Italian living room furniture

In the era of mass production, ubiquitous brand counterfeiting and formulaic Italian living room furniture take on a new meaning, dedicating their uniqueness to all lovers of good design. Perhaps many of you associate products from Italy, especially those in living rooms, with splendor, baroque, classics and glitz, but nothing could be further from the truth, because today Italian manufacturers are opening their minds to literally every style of interior design.

If we dream of something more in our rooms, especially the living room, our first steps should be directed to Italian manufactures and factories that have developed a consistent Made in Italy brand for centuries! It is a correlation of solidity and design, unique designs combined with the highest quality materials. Because these factors actually determine the successful romance between the designer and the craftsman who paints this picture in the form of a product.

Conscious shopping

Practically everyone associates Italian living room furniture with high prices and unavailability, but this is not entirely true, as I will prove in this material! But when looking for our desired living room equipment, we can get confused, make a mistake and end up with something completely different than we imagined.

But more on that soon. The key is to be aware, because an informed consumer knows that you have to wait for good things. It’s not bread from a bakery that rises overnight or food made in an assembly line, but interior design art that needs usually 4 – 6 or even more weeks, to stay with you for good.

Italian living room furniture – watch out for familiar-sounding names

Certain names, phrases and keywords can bring great success to producers, but they do not always have to be true. For the sake of image, Italian associations are often borrowed, so that a product made in another part of the world is clearly associated with Italy. While this is a common practice, it has little to do with the products Made in Italy.

We all know shoes, sausages, handbags and other items with the Italian word that have never been produced there, so it’s a bit of a global trend. It is mainly due to the popularity of Italian products, which have simply gained a good reputation and I understand that. But I don’t understand the consumer who falls for this.

If we see a piece of furniture from Italy in an online store and the name Italian chest of drawers, Italian wardrobe or Italian sofa is often used, let’s check the manufacturer. When there is no information about the brand, it is difficult to verify whether it is really an Italian manufacturer. In most cases, these are furniture from Asia, which have nothing to do with Italy. Because when you want to make Italian salami, there must be an Italian climate, temperature, humidity and meat that comes from local animals.

All that glitters is not gold

The second warning light should be the price, because you can’t produce a Mercedes at the price of a toddler. Natural raw materials, the best designers, manual work and factory experience are the things you pay for. This price depends on many factors that determine what the Italian living room furniture will look like and how long it will last. You don’t have to discover America to know that such products meet the standards and the price.

Because if someone sells leather office chair for PLN 500 – PLN 1,000, then believe me, it is definitely not Made in Italy. Average price of a decent office chair made of leather, it’s PLN 4,000. Some things cannot be overcome, including the costs of making such a piece of furniture. And we must take into account the significant increase in material prices, especially in the last year.

Italian living room furniture – from the Renaissance to minimalism

It is not true that Italians only love classics and most of their production is traditional Italian living room furniture. To prove this, I will mention a few brands that favor modern style. The first one is Kreoo, who loves combining marble with other materials.

Their creations are quite raw and cool, so as to fit into modernist interiors. It is worth noting that the manufacturer also loves combining different types of marble. Simple forms will work well in houses and apartments with a large dose of minimalism.

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A good example of a large dose of design is Italian brand Horm, because it was her armchairs that made a huge sensation. This is design with a capital D, but this is what it looks like when passionate, good designers and visionaries from Italy get to work. Horm is the influence of many cultures that interpenetrate, ultimately determining, as the manufacturer puts it, ”contemporary design”.

minimalist chairs for the living room
italian living room furniture

made in italy furnituremodern italian living room chairs 1charming Italian furnitureItalian modern living room furnitureItalian furniture inspirationsAnd one more brand, Tonelli Design, which specializes in the production of glass furniture. This is certainly a different proposition than other companies, clearly associated with modernity, a fresh look at design and the innovative use of thick glass.

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A bit of classic, baroque and splendor – Italian living room furniture

Returning to the roots, it is necessary to mention traditional Italian living room furniture, because it is the salt of the earth. Basically, it all started with antique patterns that were designed in the past centuries. The furniture that determined the arrangement of manors, castles and palaces had its own importance, appearance and class. Therefore, it is worth keeping them in mind, depending on how we want to design our houses and apartments.

Because modern style doesn’t work everywhere, I’ll show you a few brands that made a big impression on me. The first one is Modenese manufacture, i.e. a great nod to the classics, the highest quality materials and incredible reliability. Their wide offer includes everything, even dog lounges, so there is plenty to choose from. Seriousness, solidity and great quality go hand in hand with a price that also makes an impression.

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classic Italian living room furnitureclassic italian furniture blogclassic furniture from Italyclassic furniturewhat furniture for classic interiors 1black furniture from Italy 1what furniture for classic interiorsMaybe something more affordable

On the other hand, I am presenting a brand that is also Italian, but the prices are at a decent level. For example, the prices of showroom windows start above PLN 2,000, so it’s a solid one living room furniture from Italy, it’s not an outrageous price. And for a few hundred zlotys you can buy an elegant coffee table. So, as you can see, not all Italian interior design items are very expensive. Of course, it all depends on the materials used and this has a final impact on the price.

Because solid natural wood is one thing, plywood, varnishes used, material thickness, and production time are another. There are many nuances, but when we dream of better quality, it always comes with a price. Classic furniture from Italy is a very large offer in the Luxury Products store and we are really proud of it. However, our portfolio includes more and more brands that design only minimalist and modern products.

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what furniture from Italy 1sideboard for the living room in Italian stylebookcase in Italy for the interiorItalian designItalian furniture 1Italian bookcase for the living roomWhere to start when looking for Italian living room furniture?

Already at the stage of designing your house or apartment, it is worth determining the budget that we can have when looking for furniture from Italy. This will make things much easier for us and for us when making the offer. Our portfolio includes several hundred brands from Italy, so the price range is huge. And certainly if I were the searcher, I would start with the price ceilings. There are many offers on the market today, so it’s good to know how much we ultimately want to spend.

When purchasing Italian living room furniture, our customers often choose accessories or other accessories at a lower price level. So the most important product is the furniture itself, that’s where the search begins and it’s important to us. The second important piece of the puzzle is style. It is usually determined together with the designer who is responsible for the entire arrangement.

With or without a project?

It also happens that you do not use the help of interior designers, then we take matters into our own hands. And once we agree on the style and price range, we can propose several options from our database of brands. We often make visualizations so that the client can see what his living room will look like.

The more data, the easier it will be for us to choose what you are really looking for. Much of this Italian furniture is made to order, so we use material samples, visualizations and catalogues. If the customer wishes, we go to the factory to show what the original furniture looks like in real life.

One piece

The third extremely important factor is that Italian furniture for the living room corresponds to the other rooms and the yard. Often, under the influence of emotions, we buy products that may look beautiful in one room, but do not match other furniture.

Because if we choose one consistent interior design style, we should stick to it. Hardly anyone then remembers their backyard, that here too, the interior design and style can be influenced, so it is worth taking the holistic aspect into account. To sum up, it is best to define3 aspects – budget, style and blending into the surroundings with other furniture.

Reliable Italian decorations and accessories

Our customers often choose decorations and ceramic decorations after arranging the furniture in your living room. It’s not exactly a good school, but I guess that’s what we have. Therefore, it is worth choosing products at the initial search for furniture and style. Many of these accessories are dedicated to the appropriate outfits and styles that we have previously chosen.

And although today it is very fashionable to combine modern style with accessories from other eras, it may not be entirely successful. All you need is a good visualization of the interior made by our graphic designer and that’s it! When you have to spend several dozen or several hundred thousand, it is better to see a good quality visualization of the rooms made by a professional. And this is very important.Italian decorationelite Italian decorationstasteful living room decorationswhat decoration for an Italian living roomwhat decorations for Italian living roomsmirrorItalian mirror for the living roomoriginal Italian decorationsvase in Italylarge vases from ItalyItalian living room decorationItalian figure for the living roomItalian lamp for the living roomItalian decorationsItalian decorations blogItalian decorations for the living roomItalian interior accessoriesItalian large vases

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Made in Italy obliges!

Italians surprise at every level of their production, finishing, vision and design, which is why the decorations are not isolated and make an indecent impression. The range of different styles is impressive, so we can choose decorations for any interior. And believe me, often one large vase, mirror, sculpture or other decoration can completely change the look of your living room.

Mixing eras and styles is ubiquitous today and it is also not alien to us, but it has to be done with great sensitivity and individuality. Generally speaking, living rooms are less and less crowded with furniture and decorations, and there is more and more freedom and comfort. Italian living room furniture loves larger spaces because then they are the stars of the evening.

Style correlation

Mixing minimalism with the Renaissance or design with baroque is known, but not for every designer. What’s more, today I observe a disturbing phenomenon of interior design ”one hoof”. You’ve probably seen these projects that look more like hotel lobbies or premium restaurants.

These are usually very modern designs, but all of them are confusingly similar to each other. Like many areas of fashion, art and interior design. It is worth having good designers who look at the world of selection and decoration differently, because it is not about copying others.

Breaking current trends or returning to the classics can be an interesting alternative to the patterns that are ubiquitous. But the most important thing is that our living rooms should not be for show, but serve mainly for our everyday life. Comfort must correlate with design and quality, so that every day is a pleasure. And you should stick to it!

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