Ceramics from Italy – an enchanting story from the south

ceramics from Italy

One can argue for a long time whether Italians only make beautiful products or also beautiful and durable ones? One thing is for sure – ceramics from Italy that I have seen and offer to my clients is only in the sphere of dreams of other producers.

But where did pasta lovers come up with the idea of ​​firing such unique ceramics?

In the 13th century, merchants imported a lot of goods from Spain, via the island of Majorca. Italian potters quickly picked up on the topic and started making their own pottery, calling it Majolica.

fired ceramics from Italy
Photo: https://www.rubylane.com

At first, they did some photocopying, mixing Arabic and Spanish designs, but later they developed their own unconventional style. It flourished during the Renaissance, when ceramics from Italy were known throughout Europe.

How is Italian ceramics doing business today?

Our ceramics suppliers are mostly small family factories that have been passing on the most important aspects of producing clay products for generations.

decorative ceramics from Italy
Ceramics from Italy made from scratch

They maintain old traditions and combine them with a modern approach to business. It is history that is their strength and driving force. It may seem strange in today’s world, but these people really build their brand on family, trust, honesty and great faith in what they do!

Ceramics from Italy – quality and price

People often ask us – why is it so expensive? Then I think about taking such a person to one of the Italian companies and employing him for the entire production process.

Italian European ceramics
Designed to enjoy

Few people take the trouble to think about how much time it takes to make one ceramic product. This is not a factory with pop-up molds and automatic painting…..there are a lot of people behind it who are responsible for their work.

The firing process ceramics it’s not boiling the potatoes. These are years of experience passed down from father to son. I keep emphasizing that it is an art, but one that requires a lot of effort and knowledge.

If someone writes to me on a social networking site that it’s kitsch, I don’t agree with it. I will defend my thesis because I know very well what I am introducing to the Polish market. Maybe the Italian producers themselves are more artists than businessmen – but they love what they do.
luxury ceramics from Italy
The work they do and the values ​​they live by deserve respect and prestige!

In recent years, Italians have made great progress in their innovative approach to ceramics. We see increasingly bold product designs. Interestingly, I really like the combination of gold, platinum and Swarovski crystals – it’s really sexy!

Not all collections are antique and classic, because these are probably the main associations with these articles. Italians love new challenges, which is especially visible in the designer and bold patterns, e.g. of decorative vases.
Italian decorative ceramics
In addition to those referring to past eras, there are also minimalist designs – even raw in their message. Just like the brand’s products Battocchio – very tall vases that look majestic in any elegant interior.
designer ceramics from Italy

It is ceramics from Italy that give the rooms expressiveness.

Italian ceramics for interiors
Ahura brand – www.luxuryproducts.pl

One juicy and luxurious product can be the focal point, focusing the attention of all guests. This is not a coincidence, because Italians love to do unconventional and eccentric things. And you have to admit it, they do it flawlessly.

Anyone who loves interior design knows that the holistic appearance depends on small nuances. Hence, people devote a lot of attention to searching for unique and exclusive goods.

interior ceramics from Italy
Stella Ceramiche – it is undoubtedly delicious in form

If you say that ceramics from Italy are too expensive, please take into account the effort and time put into producing these beautiful pieces. This is a precious process that shows how hard it is to design and create something that stands out from the rest. And in today’s world of ubiquitous photocopies, for me this is a very important aspect!SaveSaveSave