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Around us, like poles in a field and mushrooms after the rain, meager photocopies of products that have absolutely nothing to do with luxury are sprouting up. Because the whole truth lies in production, history, handcraft and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. And this, my dears, cannot be bought, and above all, it cannot be done quickly. That’s why there is no quick recipe for establishing a premium brand and there will never be one. I never felt like I was the guardian of the morality of this industry, but rather the goal and politics Luxury Products is to offer carefully selected manufactures that have been thoroughly researched by me.

And just like in life, two twins often have completely different characters, and two similar-looking products are very different from each other. In the era of mass production and counterfeiting of everything, the customer has the right to make a mistake, but you do not create a premium market with lies. So it is worth talking about real luxury, which is supported by tradition, respect for craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

To make the topic come together, this soup requires several ingredients which, when cooked, will create a real work of applied art. And the Absolute Breton brand is one of many that our customers love. Strong tradition and experience, shaped since the 1980s, makes a difference, and above all, it gives you a great advantage over the competition. This is a timeless cultivation of hand-sewn products made of natural leather. Which used to be the great strength of our economy in Europe. I always emphasize that a premium product must consist of high-quality raw materials, and natural leather is one of such materials.

Absolute Breton – what do they actually do?

Generally, the brand specialized in the production of leather accessories for luxury yachts, but the high demand for everyday leather products gave the impetus to create a wide collection. The selection is really impressive, maybe I’ll start with desk accessories. These are exceptionally successful, and include leather desk pads, fold-out organizers, pen holders and other small items, business card holders, as well as knives and magnifying glasses. If we are in the mood of elegant offices, it is worth mentioning prestigious binders made of natural leather, document folders, credit card cases and business cards.

Of course, there were certain items like wallets, notebooks, key rings and other very original gadgets. Naturally, the manufacturer also produces calendars, diaries and document folders. The selection is extremely wide and everyone will find something for themselves. The manufacturer paid a lot of attention to models dedicated to watches and jewelry. From watch cases to rotomats we see beautiful works of art on our watches. The scale is impressive because the smallest model is for one watch and ends up being a product used to store a dozen or so such products.

Absolute Breton has not forgotten about women, designing a wide collection of cases, boxes and jewelry cases. And all made of natural leather, exceptionally unique and original. In addition to typical containers for trinkets, there are also jewelry boxes for drawers that will help us keep them organized. Also worth attention are decorations and accessories for the home, such as containers for small items, photo frames, waste bins or newspapers, umbrella containers and many other functional utensils.

Spanish manufacture gifts – that’s why she devoted a lot of attention to leather products for special occasions. Our customers love giving personalized gifts, so we have a lot of scope here. There are products for lovers of cards, social games and sports. Gadgets, trinkets and cigar cases are Absolute Breton’s specialty. Ok, the list is really wide, so absolutely everyone will find a treat for themselves.Breton accessoriesaccessories, desk gadgets, BretonBreton desk accessoriesabsolute breton leather accessoriesBreton leather accessoriesBreton leather accessories blogjewelry caseBreton watch casesleather pen caseleather case for watcheswhat breton desk accessorieswhat desk accessories breton blogleather trunk for jewelryleather trunk for jewelryleather refrigeratorleather refrigeratorumbrella containerleather container for an umbrellarotomat absolute bretongift for himBreton rotomatleather jewelry boxleather jewelry boxleather jewelry caseBreton leather desk accessoriesBreton leather accessoriesleather pen caseleather watch casesBreton leather gadgetsleather glasses boxleather giftleather men's giftleather chest for jewelrya gift for him made of leatherunique Breton office accessories

Absolute Breton – a play of leather colors and textures

Anyone who has held a branded wallet or a bag made of natural leather knows how beautiful it smells. This is something I pay special attention to when I introduce a company to our offer. Absolute Breton produces its products from vegetable-tanned leather, which, in short, is soaking the leather in plant extracts from shrubs and trees. And you need to know that the fewer artificial extracts there are, the higher the quality of the leather. And there’s no getting around it!

The second most important issue is the origin of the leather, and this one comes from the town Ubrique, where the biggest ones get their supplies from, i.e Gucci, Loewe, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. This is where large international companies buy the highest quality natural leather to sew luxury products for their customers around the world.

But for me, the greatest value is the huge selection of colors and structures of this leather. Starting with cowhide, which is grain and embossed, so it resembles crocodile skin – it looks smooth and delicate. Then calf leather, or nappa, which has open pores and is extremely flexible. Finishing with eel skin, exceptionally fragile and very delicate.

Our customers love Absolute Breton because they can choose any color and structure of their own product. And such an item, personalized with engraving or embossing, is a real luxury gift or personal gadget. The most frequently chosen leather, apart from the typical brown one with a smooth surface, is model Crocodile Mahogany, Crocodile Whiskey, or Anaconda Quartz.

Ladies often buy watch cases, watch cases, pen boxes and cigar cases for their partners in leather that suits a given type of man. Sometimes it is matched to the interior of the office, sometimes to its temperament. Men, on the other hand, when looking for a gift for their other half, choose vivid skin colors, such as Red Cow, hazel Iguana, or hazel Cow. As I mentioned, everyone will find something for themselves.

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Production is manual work that requires time

The average order period is approximately 3 – 4 weeks, plus transport from Spain, so our customers often have to be patient and simply wait for their product. This is worth taking into account, especially when we want to give another person a luxurious gift. But it is also a guarantee of a well-made item that will serve for future generations, because well-maintained natural leather can serve well for many years. That’s what I wish for all of us:)

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