A crazy visionary and luxury lover – who is Gianluca Vacchi?

who is Gianluca Vacchi?

A very energetic dance performed by a tattooed billionaire and his young wife may cause a slight feeling of jealousy – who is Gianluca Vacchi, a great dancer with an incredibly sculpted body?

Much younger men could envy his condition and body sculpture – and there must be something to it that a large number of Internet users became interested in the figure of the Italian businessman thanks to the recording of the dancing couple.

gianluca vacchi who is he really?
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Who is Gianluca Vacchi?

The Italian businessman is an economist by profession – so it is no wonder that he is so good at financial investments and capital growth. He is the owner of, among others, exclusive brand of Toywatch watches. But what is it most famous for?

Out of passion for meeting people from the circle of stars and entertainment. It is thanks to his friendships, as well as his very entertaining personality, that Gianluca Vacchi is considered a person who enjoys life to the fullest.

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Since 2013, you can find out who Gianluca Vacchi is from a specially created website.

There, the Italian businessman presents photo and video reports from his professional and private life. It shows what his everyday life is like with his beautiful wife, how he relaxes with his favorite fitness classes and what types of tattoos decorate his body.

Every time he speaks of an incredible joy of life that can be infected. It’s a nice change in the world of monotony, grayness and the constant pursuit of something better, more valuable or original.

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Who Gianluca Vacchi is shows that the world of millionaires does not have to be bloated and full of vanity.

It can be successfully expressed in positive joy of life, which a person, like the Italian businessman, can share with others.

The energetic dance of the millionaire and his wife allowed thousands of Internet users to get to know a piece of his crazy and carefree world.

who is gianluca vacchi
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More people also started looking for information about the cheerful man, becoming interested in his history, achievements and ideas for everyday life.And in fact, Gianluca is a person just like us, maybe more sensitive in some aspects to what surrounds us.Save