Christian Dior – a revolutionary in the world of fashion

Christian Dior

The power of dreams is as great as the power of money. Although you can argue about what is more important – and whether other, smaller elements also influence a person’s success – one thing is certain – to get anywhere, you have to take the first step.


The story of Christian Dior begins on February 21, 1905 in Normandy, in the town of Granville. One might be tempted to say that, in many respects, happiness accompanied him from birth. Surrounded by numerous siblings (he had two brothers and two sisters), born into the family of a wealthy fertilizer producer, he had his first lucky break. In addition, he was immediately gifted with artistic talent, which he appreciated and wanted to use in his later years.


The first difficulties

True to his passion, Dior wanted to attend an art school, but his parents always wanted him to become a diplomat and associate his education with this profession. However, at the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris, it does not stay for long, and the long-awaited compromise: learning musical compositions, also fails.

Therefore, in 1928, Dior’s father buys him an art gallery, which his son runs with a friend. During these years he had close contact with the works of Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso. Unfortunately, during the Great Depression, Dior’s family went bankrupt, and he had to close the gallery in 1931. However, using his experience, a year later he opened his second gallery with his partner.

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Start in the world of fashion

In the following years, Dior sold individual sketches to fashion houses, and the year 1938 is considered to be the beginning of his career, when he started working for the designer Robert Piguet. It would seem that once he has encountered real fashion, he will be unstoppable in pursuing his goal. He finally fulfills his dreams and realizes them in the best way possible. Unfortunately, military operations related to the outbreak of World War II stand in his way. Christian Dior joins the army.

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After finishing military service

Dior ends his service in 1942 and immediately goes to Lucien Lelong’s fashion house, where, together with other employees, he designs dresses for both the wives of German Nazis and the wives of French collaborators. However, this does not surprise anyone, because it is then the only way to stay on the market. Those fashion houses that survived the war have the same activities in their history.

In 1946, Dior receives a cooperation offer from the famous fashion house Phillipe et Gaston, but it is already at the stage of independent development. A year later, the world is shocked by his first collection.

Corolle and Huit – two lines of Christian Dior’s first collection

The fashion world cannot shake off its surprise and delight after Dior’s first show. Skirts sewn from a circle with a diameter of 20 meters were considered wasteful and outraged by their extravagance, considering the post-war deficits. The earlier boxy dresses are replaced by flared, mid-calf skirts and jackets that accentuate narrow waists. The use of calico, the use of petticoats, and the use of corsets make women stop wearing shapeless clothes and start looking feminine. The lines of the female body are emphasized, and the clothes make women feel light, airy and delicate.

Dior’s clothes are so innovative in their solutions that one of the editors of Harper’s Bazaar calls them the “New Look” – a term that was picked up by the American press and still serves as the name of that memorable fashion revolution.

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An intense decade

Christian Dior’s adventure with the world of fashion and perfumes under his own name has lasted only ten years. In 1952, Dior dies, it is speculated, of a heart attack caused by choking or while playing cards. However, these are intense years of creative work that change the current view of fashion and influence the following years and the work of many designers. It is a milestone in the art of fashion, now as obvious as any other historical event. Because how could there be no Dior? Can you imagine what the world would be like today without his contribution to the art of design?

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What was behind Dior’s success?

We are left to speculate whether and what helped Christian Dior make such an unimaginable career and shake up the entire fashion world. Is talent alone enough? If he had been born into a poor family, if he had listened to his family and became a diplomat, if he had been seriously injured in the war, if he had not wanted to create his own brand. If only he had arrived with his collection at a time of material shortages… If, if, if.

However, one thing must be noted: if he had not taken the first step on his career path, if he had not trusted himself and his talent, if he had not tried – nothing would have happened. We are far from summaries like you can do anything. However, we admit that the driving force of every revolution is idea and action. If you don’t have the first and don’t want to introduce the second, the revolution won’t break out.