An original gift for a cooking fan

an original gift for a cooking enthusiast

Are you looking for a stylish gift for a loved one? You will find it in our Luxury Products online store! Below are some suggestions for products from our range that will work best as an elegant gift.

Copper vessels

Every cooking enthusiast will certainly be happy with the copper pots we offer. What is worth knowing about them? Copper is used to produce such kitchen utensils. It is an element that plays an extremely important role in our body. It makes it resistant to the harmful effects of free radicals and supports the functioning of neurotransmitters in the brain. Too little copper may contribute to the development of anemia and deterioration of the condition of the skin and nails.

Why is it worth choosing copper pots? Copper has bactericidal properties and is excellent at removing mold and fungi. Just pour water into a copper pot and leave it for a few hours. It will be naturally filtered and cleansed of harmful substances. This means that cooking in such vessels has a health-promoting effect on the body. Copper pots heat up quickly and conduct heat well.

They allow you to fry using only a minimum amount of fat. This will be appreciated by all lovers of healthy, low-calorie meals. Vegetables cooked in such pots retain all their valuable ingredients. Moreover, copper does not produce any odor and therefore does not affect the taste of prepared dishes. Copper pots can be successfully used on any type of stove, including induction. Their undoubted advantages also include the fact that they are resistant to mechanical damage, such as scratches. They are also easy to keep clean.

For this purpose, all you need is warm water, dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth. Pots of this type are extremely universal and allow you to prepare various types of delicacies – from soups, through meat stews, to jams.

A copper sauce pot with a diameter of 7.5 cm will be perfect as a gift for a person who spends every free moment in the kitchen. Why is it worth deciding to buy it? The pot looks extremely elegant and quickly reaches the required temperature, which is evenly distributed throughout the entire pot. This is one of the products from the renowned Italian manufacture Ruffoni.

What distinguishes it from other brands offering similar products is the ecological production method. The company was founded out of love for creating unique tableware. The secrets of making copper vessels are passed down from generation to generation. The pot mentioned above comes from the Cremeria & Specialty collection. We guarantee that the cookware available here will meet the expectations of even the most demanding cooking enthusiasts. When you buy one of them, you can be sure that it will last for a long time and will perform its function perfectly, making everyday cooking easier.

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Stainless steel knives

A knife with a stainless steel blade is a must-have in the kitchen of any cooking enthusiast. Most often, they are enriched with chrome or carbon, which give these types of tools even better properties. What distinguishes such knives is that they are heat treated at very high temperatures, resulting in high degree of hardness. The highest quality knives are made of materials that maintain maximum hardness while being resistant to mechanical damage. Their characteristic features also include corrosion resistance. Why is a stainless steel knife a good gift idea? As already mentioned, it is resistant to mechanical damage, so when you buy it, you can be sure that it will work perfectly for a long time, maintaining its valuable properties. This type of knife cannot be broken or scratched. Moreover, it is resistant to high temperatures and does not deform under their influence. Another advantage of stainless steel knives is that they are extremely sharp. This makes it convenient and safe to cut vegetables, fruits, and meat.

What kinds of stainless steel knives can you find in our Luxury Products online store? The Saladini semi-hard cheese knife will be a perfect gift. It has a handle made of olive wood, which fits securely in the hand, ensuring comfortable work. Its total length is 29 cm. The knife comes from an Italian manufacturer Coltelleri Saladini, which specializes in the production of products with forged blades. Each of them is engraved with the manufacturer’s logo, which confirms authenticity and guarantees quality. Marking is done at the crafting stage, when the blade is not yet hardened.

The company mentioned above uses only the highest quality stainless steel with 100% carbon content for production. It uses quenching and forging processes. The first of them is used both when creating knives and cigar closing cutters. The blades are cut from steel plates of various thicknesses. The process of producing forged blades using a hammer and an anvil is much more complicated. It is used for kitchen, table and collector knives.

Manual forging allows you to create the appropriate shape of the blade, console and pins inserted into the handle. After hallmarking, the blades undergo a hardening and annealing process in thermal treatment.

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Ceramic containers

Do you need an elegant gift for a cooking fan? Buy one of the ceramic containers from our offer! What are their main advantages? Containers of this type do not react with food and effectively protect the contents against spoilage. What’s more, they are tight and their lid protects against contamination. The advantages of ceramic containers also include that they are resistant to high temperatures. What distinguishes them is also their universality. This type of containers can successfully store coffee, flour or groats.

What else is worth knowing about ceramic containers? Ceramics is a natural material created in the clay firing process. Such containers look extremely stylish and work well in any kitchen, regardless of the style in which it is arranged.

A good gift for a loved one will be a ceramic cookie container from an Italian brand Cosi Tabellini – Art of pewter. Its diameter is up to 21 cm and its height is 21.5 cm. The container has a tight lid that effectively protects the products inside against premature spoilage. The company’s extensive product range also includes other accessories for the kitchen and dining room, such as platters, butter dishes and trays. They have been used many times in famous film productions. They can be found in the homes of many celebrities from all over the world.

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The best gift for a cooking enthusiast? Cutlery! It will work well both on a daily basis and during family celebrations or meetings with friends. Such a set includes, among others, various types of spoons, such as dinner spoons, vase spoons, platter spoons, salad spoons and sauce spoons. It also includes forks (dinner, platter, appetizer or service) and knives (table, steak, fish, dessert or butter knives).hefra shop 1a set of hefra cutleryhefra cutlery sets

Our gift proposal is silver cutlery in a wooden box, Duchy of Warsaw. This is one of the products from the range of a renowned Polish brand Hefra, which has been operating on the market continuously for over 192 years. The set includes 24 elements: 6 table spoons, 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner knives and 6 tea spoons. They stayed made of 925 silver with a high gloss finish. The cutlery is placed in a practical wooden box, which makes it easier to store and effectively protects against damage.