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tall, very large vases for the living room

More and more often we want to distinguish our interior with something surprising and original. Ifvery large vases for the living roomdo they play such a role? Can these types of accessories make a huge impression?

The answer is as banal as most inspirations repeated and copied from the best designers. In the 21st century, we are flooded with shapeless and mass-produced mediocrity. Objects that differ significantly from the inspiring concepts and design, but in reality there is strength in simplicity and minimalism. One strong accent can change the face of your interior.

Accurate and big enough to make a difference against repetition. Living room vases are a clear example of how to change and break the entire convention with one product!

Very large vases for the living room – waiting

large vases for a luxurious interior
Very large vases for the living room – BS Collection

Somewhere, between the exclusive furniture and the wonderful chandelier, there are or lie additional accessories. And they are often the ones that determine the holistic appearance of the entire interior. They play the main role, their color, taste and shapes arouse delight and desire.

Such products include very large vases for the brand’s living roomBattocchio. BS Colletion is a family company with great traditions, combining old, experienced craftsmanship with modern trends and inspirations.

We love Italian manufactures and we feel great with them…We really are on our way together. We feel the characteristic FLOW, especially for luxury. Because it was the Italians who absolutely understood what producing a premium product was all about. It has been like this for hundreds of years and everything about it works as it should!

very large vase for the living room
Exclusive vase for the living room

A great example of this are very large living room vases made of ceramicsone of a kind, monumental and at the same time very delicate in its appearance! What we love about them is their simplicity and very minimalism.

Besides, whether minimalism has to be associated with coldness, these designs clearly show that this is not the case. Slim lines, soft silhouettes and warm colors are not trivial. But a unique ability to create something extremely minimal and subtle at the same time. This we understand and we proudly present it.

Our customers love simplicity and good raw materials

It’s just like with flagship global brands, the more variegation, the worse, which is why leading manufacturers use less, but high-quality materials. The design and production of luxury must be accompanied by good workmanship, i.e. what the item is made of.

The Italians feel this and try to use mainly high-end products in the technological process. This is a guarantee of successful use and a smile for many years.

Very large vases for the living room – where to put them?

A huge vase for the living room
Beautiful black large vase

Each architect has a different view on this topic, some will place them next to the sideboard, others will place them classically in the living room. The more fantasy, the better, but let’s not exaggerate – remembering the dimensions luxury ceramic vases.

You decide what place the very large vases will take in the living room, because it is the owners who feel the atmosphere of their homes best interiors.

The key is to feel comfortable in your own living room. Such exclusive ceramics will add charm and prestige – that’s for sure. However, we cannot overdo it with accessories, so that our living room does not change into one big abstraction.

Very large vases for the living room this is a strong and strong addition, because they are sometimes up to 200 cm high, so they are really tall.

exclusive vases for the living room
Luxurious vases for the living room

Most of them are 120-150 cm in size, which is quite a large size. Their appearance is also determined by the wonderful color applied with extraordinary precision to the ceramics. As a result, it gives an amazing and elegant effect. Interior accessories, such as very large vases for the living room, are beautiful and unconventional products – remember this when looking for an eccentric design!

We know it will work, and our Italian friends know it too.

Battocchio inspires us more and more every year and sets new directions for development. With every vase standing in the living room, we are equally proud and convinced of the rightness of what we do.