Luxurious Rapport London rotomats – love at first sight

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We are pleased to present you an English family factory that produces, among others luxury rotomats – Rapport London. A company that was founded in 1898 by a very young instructor.

Maurice A. Rapport had no idea that his idea would develop into the world-famous Rapport London brand. And four generations later it will transform into a limited liability company.

In the 21st century, this English manufacturer continues to produce luxury rotomats and pocket watches for elegant men. And the most important thing is that everything is done in accordance with the philosophy established by the founder – innovation and customer care. For us, this is an extremely important experience that builds the foundations of premium brands, multigenerationality and business transparency.

To a large extent, it is the family that passes on the most closely guarded secrets of product design and production, which is why it is even more important. By introducing products such as luxury rotomats, we try to show how old European factories work and function.

This is important not only for luxury and glitz, because such noble brands represent true heritage and the highest craftsmanship in the production of luxury goods. We are aware of this and already at the stage of acquiring companies, we carefully select them before the doors of Luxury Products!

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Luxury rotomats – why is it worth using them?

The watch has an automatic movement that requires regular movement to maintain the internal spring. When you take the watch off your wrist, the stored energy will only last 24-72 hours, depending on the model.

That is why exclusive rotary machines have such an important function ( see in our store ). Moreover, exclusive watches, because that’s what we’re talking about here, are very precise devices and they love specific exercises in luxurious rotating machines.

Internal lubrication – may lead to faster wear of components and subsequent lack of accuracy. Therefore, it is not recommended to open or interfere with the interior of expensive watches. This is an adequate comparison to purchasing a premium car for PLN 500,000. Such a car must have the highest quality service and care, otherwise it will lose a lot of its value.

If you know this, do not neglect your precious watches, because if properly stored they will serve you for many years. It’s simple and obvious, but not for everyone.

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How are Rapport London luxury rotomats designed?

The brand’s products have functions to imitate the effect of wearing a watch on your wrist. The watch is placed at a specific angle, and as it rotates, the winder is adjusted in such a way that the power is supplied intermittently, imitating the movements of the wrist. When designing its luxurious rotomats, Rapport paid a lot of attention to the angle where the watch is located. This is very important and decisive for the entire process of keeping the watch running.

The English manufacturer has made every effort to ensure that their products last for a very long time. During our long-term cooperation, so far we have never had a refund for a faulty rotomat. Therefore, when we decide to introduce a brand to Luxury Products, we must be firmly convinced of the durability of its products.

Incredible quality of workmanship combined with innovative design are the special features of the premium industry. The English did great here and continue to impress us!

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Luxurious Rapport rotomats made of solid wood

The brand placed great emphasis on a solid and unusual finish, which consists of selected solid wood and eight layers of varnish.

Gold-plated or chrome fittings also give the product extraordinary elegance and style, and inside there is soft velvet waiting for the watch from its owner. The whole thing is made to fit in with stylish and exclusive furniture in any elegant interior.

As you can see, the brand, in addition to highly careful production, values ​​an individual approach to design. Today, the rotomat is part of the interior design, a designer accessory, or a form that distinguishes your place. This is a kind of gadget that is very necessary for the care of your precious tits. But also placed in a visible place in the office, it speaks about the status and importance of the position held.

Finally, it should be noted that it is luxurious rotomats Rapport London brands are internationally accredited by GPSR 2005 and UKAS. These two independent certificates recognize and seal the highest quality of the products of this global English manufacturer.

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Finally, ask yourself an important question: Can a rotomat for one watch costing PLN 200-300 meet his expectations and give him everything that a rotomat can offer? What is the cost of producing this product? The answer is very simple, these are mostly Asian products, mass-produced, without the most important certificates.

Cheap shells that are designed to last for months, maybe a year or two. Later, due to cheap raw materials, they deteriorate, negatively affecting your watch. That’s why you seem to save money, which is extremely deceptive.

Rapport London stole our hearts at first sight. This love has been going on for several years and so far it has never let us down.