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While reviewing market offers in the furniture industry, I noticed a certain repeatability of patterns and shapes. I haven’t seen many decent proposals containing it glass furniture. In the age of the Internet and large international fairs, absolutely anyone can create their own collection of interior products. It’s not as complicated as it was a dozen years ago. So many factories, smaller and larger, are being created, trying to somehow exist in this field.

However, you have probably noticed certain patterns and repetitive boring photocopies. And this is weak, because we have little originality, simplicity of form manifested in high-quality material and unconventionality. Why don’t emerging brands ask themselves basic questions: why am I creating a new collection? It’s simple, people invest less and less in good designers and pay more attention to trends.

This is, of course, disastrous, because the fashion for the piece of furniture fades away and in the end we are left with an abomination that no one wants to buy. Today, customers are looking for something exceptionally unique, something that will never fade away and leave a mark on their interiors. We think more and more often what we will leave for the next generation and what impact we will have on their development. Therefore, functional forms, such as furniture, can take on an interesting and, more importantly, inspiring design! You just need to step outside your comfort zone and do something that goes beyond copying and imitating others.

Glass furniture, or how to surprise your interiors

The Tonelli brand, as we are talking about it today, captivated me at first sight. As soon as I saw some of their designs, I immediately wanted them to be on Luxury Products. To tell you honestly, I’ve seen a lot of top-shelf products, so it’s hard to surprise me.

But in fact, I was immediately enchanted here, it was a hit that changed my perception of forms. Although we offer our clients a lot of glamorous, rococo and baroque furniture, I have always loved minimalism. Because luxury in its essence is simplicity itself, Tonelli glass furniture expresses this feeling 100%. And this fascination with beauty cannot be imitated by anything else.

What makes the difference?

Absolutely everything! Yes, if you get to know these Tonelli products better – you will see in them a piece of originality, simplicity combined with high-quality material. It is a correlation of minimalism and sophisticated design. Cold is combined with warm, sharpness dominates the form, and balance creates the shape itself with the rest of the interior. These glass furniture are my personal eureka moment, something that goes beyond the established patterns of reality.

And basically, we bring out all the beauty by placing the piece of furniture in the interior. The most beautiful thing is that we decide how this object will speak to us. Because glass is an unfinished topic. So you yourself complete your history of glass furniture and equipment. And only we see the final effect holistically. The product itself, placed in an empty room, will be a transparent form, not fully fulfilled.

Designers deliberately do not varnish these products heavily or supplement them with other materials. So that only when combined with the rest of the equipment they create unity. This is what fascinates and attracts me about the Tonelli brand.

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Glass furniture made based on ancient assumptions and innovative solutions

This is also an important point in the creation of wonderful products, because the factory drew inspiration from the tradition of Italian ancient glass. Made in Italy has always been associated with a crazy fascination with beauty and the highest quality design. And glass played a big role here, from the artisans of Florence to the artistic hand-blown glass of Murano. Authenticity and style are embedded in the code of virtually every Italian brand. That’s why they are famous all over the world. I think you understand perfectly why I focus on such a real production.

Returning to Tonelli – their glass furniture is made by welding simple glass panes. They have been working on new innovations and experimenting with this material for decades. Glass is quite a delicate raw material, so the brand’s long history allows it to implement innovations and methods known only to them! High resistance begins between 15 and 20 mm thick. So only such proven production will allow the furniture to be used for a long time.

Asian photocopies

More and more I see similar glass furniture being produced en masse from Asian factories. This is naturally inevitable because the design is freely available. However, when we take a closer look, nothing is entirely obvious. You can probably guess that this is mainly due to the production itself and the material. I wrote about the highest quality of Italian products in the article about Italian products ceramics.

To produce a high-quality glass product, you need not only knowledge, but also experience that has been developed over the years. The difference between the Tonelli desk which the cost starts from PLN 7,000, and an Asian desk for PLN 600 is not cheap. This is the ABC of production, use of raw materials and approach to gluing glass surfaces.

Do you think it will be possible to produce high-quality glass furniture at such a low price? And you have to add the cost of transport, customs duties and margin for resellers. So please don’t fall for this. The easiest way is to check the name of the brand offered by the seller. Most often it will be No Name, because no one will sign such a weak product.

See how much weight such a piece of furniture weighs and compare it with a real, heavy Italian glass product. In most cases, the weight is halved. Additionally, the thickness is important, i.e., as I mentioned, from 15 mm upwards!

These are the fundamental differences between prestigious glass furniture and cheap fakes. But not everyone understands it, which is a pity, because knowledge in arranging luxurious interiors is essential.

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Glass furniture reflects the designers’ vision

Exciting and original glass furniture will not be created without good ideas drawn by an experienced designer. And duplicating their designs is an idea typical of companies that engage in rude counterfeiting. By the way, the project is, to some extent, the proprietary knowledge of the creator. So its replication is quite poor in my opinion! Well, this is mainly due to the lack of your own visions and the quick desire for profit.

Tonelli Design brand created with the help of unique designers who feel passion in what they do! I think that they should be replaced because of simple culture, because it is a nod to the truly beautiful forms they created!

Glass furniture designs were made by: Silvana Angeletti, Daniele Ruzza, Francesca Arrighi, Uto Balmoral, Francesco Barberini, Nina Alexandra Gunnell, Bartoli Design brand, Calvi Brambilla brand, Maurizio Castelvetro, Cristina Celestino, Debonademeo Studio brand, Lorenzo De Bartolomei s, brand D’Urbino & Lomazzi, Francesco Forcellini, brand Studio Isao Hosoe, Paolo Lomazzi, brand Leonardi & Marinelli, Giulio Mancini, Mario Milana, Emilio Nanni, brand Moe Design Lab, Paolo Grasselli, Luca Papini, Matteo Ragni, Karim Rashid, Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà, Luigi Serafini, Andrea Tempestini, Viola Tonucci, and Luigi Trenti.

Take your brand seriously

The team itself, creating bold designs, proves that the brand takes seriously who is behind their design. This is important because only significant companies treat their future this way. There is no question of production here, something that will not ultimately pass through the hands of an outstanding designer. That’s why Tonelli glass furniture has so many different forms and purposes. It might seem that they are all similar, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Each of them is carefully thought out to be different from its predecessor. It is supposed to surprise, make you reflect, dream and treat this piece of furniture with the feeling that it was created by a good craftsman and designer. It’s a nod to the creators and a strategy for an unconventional interior!

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Glass furniture and their purpose

Most of them are minimalistic and simple in their form, so they will not fit everywhere. Glass is quite a universal material, but it may not correlate well with certain styles. Tonelli glass furniture will certainly be perfect for classic and quite minimalist spaces. Where there is a lot of space and simple shapes. However, on the other hand, combining it with richly carved furniture may be an interesting solution.

The most convenient way is to make a good quality visualization that will allow you to see what the product may actually look like in your room. Then we can freely experiment with furniture and accessories that will complement the whole. Moreover, in the case of glass, the remaining decoration is important, i.e. fresh, strong colors that will distinguish your glass furniture.

The company’s full offer

Tonelli has a wide product range, so everyone will find something for themselves. A large part of the collection is made up of living room tables, which go well with many items. You will find many dimensions here, allowing you to perfectly fit the glass table to your living room. In addition to tables, the company offers original work desks, of course made of glass.

Moving further in the living room, we can choose from interesting coffee tables. Inspiring, simple and extremely readable in its form they rock.

This is a proven solution when you have little space, optically enlarging your interior. Naturally, we have different designs and dimensions, so both women and men will choose the right model. Noteworthy are desks combined with varnished wood, they make a significant difference!

The manufacturer also designs a lot of very interesting shelves, cabinets and chests of drawers. Many of them have wheels, so that you can use your glass furniture more conveniently. I like the approach to ergonomics in this matter, so that I can better control the product. If necessary, you can simply move it, despite the weight of the furniture. These are very well-thought-out steps that allow you to enjoy their simplicity.

Tonelli Design mirrors hold special attention in my heart, because their size, shape and simplicity are true luxury. I’m constantly looking for inspiration and I found it here. Despite the heavy material and content, the brand created original works of applied art. Kudos to them for this, actually for the entire collection.

This is the effort of many people who have invested part of their lives in it. There is no coincidence, no banality and no shadow of doubt here. Even though the offer is not particularly huge, we can collect everything we need for everyday functioning in our private spaces. Especially when it comes to furniture made in Italy, because we love them!

For who?

Tonelli glass furniture is for people who love uniqueness, originality of form and the need to spend their lives in an original space. This is a group characterized by truthfulness, minimalism and an approach to life. The most important thing is that they want to experience it, develop by looking at inspiring phenomena, and surround themselves with objects that characterize them.

Glass is pure in its origin, reference and touch, which is why it is a very interesting material. Causes other furniture and accessories to be only an addition, an image and a background. Even though they dominate the entire room, their task is harmony. And this is how I see clients who already have Tonelli in their home or apartment.

These are conscious consumers who want more than just a timeline of their lives. Here, the main role must be played by originality, self-confidence and an attraction to unique things. Which will make the interior look like a host. What I wish you!

Would you like to learn more about Tonelli Design? I invite you to meet me and our designers, write here: [email protected]