Tall vases for the living room

Tall Vases for the Living Room

Cut flowers are one of the oldest and still most common forms of interior decoration. Paintings by Van Gogh, Renoir and Picasso depicting flowers in decorative vases prove that this timeless decoration stimulates the imagination and is an important element of representative spaces. It’s not just applied art. Tall vases for the living room it is often a quality in itself. Beautiful, slim, expressive in form, eye-catching, they are not only a “container for cut flowers”, but something between a practical sculpture and a decoration. These types of vases create space, giving it style and character.

Tall vases for the living room – arrangement, aesthetics and class in itself

Applied art, stylish plates and perfectly designed lamps have the property that, often without being noticeable, they also create an interesting atmosphere in the space. Arranging a living room is a challenging task of creating a space that is at the same time functional, representative, cozy and elegant. That’s why the choice of details is so important.

Italian vase for the living room

Apart from comfortable sofas and unique carpets, it is also worth considering small decorations, such as sculptures, lamps or vases. Tall vases for the living room are one of the most interesting choices, they display beautiful, fresh flowers and are a unique decoration in themselves. The most beautiful ceramic ones are made of high-quality raw materials, have beautiful, intense colors and unique shapes. In the best stores you can find vases from proven, respected producers.

large vases from Italy

Their wide range means that you can choose the style of the vase or vases to suit your individual tastes. Intricately decorated or subdued? Colorful or minimalist? The choice is really large. What universal features does an ideal tall vase for the living room have?

What features should an ideal vase placed on the floor have?

From a very wide range of ceramic and glass vases, it is difficult to choose the best ones. In order for the vase we place in our living room to fulfill its function, it is worth paying attention to several aspects.

Tall Vase for the Living Room 1

  • Material: Made of high-quality ceramic or stone to ensure durability and elegance.
  • Stability: Heavy and solidly built so it won’t tip over easily.
  • Elegance: High-quality finishing and details that add class and style to the interior.
  • Functionality: Appropriate dimensions and shape, allowing you to place the vase in different parts of the living room.
  • Consistency with the aesthetics of the interior: Design that complements the style and colors of the room.
  • Safety: No sharp edges or features that may pose a hazard.
  • Uniqueness: Unique in form or decoration to attract attention and stand out in the space.
  • High quality of additional materials: If the vase is decorated with gold, platinum or Swarovski crystals, they should be of the highest quality materials.
  • Practicality: Possibility to place the vase in various arrangements, from minimalist to more decorated.

Where is the best place to put tall vases in the living room?

Tall vases in the living room look best in places where their intricate or expressive charm can be appreciated.. At the same time, it is worth placing them so that they do not interfere with the natural, everyday functioning of the space.

Vase For The Living Room2

To display large, tall decorative vases in elegant living room, it is worth considering the appropriate place to place them. They usually look best against a neutral background, such as light or dark walls, that contrast with the color of the vase. It is also worth taking care of the balance in the room so that the impressive vase does not dominate over the other decorative elements.

Tall vases, due to their impressive size, often become the focal point in the living room. However, setting them requires a well-thought-out strategy. If we decide on uniformity and consistency, it is worth placing the vase in a strategic point, e.g. in an undeveloped corner, where it will become the dominant element, attracting attention and giving the room depth.

One vase or the whole collection?

On the other hand, vases look equally impressive when placed in groups. By choosing several vases with a similar design but different sizes, we can create a harmonious composition that will complement the space and emphasize the style of the living room. This combination additionally increases the decorative possibilities, allowing you to experiment with various arrangements.

Vase For The Living Room4
Vase For The Living Room5

It is also worth emphasizing that tall vases, even without additional decorations, have the potential to become an independent decoration. Their elegant design and the delicacy of the glass can be enough to add class and sophistication to your living room. However, the key to success is always balance and the ability to match the vase to the character of the room and personal preferences.

How to emphasize the style of the selected vase?

When it comes to backlighting, a subtle LED light source placed under the vase can highlight its shape, structure and color, giving it additional shine. Subtle lighting around the vase or highlighting it will make it interestingly displayed in the interior of the living room. Thanks to this, it will become an important element of the arrangement and will build the atmosphere in the space.

Tall Vase for the Living Room 2

If the vase is made of transparent glass or is transparent in any way, it is worth considering placing decorative balls, stones or other decorations inside it that will add depth and attractiveness. The key to success is to maintain subtlety and balance in the composition, thanks to which large, tall vases will become an elegant and harmonious decorative element of the living room.

How to arrange tall vases in the living room?

Not only standard flowers can be placed in a tall vase. Although fresh and fragrant bouquets of roses, peonies and lilies always look attractive, there are endless ideas on what to include in this decoration.

Live flowers always look good, they allow for frequent changes and adapting the interior design to the occasion. We will place different flowers in a displayed vase during Easter, and others on the day of celebrating a birthday. In addition to live flowers, beautifully made artificial plants can now be used as permanent, year-round decoration. Inspiration for There are many arrangements of vases.

Gold leaves or nature-inspired decorations in non-standard colors

Let’s consider for a moment the possibility of placing gold leaves in a vase. Their shiny surface and unusual shade add luxury and elegance to the space. Gold leaves, although unusual, can become a symbol of coziness and warmth in a room, especially when placed in tall, transparent vases that emphasize their uniqueness.

Vase For The Living Room1

Artificial plant elements in non-standard colors are also gaining popularity. They offer unlimited possibilities to experiment with colors and textures, creating amazing compositions that attract attention and add character to the interior. Tall vases, filled with artificial plants of unusual colors, can become a real attraction that is hard to resist.

Feathers in a vase

We cannot forget about feathers, which have been a symbol of lightness and delicacy for centuries. Placed in a vase, especially in combination with other decorations, they can create extraordinary, ethereal compositions that take us to another, fairy-tale world.

Decoration With Peacock Feathers In A Vase
photo: pixabay.com

Feathers, for example peacocks, gently swinging in the vase add dynamics, traditional class and lightness to the interior.

Occasional decorations

The last, but equally important element to consider is the occasional decorations. Although they are temporary, their decorative potential is enormous. Tall vases can be a perfect place to place holiday decorations, seasonal ornaments or special accents on important events. This is a way to personalize the space and emphasize its unique character.

Price of tall vases

High vases for the living room is usually a very important element of interior design. They can be found made of various materials, but the most interesting shapes are ceramic ones. They can be intricately decorated or minimalist. What also matters is the quality of the raw materials used to make the vase and its uniqueness.

Beautiful, intricately made, large vases for the living room sometimes cost even thousands of zlotys. However, remember that this is a universal and timeless decoration that adds character to the interior of our living room.

Tall vases for the living room are one of the most interesting decorative ideas. Tall vases, which are an important element of the interior design of a living room, not only have an aesthetic function, but also add depth and character to the space. Their unique design and the ability to experiment with various decorations allow you to create unique, artistic compositions that enliven the interior and emphasize its individuality. Tall vases, thanks to their dominant presence, are the focal point of any arrangement, adding elegance, luxury and subtle sophistication to the living room.