It’s not gone with the wind – silver plate

silver plate

Silver plate is a great idea for a decorative element in any stylishly decorated living room. It will be perfect as a gift or decoration for interiors characterized by high taste of accessories. It is also an irreplaceable item for storing fresh fruit, favorite chocolates or cookies, as well as your own confectionery products.

silver utility plate
Silver plate – Italian brand Schiavon

Silver plate, like from dreams – the more colorful ones…

Enchanted in an oval or round classic shape, bathed in the finest silver, this silver platter is dedicated to home spaces decorated in a modern style with a touch of dignity straight from ancient times.

table plate made of silver
Luxury Products Boutique by Schavion

Beauty and original chic – this is what you can achieve by placing a plate made of the most popular silver – 925 – in the very center of the living room table.

Italian precision in every detail – a silver plate can be designer!

You might be surprised how much elegance you can bring to your home space with just one item. And this one wasn’t made by accident. The entire composition was created based on the most perfect patterns and trends from Italy.

modern silver plates
Flying spaceship from the premium brand – Zanetto

It is Italian designers who are the first to be inspired by global trends and introduce modern solutions to all branches of art.A silver platter is an expression of true craftsmanship and an idea from the most fanciful dreams. The perfect silver platter can be both classic, smooth and without any decorations, or elegantly decorated, delicately decorated with the most original motifs.

silver table plate
Silver plates can be sexy!

It will always bring elegance to the table and provide an air of luxury during social or family meetings at a lavishly set table.

Beautiful and elegant – your silver plate does not have to be antique and classic

silver plates
Modern classic from Schavion

Perhaps a silver platter will be associated with the decor of old manors and spaces marked by a royal element. This does not mean, however, that it cannot successfully find its place in a home space intended only for private use.

designer silver plates
Italians know how to make luxury

Additionally, it can work perfectly in commercial interiors: stylishly decorated cafes, restaurants and hotels. Especially those called luxurious.Save