The most expensive animals in the world – interesting facts and facts

the most expensive animals in the world

Do you know what they are? the most expensive animals in the world and why are they so expensive?

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets around the world. The vast majority of them are non-breed animals, taken from shelters, adopted from the street, from family or friends.

At a certain level of life, having a high social status, you should emphasize your position in every possible way. One of them is having the most expensive animal in the world, whose prices range from several to even several thousand dollars! The most expensive animals in the world they are primarily dogs. At the top of every list of the most expensive animals is always the Samoyed, known in Polish as Samoyed.

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The most expensive animals in the world – Samoyed dog

This is a breed of dogs from Russia, a combination of Spitz and primitive dogs, but classified as a breed of sled dogs. Their price ranges from 4 to even 16 thousand dollars!

The most expensive animals in the world – why do they cost so much?

The factors that determine the price are primarily the origin and construction. Caring for a Samoyed is not the easiest thing, because due to its long hair and thick undercoat, it needs to be brushed even every day. Cats are creatures that also have representatives in their ranks, competing for a high position in the category: the most expensive animals in the world. The most expensive cat in the world is the Savannah breed, which is up to 70% wild.

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A unique Savannah cat

Prices for the most expensive animals in the world

In some US states, their possession is prohibited by law, which is why the prices of these cats can reach up to $20,000! This is due to the fact that when mating these cats, special attention should be paid to the origin of individual cats, and making even the slightest mistake when raising them
and socialization may cause irreversible changes in the cat’s psyche in the future.The most expensive animals in the world are alsoBengal cats, Sphinx, Cornish Rex, or Persians. Among dogs, the following breeds deserve attention in terms of price: English Bulldog, Chow Chow, Lowchen, known in Poland as the Lion Dog.

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Lion dog

When choosing a pet, even if you want a really expensive breed, you should first of all take into account its character and temperament. A conversation with a breeder who will help us choose the most suitable animal will help us with this.

Sometimes it may happen that even among the calmest breed of cats, such as Persians, there is a little troublemaker, and among the very energetic Bengal cats we can meet very calm representatives, whose character has nothing to do with the “general breed standard” described on the Internet.