Crystal tableware – Arnstadt Kristall brand

crystal tableware

Arnstadt Kristall is an old German factory producing lead crystal works of applied art. In 1947, master engraver Heinrich Arlt founded this world-class company. Crystal tableware this is just part of the range designed by our neighbor from across the western border.

Over the years, the brand has become one of the largest suppliers of extremely luxurious crystals to international salons.

Crystal tableware by Arnstadt Kristall – a bit of history

After World War II, Heinrich Arlt is transferred from the Czech Republic to the city of Arnstad in Germany. It is there that he develops his incredible Czech glass cutting and engraving skills. Over the years, the small family business transforms into a medium-sized factory. The production of decorative and utility glass is being replaced step by step by lead crystal. The first export directions are Italy, the USA and Canada. After 1970, during the GDR era, the company was nationalized and its future development remained in the hands of the government and central planning.

During this time, Arnstadt received numerous awards and distinctions. During German reunification, the company was privatized again and operated as Arnstadt Kristall GmbH. Currently, it is a world-class factory that exports its products to 50 countries. Everything according to strict standards that have been its strength for decades.

Crystal tableware – materials and finishing

The crystal is characterized by the interference of lead oxide. Unusual optical properties, including: a higher refractive index, has a characteristic shine and is probably nicer even than diamonds. All products are handmade. And the crystal itself is blown and cut, with 24% lead content. This technique is reserved only for the best players on the market, so not everyone can produce elegant crystals this way.

This is how very good quality crystal tableware is created, resistant to external factors and strong enough to last for several generations. Remember this, it’s not a shell from Asia, but German quality!

Crystal tableware – my set

Colors and shapes are a matter of taste, see the products I chose. Of all the collections, Rococo is the most table-top and luxurious. Massive and heavy, it gives the impression of being armored, and on the other hand, the engraving indentations give a feeling of lightness.The Rococo collection is crystal tableware plated with 24 carat gold, which gives it an undeniably beautiful effect. The composition includes an heavenly dessert plate with a diameter of 20 cm, then a crystal dinner plate of 25 cm and 33 cm.

The crystal fruit bowl has a diameter of 13 cm, while the salad bowl is available in two sizes: 21 and 24 cm.Two-level gold-plated plateau made of crystal, from this collection it is a real work of applied art – its diameter is 32 cm. It will definitely accommodate all the delicacies on your table!

2 crystal fruit cups, look like from a movie or fairy tale. They are truly unique. Their diameter is 17 and 20 cm, it seems to be appropriate for the size of the candies:) Vases in which fresh flowers can be placed are available in several sizes, including 30 and 34 cm. Believe me – they are impressive!Of course, there are also products for drinks and water. We have a 1.5 liter and very exclusive jug here for water. Only here you can see the craftsmanship and precision of the engraver. Great and high German quality!

There are several smaller or larger vessels that make up crystal tableware. I would like to draw attention to alcohol vessels.Whiskey and wine glasses are pure poetry. The carafe itself can be a star on the table, just fill it with good alcohol and get started!

crystal tableware
crystal tableware
crystal tableware
crystal tableware
crystal water jug
crystal fruit cup
crystal table plate
crystal vase for the table
crystal alcohol decanter
crystal whiskey decanter
Crystal tableware – difficult choices

The manufacturer Arnstadt Kristall offers as many as a dozen outstanding collections, each different, captivating and charming. I think everyone will choose something for themselves.

I love multi-generational European factories, which is why I am proud to write about this extraordinary brand. The combination of old craftsmanship and high-quality design must be successful.And this is clearly visible in all the wonderfully designed collections. I wish you only tasty parties with Arnstadt Kristall.