Neons, leggings and lace – the trends of the 80s are back


The style of the last two decades of the last century is very well known to all of us. The passion for sports and emphasizing one’s figure at that time was also very visible in fashion. That’s why tight suits, bold prints, comfortable shoes and various accessories reigned supreme. It was supposed to be fashion colorful and bold, women in the 1980s manifested not only their personality, but also their lifestyle with their clothes. The upcoming season is a partial return to the then prevailing trends. Although many of them have already been incorporated into today’s fashion, there are also some that have been forgotten by us. Here are the upcoming trends of the 80s.

Leg warmers

Leg warmers are undoubtedly one of the most noticeable trends this fall and winter. Presented at the end of last year by brands such as Miu Miu turned out to be a real hit of the season. They are worn in a variety of ways, often with skirts or skirts and loafers, or emu shoes, which are equally fashionable this season. The leggings look extremely girly, but they also fulfill their original function, which becomes an additional advantage during frosts. Borrowed from the 1980s, they are gaining more and more fans and no wonder, they are the perfect complement to styling for colder days.

source: Instagram @Sofiamcoelho


This material was definitely at the forefront when it comes to trends in the 1980s, and although most of us associate the famous velor sets mainly with the 2000s, they appeared on the streets much earlier. The advantages of this material are multiplying, including velvet soft, pleasant to the touch and adapts well to the figure. Additionally, the velor tracksuit referred to the sporty lifestyle, which was highly valued at that time. Although we will most likely wear velor sports clothes in the upcoming season, other clothing items such as sweatshirts, dresses and even jackets have recently become popular. So it seems that the trend of wearing velvet is coming back to us in a completely new version.


Expressive colors, the calling card of the 1980s

Although the spring/summer season used to belong to pastels, in 2023 the leading colors will be vibrant, full of energy and optimism. Energetic red, fuchsia and, of course, neon, you can’t remain unnoticed in such styles. The largest fashion houses paid tribute to the 1980s, with neon aesthetics appearing, among others, at Balenciaga, Fendi and Bottega Veneta.

There are many fashion solutions on this topic, recently wearing colorful tights has become popular, which perfectly enhance the entire styling and clearly refer to those times. However, if you are a supporter of minimalism, choose only a small neon accent and let it stand out. One thing is certain, neon is back and will be a great farewell to winter and its subdued colors.


Another, but not the last, trend that comes back to us straight from the 1980s is wearing lace. Although not suitable for a sporty style, lace was loved by women because of its appearance delicacy and subtlety. And the same today, blouses or dresses made of this fabric will be extremely fashionable in the upcoming spring/summer 2023 season. Currently, designers are experimenting with lace, creating much more bold creations than before, but still in good taste. Additionally, for several months we have seen a growing fashion for handmade clothes, most often made with crochet or knitting. This is a new version of lace that will appear in our wardrobes again.