High-quality vases for the living room – my personal inspirations

high quality vases

I know that the price largely defines what they will look like high quality vases and this determination ultimately translates into the final appearance. It is this product that gives great shine and a bit of glitz to our rooms, living rooms and apartments. A large, well-made product arouses in me a sense of taste and original taste. I don’t like mass-produced, hand-made products. I am not particularly interested in this, so I boldly put forward the thesis about the superiority of vases handmade by multi-generational factories around the world. Not all of them cost as much as average quality furniture. Their prices start from several hundred zlotys and really anyone can treat themselves to well-fired ceramics or decorative glass!

I once took a closer look at very large ones vases that charmed my clients. Today I would like to present you slightly smaller, but very beautiful products.

High-quality vases – we start with the classics

In most cases, this glass has been representative of most of these products to some extent for many centuries. Apart from heavy materials such as silver or brass. Glass was, is and will always be in fashion. It is a natural environment for cut flowers and decorates beautiful interiors.

The fact that I started with the classics will not be in the classical style at all. The opposite of a simple, prestigious vase is structure, form and color. This is what the Portuguese brand Vista Alegre specializes in, and its designers do wonders! The brand focuses on uncompromising solutions and unconventional design. For me, number 1 among minimalist products.

A vase with a hole in the middle, an owl model, with a butterfly, these are just some of their crazy but very original works. The offer is very wide, and the colors allow you to freely choose them to match your furniture and the entire decor. Anyway, see for yourself what it looks like! For me it’s the bomb!

It is worth mentioning the prices, the cheapest ones start from just over PLN 200, and the average amount is PLN 800 – 1,500. Luxury has no price, and these vases make the difference. Available in Luxury Products

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black luxurious vase for the living room
blue luxury flower vase
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minimalist luxury flower vase

Counterweight in the form of Cre Art

And now the opposite situation, there were beautiful designer works of applied art. So now it’s time for an Italian classic. Cre Art products, like Andrea Bocelli, look very prestigious and unique. And just like his singing, these high-quality vases are truly fascinating. For many years, they have found their owners among our customers. So far everyone has been delighted and pleased with them. That’s why we have been working together so well for so many years.

The materials used are mainly glass, crystal and gold. These three devastatingly beautiful raw materials create an etude for contemporary works ” bastard ” in the form of a mass of strange fakes from Asia flooding us. There is prestige here and I will always devote a lot of time to such respectable brands.

Very classic design, typically southern, with many original motifs. But for me they are also beautiful and sublime. There is something here that smells of exclusivity and elitism. While a product may have a scent, Cre Art has done everything to make their products tempting to all gourmets of good style.

I think that tradition combined with many years of craftsmanship worked and today we can admire such wonderful products. Our clients are very aware of what they want. And the factory Cre Art it really gives them a lot of joy, especially due to the original design and quality of workmanship! It’s a classic, but you can fall in love with it at first sight.

As for prices, they start around PLN 800 or PLN 1,200, but the average is several thousand.

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High-quality vases – time for ceramics

While ceramics are associated with tradition and classics. That’s it, we’ll divide it into two parts. As in the previous models, I will show you niche minimalist works as well as real ceramic classics. Oh, it’s going to be great!!!

Ok, I’ll take it one more time Vista Alegre, Made in portugal does a decent job. That’s why I love their refined and unconventional forms. See how their designers play with forms. Portuguese history, colorful decorations are well used in high-quality vases. A little mocking, a little puppet-like, they will bring a lot of joy to your living rooms.

Maybe not everyone will like this form, but it is art. Today you have to create inspiring forms or disappear from the market. Do not duplicate, download or imitate. But to generate an idea and that is innovative art, with a capital S.

I have seen hundreds and thousands of poor quality products pouring into our market like a plague. But in fact, one thing is a carbon copy of the other. So let’s look for eccentric or classic solutions. Cheap is not a solution, and spending several hundred zlotys for high-quality vases is nothing…

vase made of Portuguese ceramics
High-quality vases – designer inspirations
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colorful, exclusive decorative vase for the living room
Portuguese vase for the living room
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Baroque, Rococo, Provençal and rural ceramics

Of course, they all have little in common, but many of them are rooted in traditional style. Somewhere, in some era, circumstances and styles, we have various varieties of it. To delve into all the eras, you’d probably have to write a book.

For obvious reasons, I will not do this, but I will show you the most beautiful of them. I chose several proven manufacturers. Among others Bruno Costenaro, which skillfully set its products in the Baroque style. Intricately decorated, almost fresco-like, high-quality vases make a great impression. And although it is an ancient era, believe me, it has its customers.

baroque vase for the living room shop
beautiful baroque vase for the dining room
Baroque vase

People love to surround themselves with old objects, and ceramics made in this way are to some extent associated with antiques.

Ok, there was a time for baroque, but now it’s a real bomb. The Ceramiche Stella brand is a nod to crazy and beautiful vases! What our Italian friends are doing is absolutely crazy. I love their unique, high-quality vases with butterflies and seahorses. Fantastic materials, charm and class.For such a well-made vase, you have to pay from PLN 1,500. The cost is manageable considering the quality!

blue Italian vase for the living room
luxurious Italian vases
Italian ceramic vase
Italian vases with flowers
vase with butterflies 1

A bit of Provence, countryside and simplicity

There were old times, but I know that you love the Provençal style, so the next proposal is these designs. Our friends Virginia Casa love simple forms, so many of these high-quality vases are from this company. Like all the others mentioned above, it is a brand with history and real craftsmen.

Many simple things are also luxurious. It is a naked form that must defend itself with the quality of workmanship and its interwoven history. And there is no shortage of it here! Apart from glitter, Italians also love simple, rural products straight from previous civilizations.In general, the Provençal style is not so obvious and is mixed with other trends, so my suggestions may differ slightly from your observations about this trend.

As for prices, the average is over PLN 100, so it is not expensive for manual work.

round Provençal vase
provence vases
Provençal style
Provençal style in art
Provençal brown vase
vase with fruit


High-quality vases – 925 silver or pewter?

I think these are probably one of the most prestigious and at the same time more expensive vases we offer. But hey, our customers also love silver, so why not. It is an extremely noble material that fits into many interior spaces. Of course, not easy to correlate, but a skillful designer can embed it in many luxury homes and apartments.

I will start with designer, unconventional and eccentric forms. The Italian brand Pampaloni makes such cool vases that I had to show you. It is something that differs significantly from many different patterns and forms because it is closely related to art.

These high-quality vases are made of 925 silver. In my opinion, the absolute world leader in premium creative products. I love Pampaloni, that’s why I include this brand in my article. Prices are above PLN 10,000.

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vases like bakja
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twisted vase for the living room

Classic vases in pewter

If you don’t know, let me explain. Pewter is an alloy of three metals: tin (90-98%), antimony (0.5-8%) and copper (0.25-2.5%). It is an extremely solid and hard, yet plastic material. That’s why it is a good material and, on the other hand, it looks beautiful.

I chose the Cosi Tabellini factory with which we have been cooperating for many years. They make truly beautiful products that do not have one style. There is Art Nouveau, Provence and a piece of solid classic here. I love their products because they look beautiful in person. Many of our clients have them in their interiors and, as far as I know, they fit perfectly into their designs.

These are massive, but very delicate-looking works of art that can decorate your interior. They are a piece of history, reminding us of past eras, very romantic and extremely fascinating. Cosi Tabellini takes its lovers on a long journey. I hope you like it too!

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All the brands I mentioned can be found on the Luxury Products website, where I cordially invite you. Write and I will find the right vase for your interior: [email protected]