Luxurious manor house by the lake with a shoreline for sale – Green Lungs of Poland

An exclusive manor house by a beautiful lake in Podlasie

I love Podlasie, a magical place where I was born and raised. I am even more pleased to present the property to you as it is luxurious manor house by the lakewith the coastline Gremzdy. The property captivates with its traditional character and style reminiscent of old Polish residences.

This magical duo consists of two very important points – real estate and location. Because the house is located in the green lungs of Poland, i.e. the Suwałki region, specifically the Sejeń region. Literally next to the border of the Wigry National Park. It will be difficult for me to describe the entire range of advantages in this short article.

Luxurious manor house by the lake with a shoreline – plot and park

Today, in the multitude of places and villas in Masuria, many people are looking for a quieter haven to live. Comfort and peace are a premium product, so we can safely say that this luxurious manor house by the lake with a shoreline is such a property.

The most important advantage of the plot is its own coastline, which is increasingly difficult to find today. Its length – 63 meters – will completely meet your needs for rest and recreation.

The large wooden jetty has all the current permits to enjoy its use. So, whenever you feel like it – sit back and enjoy fishing with a fishing rod!

The plot itself is 20,100 m2, which has a very high value. What caught my attention was the park, if I can call it that. Numerous and various plantings make a huge and exceptionally positive impression.

This is quite important when choosing your own property, because plots with trees provide natural protection from the sun and increase its aesthetic value.

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Luxurious manor house by the lake with a shoreline – materials and square footage

When we enter the residence on the cobblestones, the first thing that catches our eye is the incredible coherence of this place. Lots of greenery and a clearly outlined white, virgin-like shape of the manor house.

The strong and classic style of the property is additionally represented by 2 thick columns and a beautiful staircase in front of the main entrance. This is a unique and distinctive showcase of this place.

There is enough space here that it can easily be used as a terrace.

After entering, we are greeted by a very exclusive, but clearly tastefully designed staircase. There is no point in looking for glitz, gold, splendor and minimalism here.

None of these things… my impression is still strength, purity and high-quality materials. If we are talking about a luxurious manor house on a lake with a shoreline, we cannot forget about raw materials. Because they create the entire taste of this residence and the premium product I mentioned.

The smell of natural wood, the exciting coolness of stone and marble are the main elements of the manor house in Smolany Dęb. In addition, there are dominant wrought iron balustrades that stretch majestically over the staircase.

Downstairs we have a living room with a dining room, a pantry, a study with a library and a bathroom. Here you can clearly see the marble fireplace, without which no prestigious residence can be complete.

Personally, I love bold and very designer interiors, but I also have great respect for the classic style. Many of our customers love traditional designs. In this case, I cannot refrain from praising the designer, because it is a great art to choose items with great taste materials, but above all, colors.Here, the color of the parquet, marble and wood harmonizes intensely with salmon, white, beige and brown colors. Much respect for the taste!

The second floor is two large bedrooms with their own dressing rooms and bathrooms, i.e. everything we need to rest. It is worth noting that each of them has a fireplace. So it can be warm and romantic…At the top, I was charmed by the massive brown rafters used in the construction of the attic. This is a further nod to the strength and the entire shape of the manor, amazing!

Of course, I cannot forget about the large terrace on the first floor, from which we have our own view of Lake Gremzdy.

The basement finished in stone remains to be developed by the future owner. Personally, I recommend designing a social lounge there, with a multifunctional table for party games, a wall projector, wellness area and a place for wine.

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A luxurious manor house by the lake with a shoreline – an additional building for guests

Each of us knows how troublesome long-awaited guests can be. Nothing could be simpler, because this property has a separate garage and residential building.

It includes two parking spaces, a bathroom, a kitchenette, a living room with a fireplace and a large bedroom with a terrace and a view of the lake.

This second house can easily be called a small lakeside residence! It has everything your guests could want, including beautiful log and fieldstone walls.Rustic and stone interiors harmonize perfectly with the local atmosphere and that’s what this game is all about.

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Luxurious lakeside manor with shoreline – technical data

General conditions

Market: Secondary

Area whole: 410 m2

No. of rooms: 5

Year of construction: 2009

Available from: 2018-08-13

Usable area of ​​the house: 296 m2

House type: Manor house

Media Force: Yes

Current: Yes

Water intake: Well

Ameniti esInternet: Yes

Telephone: Yes

Fireplace: Yes

Premises – Rooms

Room areas: 39+39+20+13+13 m2

Living room area: 57 m2

Indoor floors: Floorboard, Terracotta Kitchen equipment: Oven, Electric hob, Dishwasher, Hood, Refrigerator, Pantry, Sink, Built-in kitchen furniture

Kitchen area: 19 m2

Number of bathrooms: 4

Bathroom areas: 6+3+3+5 m2

Bathroom equipment: Heated floors, washbasin, toilet, shower

Wardrobe: Yes

Additional space

Number of balconies:1

Balcony type: Classic Balcony areas:15 m2

Number of terraces: 2

Terrace areas: 15+15 m2

Basement: Yes

Basement area: 100 m2

Garden: Yes

Garden area :20,000 m2

Windows in the basement:Yes

Utility room:Yes

Garages – parking spaces

Garage: Yes

Garage (number of places): 2Surroundings

Distance from city center [km]:12Street/road type:L ocal

Driveway: Hardened Usable

attic: YesArea plots: 20,100 m2 Area plots – unit:0 m2Description of the property

Plot shape: Rectangle

Plot shape: FlatHouse standard

Roof: Ceramic tile


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A luxurious manor house by a lake with a shoreline – for whom?

We have four national parks in Podlasie,Białowieski, Biebrzański, Narwiański and the one closest to the plot I am writing about, Wigierski.These are the real and true Green Lungs of Poland, which attract great interest from people from all over the world. A melting pot of cultures, fascinating with its history and people.The land, not yet fully discovered, will provide the future owner of the manor with unforgettable moments and warmth.This offer is addressed to people who value peace and quiet. Natural environment and clean and fresh air. At the same time, living in a very luxurious and comfortable house. Which can serve for generations.People who know that a luxury property is the place, style and materials used to finish the property.This luxurious manor house by the lake with a shoreline is a nod to people who love simplicity, classic style and traditional interior design. A unique adventure and place with its own beach and pier.

A place where you can live all season long. And you should know that autumn and winter in the Suwałki region are incredibly beautiful.The future owner will enjoy such attractions in the area as: cruises on the papal ship to Wigry, a narrow-gauge railway ride, kayaking trips on the Czarna Hańcza River, the monastery in Wigry and many other adventures that are at your fingertips.

A luxurious manor house by a lake with a shoreline – see for yourselfYou can meet me at any time and feel the beauty of this extremely charming residence.The described property is for sale exclusively through our partner – a real estate agency.

Are you interested in details? Call or write to me: Michał Cylwik – 791 394 349 [email protected]