A gift for a chess player – a difficult choice?

gift for a chess player

Every man has his own hobby – but do we know which one to choose gift for a chess player? An unusual and non-standard gift, it sounds great, but where to look for it and where to get ideas…

The game of chess has long been an elite game, played at royal courts and at important international social gatherings.

Therefore, the essence lies in exclusive workmanship, using selected materials – which is inextricably linked to the price.

A gift idea for a chess player – something for beginners

A good choice for adepts of this beauty games for men and women, there will be a simple product and not with an excessive price. It can be either a classic chess board made of wood or traditional playing pieces.

Boards as a gift for a chess player can be made of various types of wood, they can also be opened in the shape of a box – to hide game pieces or other chess accessories.

gifts for chess players
A wooden board for a chess player

Figures are made of wood, metal, glass and also more sophisticated materials such as carbon.

A gift for a chess player – more experienced players?

For enthusiasts of this sport who are already experienced in this field, we offer premium gifts. These are entire chess sets, which include a luxurious chessboard with pieces and a stylish box or cover.

There is a wide selection of elegant wood varieties, such as baobab, maple, walnut, bubinga, and rosewood. It is perfect gift for a chess player, especially knowledgeable about high-quality products!

luxury gifts for chess player
Exclusive gifts for chess players – luxuryproducts.pl store

The materials used in such exclusive chess sets are premium and super premium! The sets also use gold and silver – but also precious stones that emphasize the prestige of the chess pieces.

The most exclusive gift for a chess player

a prestigious gift for a chess player
Chess sets from the Italian manufacture Italfama

Fans of this sport with large wallets are people who love chess and delicious products related to it. Such top-shelf products are produced by the Italian factory Italfama.

Some of the most expensive and luxurious chess sets in the world are made of bronze and 24-carat gold. Their production was supervised by experienced Italian craftsmen who specialized in designing original and unique chess sets, perfect for a luxurious gift for a chess player.

Italfama also produces entire living room sets, consisting of a table, chairs and a chessboard with pieces. These are unique and very interesting world-class products that no one can ignore.

chess tables as a gift
Chess sets for the office

Is choosing a gift for a chess player a hard nut to crack?, we don’t think so. What we can advise is chess made of high-quality materials and a good, well-known and respected brand. Because it is an elite game, our chess player deserves such a gift.