The work of Pablo Picasso and his works of art

Works of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the world’s greatest artists. Pablo Picasso’s work has gained huge crowds of fans only after his death, but for over forty years interest in his works has been growing practically every month.

Few people know that Pablo Picasso’s work is much more than just paintings. What did this amazing art craftsman leave behind?

Picasso paintings
Paintings and works of Pablo Picasso

What made Pablo Picasso’s work famous?

Pablo Picasso’s work is best known to the world as the paintings of the cubist trend (both Picasso and Georges Braque are considered the precursors and creators of this trend). The most famous of his paintings include Matador, The Guitarist, Guernica and Matador.

It should be mentioned that Pablo Picasso’s work includes over hundreds of paintings, more or less famous, but nevertheless an example of cubism, unrivaled by contemporary artists. Pablo Picasso’s work also includes ceramics, sculptures and graphics.

For a short period of his life, this Spanish artist also designed costumes worn by dancers of the famous Serge Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes during the performance of “Parade” at the Théâtre du Châtelet in May 1917.

Who can afford Pablo Picasso’s work?

Pablo Picasso is undoubtedly one of the most expensive painters in the world.Pablo Picasso’s work is included every year in the lists of the most expensive works of art sold in the largest auction houses in the world.$47.85 million – this is one of the lowest prices paid for the painting “Yo, Picasso”, a self-portrait of the artist.

Picasso's work
Paintings and works of Pablo Picasso

Its value after sale jumped to $83.2 million, which is practically a double profit! To date, Pablo Picasso’s most expensive painting is “Women of Algiers”, sold in 2015 for an unimaginably high amount of $180 million!

Before the auction began, the price was estimated at $140 million, but the bidding ended up being $40 million higher than expected. Thanks to its price, this painting became not only the most expensive work by Picasso, but also the most expensive painting in the world. It is estimated that works of Pablo Picasso it’s a great investment, because just a few of the most expensive paintings by this painter have reached a total value of almost $400 million.

Pablo Picasso – a beautiful trinket?

It has been known for years that the best way to emphasize your high position and manifest your wealth is to buy an expensive painting by a famous artist. Some people who offer the highest prices during famous auctions openly admit that they do not know anything about art, but simply buy what is most expensive.

Pablo Picasso and his work
Works by Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso’s work undoubtedly belongs to this group, which is why auctions of his paintings are so popular. Unfortunately, the buyers of these beautiful works are unknown to anyone and we will probably never find out where they hung after the auction.