Luxurious silver products Schiavon – the history of an extraordinary global brand


It’s hard to imagine the premium industry without extremely luxurious products, and these certainly include them luxury silver products. Heavy, majestic and serious. They have been pleasing people for centuries and are experiencing a renaissance with each new era.

People love them as jewelry, accessories or applied art. Because luxury silver products are, to some extent, social status, the prestige of ownership and a long-term investment in family goods. Portfolio diversification means spending more and more money on beautiful tableware. Ok, but get to the shore!

It all started with the initiative and enthusiasm of a young craftsman, Angelo Schiavon, who began his practice in 1944 at the age of thirteen. This young boy studied with the best goldsmiths and craftsmen specializing in working with a hammer on copper.

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Angelo loved goldsmithing, so he decided to devote himself entirely to creating luxurious silver products. In 1957, he decided to set up his own goldsmith’s workshop in a small warehouse located in the city of Treviso, near Venice. This is where it all began, and today we can bear witness to an extraordinary multi-generational factory that produces these beautiful and luxurious silver products!

This is an important tribute to true craftsmanship and luxury with a capital L. Initiated by a bold goldsmith from Italy. And also proof that anyone who loves style and art will do well in this industry.

Luxury silver products – persistence and ambition are the strength of every good brand

Angelo Schiavon was endowed with a creative personality, determination and incredible willpower – which is confirmed by his colleagues. The young Italian always started his work before everyone else and finished when no one else was there.

Thanks to his talent, unique objects were created that became increasingly popular. Although initially they were sold only at antique dealers and local sellers, over time they gained worldwide fame. Silver products have always been highly desired by lovers of good design.

This shows how difficult it is to design and create luxury silver products. How much effort must be put into every smallest detail for the goods to be classified as exclusive. It’s very difficult, but Angelo proved that you can do it if you really want something!

The brand entered international showrooms and remains there to this day. These are at the forefront of beautiful products, designed with great care and soul. And it’s all thanks to Angelo, who, with his hard work, created a factory fit for the 21st century.

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In 1975, Schiavon decided to distribute its beautiful products worldwide. The main guarantor of high-quality sales were specialized and exclusive boutiques where you could buy Italian products silver products.

Luxury silver products – What does the company look like today?

Today, it is a global, dynamic and very well-managed brand that can easily adapt to market changes and the needs of the most demanding customers. Reliability and experience make the Schiavon logo a high quality mark!

The company also places great emphasis on the e-commerce channel. Because today it is the future of offering real exclusive products to wealthy customers. Today, brands understand how close they can be to the consumer if they choose the Internet. However, Schiavon does not forget about many of its stationary boutiques, because they were the ones that actually started selling their products.

A wide range of products is designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. The offer includes decorative elements, table equipment, an exclusive alcohol collection and other prestigious luxury silver products.

Over the years of cooperation with Schiavon, we have completed many truly bold and stylish tableware sets. Our customers very often chose this brand due to the extremely wide offer, but also the warranty and all certificates. This is very important from the customer’s point of view, but it reflects well on the brand.

Luxury Silverware – How do they package it?

Each manufactured element is carefully wrapped in special material Schiavon brand and packed in a tasteful box with the factory logo. All luxury silver products come with a warranty and come with an anti-oxidation silver cleaning cloth. The perfect combination of history and modernity resulted in global success.

I will add that every self-respecting brand producing utility silver adds certificates to its products. This is the case with Schavion. Having such a certificate, every buyer will feel much more confident, this is very important when it comes to silver.

As I have already mentioned, certificates provide a great sense of security for our clients. This is important to them and guarantees that luxury silver products are really made of this raw material. So we recommend this manufacturer even more at Luxury Products.

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Luxurious silver products – always in fashion

Whether it’s silver cutlery, elegant alcohol buckets, prestigious silver-plated candlesticks, or other pieces of decorative and applied art – luxurious silver products always enjoy great interest. We love beautiful objects, and silver is always successful.

For as long as I can remember, there have been silver shops on the main streets of larger cities. Today it seems less, because most of it is available on the Internet. However, I remember well that they were extremely popular.

Art enthusiasts and connoisseurs love beautiful and perfectly made luxury silver products. And time shows that such products have been, are and will always be in fashion – as evidenced by the demand on the international market.

I love well-made premium products, which is why I appreciate the Schavion brand even more. A real combination of old craftsmanship and modern design. It is the young people who have taken over today. This can be seen in some bold collections.

But this is what a complete fusion of several generations is all about. Schavion shows what is most important in luxury products. Family, multi-generational manufacturing and an innovative approach to design. And that’s why I love this Italian company!