gift for little cuties who love soft teddy bears.


3. Skates dedicated more to boys with the F14 logo.

Characteristic red, white and black colors with a Ferrari horse on the tongue of the shoe. Adjustable from 32-35, 36-39 – so you can freely choose the right size for your child. The price of 89 euros is not that terrible due to the high-quality materials. Ferrari used aluminum, polyurethane and titanium here.

ferrari gifts for children

4. Ferrari gifts for children can surprise you.

A longboard with a large SCUDERIA FERRARI inscription is basically a gadget for teenagers. As usual, the brand showed off by using great components to build this board. Among others, carbon steel and Canadian maple, in as many as 7 layers! Here we have to take into account the cost of 259 euros, which may hurt… but what wouldn’t you do for a child, right?

Ferrari gadgets for children

5. Ferrari electric vehicle – something for a little racer.

A one-seater beautiful F430 replica, that’s it! Who wouldn’t want to have it? Make it fun for your child and choosea proven gift, especially for a boy. The car runs on 6 volts and runs forward and backward. Dimensions 129.5 cm x 65 cm x 53 cm (H) – weight 17.8 kg. As for the price, 334.90 euros is the amount we have to pay for this gem. In my opinion it’s worth it.

Ferrari for little kids

6. Ferrari gifts for children also mean safety.

A three-wheeled bike designed for children from 1 year of age. Very comfortable with the seat adjustable in two positions. The product has a gear lever and a steering wheel taken from Ferrari sports cars. Dimensions – 70 cm (length) x 48.5 cm (width) x 67 cm (height) – weight almost 21 kg. Parents can choose from 3 positions to hold the bike, so it is a great choice for both us and the children. The price of 110 euros is appropriate for such an interesting and safe vehicle!

gift for child ferrari

7. About the fact that men love sports cars we all know.

But when participating in races, we must assemble a specialized team. Ferrari has not forgotten about this, introducing a team to operate the F14 in cooperation with LEGO! We have everything our little racer needs here. There is a truck with a ramp, along with six figures. Tools and other necessary accessories dedicated to Formula 1 racing. Lego and Ferrari brands is a very successful duo that creates educational FUN for children. I know that most of these gifts are intended for boys, but it’s an automotive brand… The manufacturer’s suggested price of 100 euros is nothing special compared to the amounts spent on Lego bricks.

cool ferrari gift for kids

8. Ferrari gifts for children are also advanced technology.

We can see this when we see a steering wheel with pedals dedicated to Xbox 360 and PC! These beauties are a faithful replica of a Ferrari steering wheel 458 in 7:10 scale. The product was designed in cooperation with Microsoft, so it’s not just anything. Designed mainly for Xbox One gamers, it has appropriate features specifically for Forza Motorsport 6. The steering wheel is made very realistically, which was Ferrari’s main goal. 345 euros is the right amount for such an advanced technique – it’s worth it!

toys and gifts from Ferrari

9. A large two-story parking lot for children.

A toy that can exceptionally stimulate the imagination and development of our child. Very nice product, colorful and safe. Easy to assemble, has 2 vehicles and does not require batteries. The dimensions are 48 x 49 x 28 cm. The price of 36.99 euros will not break our budget, so it is perfect for such a delicious gift.

Ferrari toy for children

10. I love replicas for kids.

The last suggestion is remote-controlled Ferrari 458 very carefully recreated, with attention to detail. The independent suspension system will allow you to move freely around the complicated areas of our house… The dimensions of this vehicle are 43×22.5×17.5 cm. If you want to buy such a classic gift, you have to pay 50 euros.

Ferrari replicas for children