Luxury Places In Tokyo

Over 37 million people live in Tokyo, almost as many as in Poland. This city is home to the largest stock exchange in East Asia. The capital of the cherry blossom country is also the largest city in the world. However, so different from the European architecture, culture, traditions and cuisine we know. Luxury places in Tokyo these include the best hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as exclusive shopping centers, boutiques of famous fashion houses, hot springs (onsen) and SPAs.

Tokyo is a city full of contrasts, it delights and amazes with its futuristic technology and, on the other hand, centuries-old tradition. It is undoubtedly a city where luxury is combined with the pleasure of tasting a completely different lifestyle than the European one. And which places are the most exclusive?

Luxury places in Tokyo

In the lead the most luxurious hotels it is in Tokyo Bulgari Hotel. Its fabulous interiors combine Italian chic with Japanese simplicity and the Japanese’s love for nature. The hotel is located on five floors of the Tokyo Midtown Yaesu skyscraper (from the 40th to the 45th floor). The windows in the apartments reach from floor to ceiling, opening onto the beautiful panorama of Tokyo. On the roof of the building, guests relax among the vegetation, enjoying the best alcohols. During the day, they enjoy Japanese cuisine and relax in the SPA.

Luxury Hotel Tokio

Another luxury hotel rises above Nihonbashi, Tokyo’s historic financial district. Decorated in Japanese style Mandarin Oriental hotel is an oasis of peace. There is greenery and water flowing everywhere, and at the same time the hotel is close to the Imperial Palace, luxurious restaurants and other attractions. Thanks to this location, it is an ideal place to rest after visiting the city.

Luxury Hotels In Tokyo

Luxury restaurants in Tokyo

The largest city in the world has the most Michelin-starred restaurants. Perhaps because the Japanese approach food very scrupulously and with great responsibility. The dishes served are nothing masterpieces on a plate. That’s why luxury places in Tokyo are not only hotels, but also iconic, legendary restaurants such as Sukiyabashi Jiro.

Best Sushi Restaurants In Tokyo

Sukiyabashi Jiro Restaurant is located in the luxurious Ginza area, in the city’s central district. Ginza is famous for its exclusive bars and restaurants serving traditional and delicious sushi. Sukiyabashi Jiro was the subject of an acclaimed documentary. Her the owner Jiro Ono is a sushi master, known and appreciated all over the world. It is now almost 100 years old, but as everyone knows, the Japanese live long.

If you want to eat at Sukiyabashi Jiro, you must reserve a table well in advance, because there is a lot of interest and you can’t just walk in from the street and eat it. There are only 10 tables in the place.

When in Tokyo, you must go to a Kaiseki feast by choosing one of the luxurious restaurants. Recommended and Kojuy restaurant with three Michelin stars, which, like Sukiyabashi Jiro, is located in Ginza. Kaiseki is a multi-course feast consisting of traditional Japanese dishes, served with seasonal products.

The Best Kaiseki In Tokyo

Luxurious Tokyo spas and onsens

The Aman Tokyo hotel has one of the largest SPAs in Tokyo. This SPA offers blissful rest in onsen bathtubs, relaxation in steam baths and in a relaxation area with a panoramic view of Tokyo. Only cosmetics based on natural ingredients are used for regeneration and treatments. Related to Japanese tradition and herbalism.

Luxury Onsen In Tokyo

Next luxury SPA is located in the Andaz Tokio hotel, which is located near the Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace. The SPA offers treatments using local, organic cosmetics. Other luxurious wellness places in Tokyo are in the Capitol Tokyo and Shangri-La hotels.

Part of the SPA does not accept tattoos, therefore not every SPA will be accessible to a person with tattoos. However, in onsen bathing areas You can’t have a swimsuit everywhere. An option for people who care about privacy are separate places, the so-called private areas where you can enjoy a bath with yourself. Reservation is necessary due to high demand.

Luxury places in Tokyo for shopping

In Tokyo, lovers of luxury brands feel like in paradise. The most important and luxurious shopping district is Ginza, specifically Ginza 6.

Ginza 6 Luxury Shopping Street In Tokyo

Ginza Shopping Street will satisfy the most demanding customers. You will find ultra-premium brands here, both boutiques of the largest fashion houses in the world and popular Japanese brands. Here you can buy something from Valentino, Fendi and Dior, and from Japanese brands, Comme des Garcons and Sacai.

In the heart of Ginza there is something for lovers jewelry, watches, handbags and accessories for women and men. It is Wako – luxury department store, with a distinctive clock tower. The building belongs to Seiko.

Luxury Department Store In Tokyo

Tokyo offers many luxurious places and ways to spend time. It is also worth visiting temples and going to the ritual of traditional matcha brewing.