The most expensive diamond in the world

The most expensive diamond in the world

Diamonds stimulate the imagination. They are an important element of pop culture, appear in films and songs, have become a symbol of love and are a standard stone decorating engagement rings. Diamonds were loved by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, they decorated the necklines of Lady Gaga and Kate Winslet. A woman wearing a diamond no longer needs an exquisite outfit. The most expensive diamond in the world it was divided and cut into many diamonds, the largest of which are decorated with the insignia of power of the British monarchy.

What distinguishes the most expensive diamond in the world?

It’s hard to say whether it’s the most expensive diamond in the world is the priceless one, the largest one and not intended for sale. But maybe blue or pink, unique diamonds that fetch dizzying prices at auctions deserve this name more?

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However, the common characteristics that distinguish the extraordinary, most expensive diamonds in the world, such as The Cullinan, Pink Eternal and Diamond Blue Royal, are easy to determine.

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  • Size: They have an impressive mass and are often considered among the largest gems in the world.
  • Cleanliness: They are characterized by extraordinary clarity and no flaws.
  • Color: Their natural color is intense and unique, often standing out from typical shades of diamonds
  • History and origin: These diamonds often have a rich history and come from renowned mines or have connections to royal families.
  • Cut: Precise and perfect grinding, crystal cuts, highlights their beauty and transparency

Priceless The Cullian

The largest, cleanest and still stunning is The Cullian. Although diamonds obtained from The Cullian are not for sale, due to their history and extraordinary purity, these stones were the most expensive diamond in the world.

The Cullian Issue
Cullian in insignia, photo:

The first information about this unusual stone comes from the beginning of the 20th century, from the Premier Mine in South Africa. The uniqueness of this find was not only its enormous size, but also its perfect quality and extraordinary shine.

Its presence in the insignia of monarchs and in the private collections of kings and queens underscores the Cullian’s status as the most important and expensive diamond in the world.

Grinding technique

One of the greatest jewelry masters of that time – Joseph Assher – was engaged to cut the Cullian stone. This process was extremely complicated and risky, but the end result exceeded our wildest expectations. Thanks to an innovative approach to grinding, Cullinan has retained its excellent quality and exceptional shine. In this way, as many as nineteen new stones were created. The most expensive “Cullinan I”, or “Star of Africa”, is the largest transparent cut diamond in the world.

Blue and pink diamond – unique auctions

While the most expensive diamond in the world is impossible to purchase, unique diamonds sometimes appear at global auctions. Colored stones are still rare and stimulate the imagination.

021998 R0 940 Rppl

Auctions of specimens such as Eternal Pink or Pink Star are rare, and the stones on display are competitive about name: “the most expensive stone in the world” available for sale.

Eternal Pink

Quig Bruning, Sotheby’s American head of jewelry, expressed his admiration for The Eternal Pink. He called its color “the most beautiful and concentrated shade of pink in diamonds.”

021998 R0 940 Rpp Sothesbyl
021998 R0 940 Rpp Sotheby's

Jewelers worked on the cut for over half a year, bringing out its natural beauty and brightness. The stone’s weight, 10.57 carats after cutting, makes it one of the largest among pink diamonds.

The Eternal Pink auction was an event. The price reached a staggering $35 million. I wonder which of these pink stones will gain the title: the most expensive diamond in the world?

Blue Royal Auction

The prestigious auction house Christie’s sold a Bleu Royal for a staggering amount. The flawless diamond with an impressive weight of 17.61 carats not only attracted the attention of jewelry lovers, but also amazed with its investment potential.

Blue Royal National jewler

Estimates put the price at around $35 million. However, Bleu Royal, as befits its uniqueness, revolutionized these expectations, closing the bidding with the amount of $43.8 million.

It is difficult to determine which of these stones is the most expensive diamond in the world, but each of them delights and stimulates the imagination.