Fairy tale furniture for children from Mathy By Bols

fairy-tale furniture for children

Since mass production has become our constant companion, I am afraid to open the fridge. Mediocrity pours out of interior designs, apartments and houses. Everything is based on a uniform approach to production, technological processes and, above all, recipients. Fairy tale furniture for children have also become somewhat of a shoddy product.

And it all comes from the fact that factories have similar designs and technical drawings, which will then be automatically cut by CNC machines. Lazy, low-risk and standard utility items for a children’s room are the norm, but does it satisfy us to some extent?

I think that everyone who has a modicum of empathy, style and loves design is embittered by this turn of events. Because you can do it differently, bolder, bolder, with a clearly defined advantage over other brands. Looking for something different, I left the earth for a moment and found the Mathy By Bols factory.

This is absolutely something what stands out on the market and clearly wants to break away from the established stereotypes. And this template dominates most companies that do not want to impose their own style and approach to the production of fairy-tale furniture for children.

And now just back to the land of fantasy…

As you already know, today’s theme is fairy tale, fantasy and breaking conventions. So, following this path, you can come across many original brands that originate from the thoughts of their owners. These are not mass-produced cream cakes, but well-invented products created from scratch. I love such unconventional solutions, which is why I would like to present them even more Mathy By Bols.

To understand such sensual and peculiar design of children’s furniture, you need to go back to the years when we were looking for surrealism and a break from reality in every object in our home. Anyone who cannot understand this will not see the relationship between these two aspects. It is a nod to our understanding of childhood fantasy, the desire to hide from the whole world and, above all, magic, which, as we know, has not always touched us.

Fairy-tale furniture for children – European origins and perception of the world

I think that a lot of the design level of these unique items takes place in the minds of the brand’s group of designers. These are not random people, and each of their drawings and sketches is a conscious mark of quality. Absurd, formulaic, unoriginal and photocopied concepts are out of the question. The fact that the furniture is designed and produced in Europe is very important.

Both for me and for the company itself, which is one of the entities that do not resist cheap mass production. It is conscious, tangible and for me personally such manufactures make sense. Once upon a time, thousands of such craft wonders were hatched on our continent, so even more so today we should respect this approach to creation. Because this brand doesn’t really sell, it clearly creates fairy-tale furniture for children. Money and success, of course, are inherent in such ventures, but the main assumption is the element of fantasy.

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fairy-tale furniture for children

Creating a brand is the work of a whole group of people

For this purpose, the company invited a group of designers to its journey who decide on this fairy-tale image. There is no coincidence here, and every detail comes from the child’s world. Everything is consulted, not only between designers, but also craftsmen. Everyone contributes, to create a tangible fantasy land. The company employs designers, both women and men, to further diversify its offer.

And it is important that the designs of fairy-tale children’s furniture are the dreams of many people. The more individuals give a little piece of their imagination, the more this world will become a throwback to the past. This is the key, which many companies have forgotten about, going so far towards mass scale and lack of understanding of all these aspects. What is important is often elusive, and such a production philosophy requires the awareness of the owner himself.

Fairy-tale furniture for children – special designs that charmed me

Certainly, something that distinguishes this brand from other companies of this type in the world is its extraordinary simplicity. The items are not extremely fanciful and sugarcoated, like our other brand Circu. In fact, you can say that you can clearly see the style of old craftsmanship combined with original people’s designs. Without unnecessary sob stories, powder and self-admiration.

Without the bloated colors of social media, worn-out compositions of pseudo-designers and all the faking of reality. It’s authentic Belgian chocolate, which is simple and at the same time very tasty. It is not an overly sweet product because it contains a lot of dark and real chocolate. Which consists of original cocoa. And this is the fairy-tale furniture for children by Mathy By Bols, which tastes like the first chocolate bite from our childhood.

The house of our dreams

First comes the house, which can also be a bedroom, a play area or a two-story bed for siblings. And this is the answer to our dreams from the first years of our existence in this world. There is probably no person who has dreamed of hiding in a tree or in their own little house, somewhere high up. Maybe the piece of furniture itself as a house is a very common object today, but everything depends on how it is designed and made. That’s it for me Ferrari among children’s furniture.

And these particular houses are unique. As I have already mentioned, it is by no means sweet, but with visible charm and class. They are also not too simple, like kindergarten furniture. In my opinion, it is a correlation between good quality material, unique sense of designers and, above all, great workmanship. And this is what I expect from elegant furniture for the fairy-tale world of children.

Many directions in creating a piece of furniture

This is also what I dreamed about when I was a little boy, so today I am even more pleased to welcome Mathy By Bols to our domestic market. I love standing out with my offer, which is why I am constantly looking for such original items. I am as happy as a child with each new manufacture that I can show to my clients.

And the house itself is very well thought out, in line with the requirements and children’s dreams, which include many variants. First of all, it is a place to sleep that also looks like a small house. A shelter, a refuge and a magical piece of furniture for a child’s room that can be expanded in various directions.

If necessary, we can create a double-story bed for two children. They are accessed by a ladder, which is made at a comfortable entry angle. The descent itself is a typical children’s fantasy, because in addition to going down the ladder, you can also go down the slide. The slide itself can be placed on the front or on the side. There are many options, but one thing is certain – these are my childhood dreams that impress me.

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children's bedroom house
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a pink bedroom for your child with a slide
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Fairy tale furniture for children – do it yourself!

The producer loves creativity, so there is a lot of independence, initiative and functional perception of the world. One of these features is the ability to paint wooden elements yourself. So, at the customer’s request, the factory sends the product without painting. So that parents, sometimes together with their child, decide on the colors of these unique products.

This is not without significance, because doing simple things together brings the family together and gives a sense of job satisfaction. This is one of the key elements of building the safety of children’s world. The proximity of the parent and the house itself are two symbols that determine the comfort of the youngest household members.

Hand made for the home craftsman?

Naturally, you can also try to assemble this original furniture yourself. However, I assume that this work should be done by a specialist. Unless we love tinkering, assembling and building, then it’s pure pleasure. It all depends on how we perceive creating a fairy-tale room for children. And although you can probably find a lot of cheaper, very similar shapes, forms and objects on the market, don’t let the price alone fool you.

Because the cost of this unique furniture includes several extremely important aspects. Anyone who doesn’t understand them may go for mass-produced items that have little to do with craftsmanship. Hand made it’s quality, material, human hands, tradition and heart put into every detail of the products. A value that cannot be clearly classified, measured or weighed. And even more so, regulate only price issues.

Fairy-tale children’s furniture – details that make the difference

The Mathy By Bols brand is PEFC certified, which is inextricably linked to wood sourcing. So if each of you is thinking about the sustainable use of the natural raw material wood, you should pay attention to this symbol. Wood harvested to create furniture by Mathy By Bols, comes mainly from Scandinavia, where special attention is paid to the growth of trees and conscious use for the economy. Also the varnishes used are virtually chemical-free, using water-based paints. Therefore, their material is completely recyclable. This is very conscious and well thought out.

Sustainable economy also means locating the factory in the Belgian countryside. Optimizing heating in the company’s buildings, using advanced heating systems and using waste puts this company high in the hierarchy of brands that strictly look at ecology and the problems of today’s world. When we think that it is not very important, in my opinion we are not entirely right. Because just multiply it by hundreds of thousands of small factories and we have a significant amount that ultimately has an impact on the environment.

Small differences that make a big difference

And these are the details that make the difference, contributing to the overall complexity of the issue. These are the challenges of the modern world, which to some extent tends to degradation. Matha By Bols’ way of thinking is simple and clear – see what we do and that it is consistent with what we say.

Therefore, when we are looking for unique brands, we should pay attention to whether they are consistent with their beliefs. Because, as we know, it does not always go hand in hand with business, earnings, the desire to scale the company, or finally, recognition in the world.

Create a real company….

Nowadays, it is not a problem to make fairy-tale furniture for children. Because we have draftsmen, designers, CNC machines, technological processes and broadly understood outsourcing at our disposal. Therefore, it is easy to create, but to create in accordance with tradition and beliefs is not so easy. The project will accept everything, the materials will also be taken care of, so today making a piece of furniture is no longer a big initiative. Only details will save real, small family factories from mass production.

So let’s look for the advantage of small, seemingly insignificant details that ultimately contribute to the beauty and originality of utility items.Our children’s bedroom must be a place of true comfort, asylum and fairy-tale memories that We must guarantee them. Let’s not forget about this when thinking about creating their fairy-tale place for everyday life. What I wish you with all my heart!