Rotomat for 4 watches – a bodyguard for expensive tits

black rotomat for four watches

If you really love your watches and have several of them, believe me – they deserve to be treated well. Today I will present to you rotomat for 4 watches, the English brand Rapport London. A unique, unique product that replaces a good piece of furniture in your interior.

The culture of automatically winding your watch is a bit of avant-garde, comfort, attention to detail, and a bit of fashion. Not everyone assumes that this product is necessary for the life of a high-quality tit.

They deny the fact of using a rotomat and want to enjoy freedom, without unnecessary boxes. Hmmm, the truth probably lies somewhere in between. Although, I myself am a supporter of these beautiful goods. And why, read below…

Rotator for 4 watches – what is it for?

It is a device that imitates the movement of the wrist and rotation around its own axis. By rotating 360 degrees, it causes the drive spring to wind up.

It is responsible for maintaining the linearity of the tension spring, which in simple language means that affects the accuracy and power reserve of the watch.

Maintains the tightness and density of the lubricant in the bearings. And most importantly, it relaxes the spring after intensive wearing by the owner. And what is not always so obvious, the watch will keep current readings.

So, do you still think that a rotomat for 4 watches is a luxury and a show? I think I changed your point of view about these devices at least a little.

Rotomat is a kind of security guard that helps us all keep our watches in very good condition.

Rotomat for 4 watches – why Rapport London

For over 8 years, we have been selling true luxury and high-quality products to our customers. That’s why we always conduct research before introducing premium goods to the market. This is a guarantee of long-term functionality and proper operation.

The English Rapport London, in this respect, is a true master brand producing luxury watch accessories. We know this because our long-term cooperation makes us aware of the quality of rotomats Rapport creates.

Why can’t you kick with a horse? The answer is very simple – The first product of this company was established in 1898, when a very young designer produced his first watch.

Therefore, when you buy a rotomat for 4 watches and are guided by the price, I am deeply convinced of this – it will not be good!

In addition to a 2-year warranty, Rapport London gives you a piece of its history and the highest quality materials used in production. A real brand shows how its service works and whether the customer is really the most important thing for it.

I can honestly say that Rapport is No. 1 as a client and business partner

rotomat for four watches shop
Our Rapport London rotomat for 4 watches in all its glory
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rotomat for 4 watches shop
rotomat for four watches


Rotator for 4 watches – materials and functions

The box itself appears to be armored as it is solidly built. Equipped with metal corner elements, it looks exciting and extremely strong.

The wood itself has a piano finish, hence the ebony chrome-plated raw materials in some places. It is worth noting that this one luxury rotomat for 4 watches has independent control for each watch. This is a very important feature that will allow you to avoid irregularities in the operation of the mechanisms later.

In addition to four winding places, there are two drawers with space for 4 watches and jewelry. I don’t have to mention the visual impression, it’s really top shelf among rotomats.

Maybe some technical details:

Series: Cabinets
Model: 2 Watch Mariners Chest Ebony W294
Dimensions: 450 x 340 x 185 mm
Color: black/gray interior
Material: wood/leather/chrome
Center: adjustable watch retaining clamps
Functions: time, date, drawer – two drawers, lighting – interior lighting
Power supply: batteries, power supply (included)
Volume: quiet operation Compatibility: optima mechanism
Warranty: 2 years

Rotomat for 4 watches – what to avoidIt may be trivial and trivial, but please avoid cheap Asian products. Seemingly nice-looking products turn out to be a companion for your watches, in most cases before the warranty expires. And this is the naked truth.

You save seemingly and ineffectively!

Because when cheap rotomats consume a lot of electricity, their electromagnetic field slowly and effectively destroys the metal parts of the watch. A small number of revolutions per day causes the watch spring to deform.

And not only will the rotomat itself be thrown away after a short time, but your watches will need quite expensive repairs. Ask your watchmaker – what happens to a demagnetized watch and does he repair such serious damage?

I’ll answer you now – it is often very, very expensive and unprofitable…

Rotomat for 4 watches – I was charmed by your story

Rapport London is a brand that we have been offering to our clients for many years. We are sure of its origin, production method and long history. Because it is time that shapes and shows who the producer is.

Where does it come from and what does it represent?

Building your own brand Luxury Products, we cannot afford to present cheap and low-quality substitutes, this is a shortcut that we have never taken. We are fascinated by the history of factories, their approach to today’s production, and the way they treat every single order.

Rapport London deserves enormous respect, both for the products it produces and its great history.

Michał Cylwik
Luxury Broker