Luxurious residence Konstancin Jeziorna for sale

exclusive villa in Konstancin Jeziorna for sale

When in 1897 two gentlemen, Count Witold Skórzewski and Count Władysław Mielżyński, started parceling out forest land in Konstancin, they probably did not expect such popularity of this place. Perhaps one of them dreamed that in the distant future it would be a summer resort and an extremely prestigious place to live for Warsaw residents. Luxurious residence Konstancin Jeziorna for sale is a perfect example of how much has changed since those years!

Currently, conscious clients from the capital are looking for a permanent place to live here. There are so many advantages that it is really difficult to single out the most important one. For me, the most important thing is the amazing microclimate provided by pine forests. In addition, spa deposits of healing waters constitute the city’s rank.

Live in friendship with nature

The proximity of nature reserves, forests and water gives an amazing experience of communing with nature. Therefore, in just a few minutes we can find ourselves in another, very natural world that we don’t want to leave. It is such aspects that are crucial for people who want peace and quiet.

At the same time, the proximity to Warsaw ultimately makes Konstancin Jeziorna a very exclusive place, especially if we look at what it has to offer. In fact, today’s real estate prices are an indicator of the multitude of assets that we will own.

Luxurious residence Konstancin Jeziorna for sale

It is with great pleasure that I would like to present you a magnificent residential-style villa, which is located on a 1,700-meter plot. Built in 2009 year, it boldly refers to the city’s glorious past, standing proudly against the background of other houses.

And it is precisely because of its residential style that this exclusive property perfectly correlates with the entire Konstancin Jeziorna. Because there is a lot of prestigious and very classic architecture here. It has grown into the local space with all its traditional atmosphere. So this impressive residence is a perfect example of how houses were designed years ago.

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Konstancin for sale

Room layout

This two-story luxurious one residence Konstancin Jeziorna for sale with an attic has 400 square meters, so it is perfect for a family. Two bathrooms, three bedrooms and six rooms – a tribute to the privacy and complete independence of family members.

As the old custom dictates, we enter the residence through the hall and then enter the hall. To go further to an almost 100-meter-long beautiful living room, decorated in a classic style.

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Konstancin Jeziorna house for sale

1920s – 1930s….

In fact, the entire estate reminds me of the interwar period, which can be seen in the arrangement and furniture. And as we know, we all have incredible sentiment for these times. The reference is obvious, but at the same time not saturated with objects from that era, which speaks well of the hosts.

Interiors designed in this way are an ideal space for living and everyday functioning. I have always believed that a house cannot be just an exhibit, but our main shelter and refuge. And this residence has this unique element of privacy and warmth. It makes an impression without being prestige.

Nice style…E

verything is subdued, very nicely composed, and at the same time simple in form. I like properties like this and I feel very comfortable here!

The living room is a very important point on the map of our residence, because it is where family meetings, receptions and important dinners take place.

This room is perfectly prepared for this, as there is plenty of space, including a dining table, a corner for coffee tasting with beautifully glazed large windows, and finally space for your own arrangement.

luxury villa konstancin
konstancin Jeziorna house for sale
luxury real estate konstancin Jeziorna
Luxurious residence Konstancin Jeziorna for sale


Island of Happiness – Luxury residence Konstancin Jeziorna for sale

From the huge living room we go to the kitchen, which welcomes us with beautiful English-style furniture. It is very solidly made, with attention to detail. But what impresses me is the island, which correlates with an exceptionally stylish hood and a built-in stove. This makes each future owner feel truly wonderful here.

The room itself is very well lit, with large mahogany windows. The most important thing is that absolutely everything fits together and fits together. There is no underdevelopment or shoddyness. Such kitchen inspirations can be found in the best interior design magazines.

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Konstancin Jeziorna houses for sale

Zero kitsch

And there is not much glitz or glamor here, but mainly great taste and a thorough understanding of the subject of interior design. It should be emphasized that this materials also determine the value and solidity of the house, and the kitchen, as you can see, is very well made.

On the ground floor there is also a pantry, toilet, dressing room, laundry room and a sumptuous study. Everything is within a few steps, so very well distributed in terms of logistics.

Stairway to peace

A wonderful wooden staircase, illuminated with spot lighting, leads us upstairs. And there’s a positive surprise. I love houses with a second hall, i.e. a meeting space for residents – but on the first floor. This creates amazing conditions for night parties and relaxation, especially by such a warm fireplace.

This is the answer to privacy, with a capital T. Often, the downstairs of the residence is prepared for guests, while the upstairs is our oasis of peace. This is where we can hide from the whole world, especially by the crackling fireplace and tiled stove.

Like the host, like the host

Of course, how we arrange this place depends only on us. For me there are a lot of good paintings, art and inspiration here. So you can see the artistic soul of a man who likes to spend his free time here.

And it can be a great place for morning coffee or evening discussions. Just like the whole house, we can dream here, what we want, everything is within reach.

The whole mountain for us

But let’s get to the point. On the first floor there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a library and a large 20-meter bathing room. Everything with a highly solid finish, made of the best quality materials.

The Art Deco style is still with us, which corresponds amazingly with the whole house. The matching of items and accessories is impressive, and my feelings are unchanged from the ground floor to the first floor.

It’s sometimes difficult to maintain quality in any room, but not here. In this residence, everything has its place and time. There is absolutely no mistake in terms of quality and arrangement. And I love such references to eras, because more and more often people build in a modern way, forgetting about such noble styles.

Bathing salon with a window to the world

Natural raw materials such as stone and wood give an amazing image of the entire property. This is also visible in the bathroom and bathing room. Everything is neatly fitted and without the slightest inclination towards glitz or gold.

The arrangement refers to the era, also through the paintings hanging on the walls. So you can feel the magic of the past in your own bathtub, it’s a great job by the designer.

Luxurious residence Konstancin Jeziorna for sale
The luxurious Konstancin Jeziorna residence for sale is a unique experience
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Contrary to prevailing trends

I must add that this is the case styles are resistant to changing fashion, so I emphasize once again that this is a home for generations. Owners of their properties often follow the trends and carry out thorough renovations. Which clumsily introduce unnecessary furniture, objects and accessories.

Ultimately, this often results in a very cold place to live, which does not allow us to truly enjoy our home. Here it is the opposite, because the villa is full of warmth and taste. And such properties are gems, which sometimes takes a long time to find. And this luxurious Konstancin Jeziorna residence for sale is exceptionally unique.

From the library we can get to the attic, where there is a sauna. This is a place that we can use in any way we want. Personally, I would create a men’s corner there, with exercise equipment and good quality Hi FI equipment! But this is the future host’s decision. Who knows what he’ll come up with?

Apartment for guests

It is worth mentioning that on the plot there is a building with two garages and a 100-meter apartment above them. This is a great place to host family or guests for an overnight stay. We can host our friends without disturbing our comfort zone.

Of course, this building can be used for any purpose, e.g. a women’s spa, or a men’s place to play billiards or poker. Our imagination seems to have no limits, so let’s get to work!

A large plot of land

The plot itself has an area of ​​1,701 meters, which is an optimal solution for free space in the yard, while maintaining privacy. There are beautiful birches growing next to the house, so you can feel real nature, just outside your fence.

I pay attention to details, which is why the plot itself is very well-kept. Additionally, the residence has 3 terraces where we can also spend time on warm days. It is an obvious comfort to experience fresh air without leaving home.

Good access to Warsaw

Travel time to the capital is approximately 30 minutes, via Puławska Street, which is why the location of this property is very important. A well-connected residence provides a quick connection to the city center, which is a key aspect in our lives.

Konstancin Jeziorna is a place of rest, bedroom and life for Warsaw residents, which is why it is so popular. There is a lot of magic, old architecture and peace here. That is, what conscious people are looking for who want to have a wonderful house, with excellent connections to Warsaw.

Your own place

It is a really good place to live and live, which is why the city’s name is known throughout Poland. It is not without reason that people who value prestige build their estates here, but with every precaution.This luxurious Konstancin Jeziorna residence deserves attention due to its location, style and charm. I think it’s worth coming here and seeing this property in real life, because there is a lot to see.

A true haven for the rest of your lifeThe most important features here are privacy, solid finishing and the unique character of the property. So this is an offer addressed to business people with an artistic flair who love to have their own piece of refuge on earth. This is a property that will take you back to the interwar period, Art Deco style, refined raw materials, and finally a space to spend the rest of your life.

A very classic residence, but not completely discovered.

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