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I consider alcohol to be something magical in my life, just like many people who combine relaxation with a glass of good drink that will soothe the soul after a whole day of struggling for nothing. A gift for wine lovers, because that’s what we’re talking about today, has a special place in our company, because it has to be exceptionally unique, and yet we have just such an offer.

Looking through a cross-section of market offers, I know that true enthusiasts of this drink will probably not be satisfied with gadgets such as socks with a print of a wine bottle or a Chinese corkscrew. That’s why today I will try to propose something completely different, carefully matching the mind and desire of all lovers of this drink.

I love wine

This is by no means a suck-up or an attempt to show an advantage over the poor quality of mass-produced cream cakes, just an analysis of key needs when our wine-loving friend has an important occasion to celebrate.

There are certainly some top ideas for a birthday, housewarming party or an extremely important anniversary, so products and factories will play the main role here. And whether you want it or not, I will thoroughly deny cheapness and mass appeal. Ok, let’s start with bronze products, straight from sunny Spain. You can find more ideas in the store

A gift for wine lovers – corkscrews from Virtus

We have known this Spanish manufacturer for many years, mainly because it is difficult to find such intricately made items in Europe today. Bronze products used to be very popular, but they were replaced by other, more available raw materials. That is why returning to the past is currently appreciated, sought after and loved. This is special material that shows as in the past, durability and quality of production were taken care of.

Much has been written about bronze, so I will not be a particular pioneer or discoverer here. But I know one thing: these products have an exceptionally long service life, are resistant to corrosion and water. And if we want to impress with our ingenuity and are looking for a product as a gift for a wine lover, this manufacturer should be taken into account. A quite important factor here is the price-quality ratio.

How much for a bronze corkscrew?

I believe that an expense of PLN 200-300 for a solid gift made of bronze is not a big expense. That’s why I placed Virtus as the first example from the edge. The offer of corkscrews may not be very extensive, but these few designs are enough. Personally, I like the corkscrew boy, judge for yourself 🙂

It is also worth mentioning the original box that the manufacturer adds to each product. This is quite important, especially when we buy it as a gift for a wine lover. Each product is originally made in Spain, not in Asia, so this increases its value even more. I always emphasize that it is worth taking care of European manufactures, because they are our natural heritage!

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A gift for a wine lover – what does it cost?

The first cats are out of the way and we have something to open our beloved wine with, but the challenge is how to taste it. I know the glass and crystal market, so honestly, there is too much of it. A multitude of glasses, carafes and wine drinking sets have flooded our market like good branded ones Iveriula Kindzmarauli, produced from the Saperavi strain.

That’s why I’m not surprised that you can’t make sense of it all. To drink wine, you need the right temperature and quality of glass. But it’s hard to find out because who really cares. I will not write about it here, but I will present two brands that produce wine tasting products made of crystal glass and crystal.

The first one is Cosi Tabellini, a brand that is like love at first sight. Mainly because all its products are made of pewter and crystal glass, i.e. the so-called tin lead. It is also a nod to the craft experiences of the past, the value of hand-made production, as well as exceptionally unique products that appeared on our tables in the past centuries.

Old style is always in fashion

In my opinion, there is no other company that makes pewter products with such care. It is a great tribute to tradition, respect for solidity and incredible style resulting from the mixing of genres Provence or Art Deco. A real frenzy of sensations, elation when touched, as well as attention to detail that define high-quality goods.

Everything is packed in a subtle company box with a certificate and a special cover with the company logo. This is how you create a premium brand, my dears, no shortcuts, only truly exclusive products. We can confidently give such a gift to a wine lover, without a bit of shame, embarrassment or distance.

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Crystals – made in Germany

And now something from another fairy tale, so true and fascinating, which brings back the world’s most outstanding manufactures. This is a manufacturer from Germany Arnstadt Kristall, which creates its prestigious products from real crystal with 24% lead oxide. This is a response to the mass market, template and poor quality shells that flood our domestic market.

Weight and solidity do their job!

Heavy and massive glasses or impressive carafes can be the highlight of any table. Their prices are not low, but if we want to have real cut crystal, we must take into account the costs a glass over PLN 100 or PLN 200. If someone is looking for replacements, they may come across an imitation that will only resemble the original.

Arnstadt has a very large selection of products, so we can expand our tableware at any time to include anything we dream of. We don’t have to stop at glasses or carafes. This is just the beginning of the fun with this international brand. I think that today there are few factories that create works of art with such precision and reliability.

It is certainly a perfect gift for wine lovers who will appreciate our dedication and effort put into searching for such a product. I will add that many of our clients order a unique engraving in the form of initials or a short maxim. We do it mainly by hand, because not every product can be laser engraved.

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A gift for wine lovers – where to store it?

Just like types of wine, strains and varieties, there is an excess of products used to store it. A separate chapter to discuss is wine coolers, which is not for today. And let’s be honest, most of us keep a good drink in the fridge or in the cupboard. Yes, my dears, such is life, so it is worth making a little effort and building a truly original one where we will keep our beloved wine cellars.

When I look at shives, rasps and junk made of MDF, where I want to put my best types of wine, it makes me nauseous. I don’t know why there is so much ugliness in what is currently being produced, but we are clearly going in the wrong direction. Therefore, as the last gift idea for wine lovers, I choose stands created by Own Studio.

No, my dears, you won’t find plywood or templates here, no more stagnation. It’s time for high-quality design and materials used. If you want something solid, I suggest natural wood in the form of oak or American walnut. When we add brushed brass or aluminum, we have a designer and long-lasting wine furniture.

When I saw Own Studio products for the first time, I was speechless, because after 10 years of working with very original products, it is difficult to surprise me. It’s a real art and stand in one. A product that will add class and taste to our interior. The manufacturer has a really large selection of items, starting from a stand for 4 bottles and ending with a huge one wooden stand for over 50 bottles! For me it’s finger licking good.

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Reveling in taste, not alcohol

People, especially wine lovers, appreciate sensual moments, warm evenings and cold mornings. It is for them that manufacturers from all over the world create the most fabulous gifts that will be remembered for a long time. It should be emphasized that wine is a unique drink that often gives a euphoric state of mind combined with an original taste that is difficult to find in other drinks.

My gift ideas for wine lovers are significantly different from what is currently available on the market. But by creating an offer Luxury Products I always think about what products I am looking for. Perhaps luxury does not have its price, deadline or availability for everyone. But it is worth trying to surprise our loved ones with such products at least once in our lives.

When the world becomes completely monopolized and mass, I am looking for something for you that defies standards. It gives me undisguised joy that a part of real manufactures can now be present in your homes. That’s what I wish you with all my heart.

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one who loves wine, write – [email protected]